Blue Mountain State Bios

  • Sammy Cacciatore
  • Radon Randell
  • Alex Moran
  • Craig Shilo
  • Mary Jo Cacciatore
  • Thad Castle
  • Coach Marty Daniels
  • Denise Roy
Coach Marty Daniels

Coach Marty Daniels

Ed Marinaro

Six time National Champion, and long standing pillar of the BMS community, Coach Marty Daniels is the winningest football coach in Blue Mountain State history. Coach Daniels has accumulated 243 wins over the years and expects to add to that total this year in his quest to break Joe P's record of 388.

Coach Quotes:

"Buy my book, Winning in Life. Out now in paperback."

"Once upon a time, some weak pathetic pussy coined the phrase winning isn't everything."

"We suck the milk out of our mothers' tits and use it as mouthwash."

"Champions know they came from their father's balls."

"Let's all pray. Dear God, please help my starting quarterback keep his dick in his pants."

"You're going to run out on that field Saturday with a dick full of confidence and you're going to take that confidence and you're going to shoot it all over the stadium."