Hitch (2005): Hitch
Rush Hour (1998)
The Rundown (2003): Rundown, The (2003)
Hitch (2005): Hitch
Rush Hour (1998)
The Rundown (2003): Rundown, The (2003)
Road House (1989)
Xtreme Off Road: Dual-Purpose Tacoma
Engine Power: The return of project Pro Street or No-Street Nova
Detroit Muscle: Hard Charger: Magic Legs

Coal Bios

  • RB Davis
  • Jonathan Dotson
  • Robert Jerry Edwards, Sr.
  • Jerry Edwards, Jr.
  • Vince Epperson
  • Joseph Pack
  • Mike Crowder
  • Tom Roberts
  • Jeremy Auville
  • Andy Christian, Sr.
  • Hank Toler
  • Jeremy Marushia
  • Randy Remines
  • Kenny Hughes
  • Andrew Christian, Jr.
  • Eddie Branch
  • JC Woolridge
  • David Belcher
  • Johnny Simms
Jeremy Marushia

Jeremy Marushia

Red Hat

Job: Red Hat
Shift: Night

With less than 6 months experience, Jeremy is Cobalt’s youngest and only “Red Hat” miner. Recently married and soon to be a father, Jeremy is looking to jump-start a long career in coal mining to support his family. He hopes to follow in his cousin, Jonathan Dotson’s, footsteps and work his way up to a Roof Bolter position. When Jeremy was fresh out of high school, his father tried to encourage him to go to college and get a job outside the mines, but he wanted to feel like a true West Virginian and call himself a coal miner.