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Alison Bedell

Alison Bedell


Alison Bedell is a licensed Private Investigator who got her sleuthing experience while working as a Probation Officer; a career she began in 2007 that she continues in today. Some of the skills she acquired in that career which carry into her PI work include tracking absconders, record searches, surveillance, working undercover and apprehending subjects. While on the job, she has earned a Distinguished Pistol Expert bar, a Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) recognition award for DWI arrests and a County Legislature's Probation Officer of the Month award. Prior to her career in law enforcement, she worked in County Personnel for a number of years. Ultimately she decided that she wanted to serve the public by combining use of her Bachelors in Psychology and her love of law enforcement, where she can "correct and protect".

A New York native, Alison resides on Long Island with her husband, Skip, and their many pets. When she isn't investigating offenders, she enjoys being a biker chick riding on a Harley with Skip, playing with their cats and dogs, vegetable gardening and making her own jewelry.

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Alison Bedell Takes Pride In Helping People