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Dumb and Dumber (1994): Dumb & Dumber
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Catch A Contractor Episode Guide

A Roofless Business - Episode 209

A family is forced out of their home by a contractor’s failure to finish their roof! Things heat up when Adam & Skip try to hunt down the contractor to return and do right!

Aired: 12/7/2014

Twice Burned - Episode 208

After a raging fire nearly consumes a couple’s entire home, they’re burned yet again when a contractor steals their money! Adam & Skip come to stamp out the flames of this hellish nightmare and hopefully reign down justice.

Aired: 11/23/2014

Run For The Border - Episode 207

After spending almost 100K, a family is left with no roof & no hope. When their contractor breaks his promise to return, the team starts an all out manhunt to catch this AWOL contractor before he flees to Mexico.

Aired: 11/16/2014

Worse Than A Warzone - Episode 206

A family escapes their war-torn country only to have an “expert” contractor turn their home into a combat zone. Cooking in a tent & living in one room, the family needs Adam & Skip to do battle with their absent expert.

Aired: 11/9/2014

Hack Attack! - Episode 205

Adam & Skip are shocked to discover that the worst carpenter they’ve ever busted is back at it again! But after betraying his fellow former marine, this hack gets payback when angry words explode into an all out brawl.

Aired: 11/2/2014

Concrete Bungle - Episode 204

Adam & Skip hunt for a reckless contractor that left the Rodriguez family’s four small kids in danger from sharp metal rebar, upturned stakes that look like booby traps, and a 20’ drop with no safety fence!

Aired: 10/26/2014

Paved With Bad Intentions - Episode 203

After ruining a young couple's yard and their plans to start a family, contractor Ray proves hard to catch. Skip and Adam try to bring Ray back to the job!

Aired: 10/19/2014

Take The Money And Done - Episode 202

Adam and Skip go after one of the most deceitful contractors ever. After adopting 4 kids, a family trusted a high school friend to expand their kitchen, but he took their money, their appliances, and their trust.

Aired: 10/5/2014 Available until: 01/1/2015

If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again - Episode 201

A couple needed to build a deck to expand their tiny home and a retaining wall to keep the house from sliding down the hill. Instead, they got a part-time stripper and a fulltime liar who’s horrible work is ready to collapse!

Aired: 10/12/2014