Blue Mountain State Bios

  • Sammy Cacciatore
  • Craig Shilo
  • Alex Moran
  • Radon Randell
  • Mary Jo Cacciatore
  • Thad Castle
  • Coach Marty Daniels
  • Denise Roy
Thad Castle

Thad Castle

Alan Ritchson

This Junior Linebacker from Connecticut and two time consensus All-American, set the school record for tackles in a game with 23 against Oklahoma in 2008. Castle was also ejected from the same game for calling the referees "Butt-faces". Castle has already brought one championship to Blue Mountain State as Team Captain and is looking to bring a few more before he's done here.

Thad Quotes:

"Yes! Scrimmage to the death!"

"My dad was a war hero in Bosnia, so what? And he had an affair, so what?"

"Why don't you slide over here and give Pappi a boner?"

"Best time I got caught jerking off? Pro football hall of fame, 8th grade, I got caught behind the Jim Thorpe statue."

"Before big games I shoot rabies. It gives me the edge I need and its undetectable. Only idiot losers do steroids anymore!"

"Last year everyone on the team banged Pauline and we won a national championship. This year somebody's holding out, and that somebody happens to be Shiloh."