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X2: X-Men United (2003)

10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty Bios

  • Michael & Kat
  • Dean Cain
  • Matt & Julie
  • Dr. Todd Disotell
  • Stacy & Dave
  • Natalia Reagan
  • Dan & Dave
  • Ro & Justin
  • Donny & Donnell
  • Kirsten & Shaney
  • Travis & January
  • Rictor & Dax
Ro & Justin

Ro & Justin

Claim to have killed Bigfoot


Ro Sahebi has always been fascinated with Bigfoot and has been determined to get involved and work with the best in the Bigfoot community. Sahebi, a fast-talking Persian radio host and video editor, acts as the tech wizard for the team and will not stop until Bigfoot's existence in conclusively proven.

Justin Smeja claims to have killed two squatches. It all began in 2010, when he stumbled across Bigfoot on a bear hunting trip in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. To prove that he wasn't just seeing things, he not only shot an adult Bigfoot, but a baby Bigfoot, as well. Smeja claims to have Bigfoot's flesh in his freezer and they have sent it to appropriate authorities for confirmation. Smeja has taken, and passed, a polygraph test to verify his story.

The two met when Sahebi interviewed Smeja for his LA radio show, and ever since, they have been searching for Bigfoot and plan to approach Bigfoot as serious hunters.