Blue Mountain State Bios

  • Sammy Cacciatore
  • Craig Shilo
  • Alex Moran
  • Radon Randell
  • Mary Jo Cacciatore
  • Thad Castle
  • Coach Marty Daniels
  • Denise Roy
Sammy Cacciatore

Sammy Cacciatore

Chris Romano

The man behind the goat; Mr. Cacciatore thrills thousands of Blue Mountain fans every Saturday as Mounty, The Mountain Goat Mascot. In preparation for this roll of a lifetime, Sammy studied ballet for over four years. In early 2009, Sammy took a court ordered break from ballet to enter alcohol rehab. But he's out now, and by all accounts, in the best shape of his life.

Sammy Quotes:

"Go Goats!"

"Alex I need you to do something. Sneak up behind me and smash me over the head with a beer bottle."

"Let me in! You know I'm not going to do anything but watch!"

"He doesn't even put me in the statue, I was there, I killed that goat!"

"I'm taking a poll to find out what part of a man women find the most sexy; the dick, the balls, or the asshole."

"Ok, think of things that won't give me a boner, sandwiches, nickels, the dictionary, mosquitoes, other people's boners."