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The Day After Tomorrow (2004): Day After Tomorrow, The (2004)
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10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty Bios

  • Michael & Kat
  • Dean Cain
  • Matt & Julie
  • Dr. Todd Disotell
  • Stacy & Dave
  • Natalia Reagan
  • Dan & Dave
  • Ro & Justin
  • Donny & Donnell
  • Kirsten & Shaney
  • Travis & January
  • Rictor & Dax
Stacy & Dave

Stacy & Dave

Big Game Hunter & Animal Lover

Stacy Brown is the Assistant Manager at a mail processing facility and is married with two kids. Founder of "The Sasquatch Hunters," Brown is an outdoor enthusiast who once shot thermal images of what he believed to be Bigfoot while in the woods with his father. Dedicated to the cause, Brown once sold his car to buy a thermal camera – a fact his wife does not let him forget!

David Lauer is a Loss Prevention Specialist who is also married with two kids. Lauer is also a member of "The Sasquatch Hunters" and brings his military experience and enthusiasm for hunting Bigfoot to his partnership with Brown.

Good ol' boys from down South, Brown and Lauer are true woodsmen that will continue their hunt for Bigfoot day or night, regardless of expense or danger. This duo loves the adrenaline rush of hunting for Sasquatch and desperately wants to prove its existence.