Blue Mountain State Bios

  • Sammy Cacciatore
  • Craig Shilo
  • Alex Moran
  • Radon Randell
  • Mary Jo Cacciatore
  • Thad Castle
  • Coach Marty Daniels
  • Denise Roy
Alex Moran

Alex Moran

Darin Brooks

The first 10,000 yard passer in Wyoming high school history, Moran has a knack for finding the open target even under the toughest pressure. Coach Marty Daniels has high expectations for this Freshman Quarterback. Look for Moran to carry the torch of Heisman-Caliber QBs at Blue Mountain State in the years to come.

Alex Quotes:

"The problem with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat."

"Back up QB is the best position in sports."

"First you ask us to shave each other's nuts and then ask us to protect each others secrets. Can't you just beat us up, or something? This just seems a little gay."

"Well I will get you all your leftovers. I call it trickle down banging."

"Craig, you're gonna go to a strip club and ask strippers if they found your ring inside their vaginas, I wouldn't miss this for the world."

"Attracting women is like fishing, ok? You can't just dive in and grab the fish. You gotta bait the hook, dangle the worm; ultimately, you kinda gotta ignore them till they're ready to bite."