10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty Bios

  • Michael & Kat
  • Dean Cain
  • Matt & Julie
  • Dr. Todd Disotell
  • Stacy & Dave
  • Natalia Reagan
  • Dan & Dave
  • Ro & Justin
  • Donny & Donnell
  • Kirsten & Shaney
  • Travis & January
  • Rictor & Dax
Michael & Kat

Michael & Kat

Biologist & Ghosthunter 

Michael Merchant is an expert survivalist and researches all manner of cryptids. Also trained in mycology and herpetology, Merchant is confident that his skill set is perfectly suited to track Bigfoot. He has been all over the world looking for Bigfoot, casting unexplainable footprints, interviewing numerous eyewitnesses, and claims to have had two sightings.

Kathleen McKechnie is well versed in paranormal circles and is the co-founder of Maine Ghost Hunters. The group hunts for elusive, hard to prove phenomena. McKechnie has always been interested in Bigfoot, but her interests have been escalated since sighting a possible footprint near her home. Hailing from the Northeast, McKechnie's invaluable set of survival skills, not to mention her "no fear" attitude, made her a natural when it came to going out into the field.