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Taffer Shuts Down A Disgusting Kitchen (1:01)

Sandbar Sports Grill in Coconut Grove, FL, is steadily declining. Their awful food isn’t helping.

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Brand Renovation Concept: Bar Elé (2:38)

Jon Taffer makes one of his more substantial makeovers after he turns Heat Lounge from a dud to a Florida nightlife hotspot.

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'This Chicken Isn't Cooked!' (2:01)

As the staff at Heat Restaurant & Lounge struggles to make ends meet, the kitchen sends out sub-par fare.

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Heat Restaurant & Lounge Is Icy Cold (2:11)

This establishment downtown Hollywood, FL, is much more of a strip club than a restaurant or lounge. When sales slowed, the owner decided to slash prices, which is never good for a business.

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'You Fire Someone, NOW!' (1:54)

Jon Taffer knows that the integrity of a bar is only as strong as its weakest link. When a professional environment becomes too toxic, a change has to be made.

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Bartender Won’t Stop Twerking (0:52)

Jon Taffer and Phil Wills look on in shock as bartenders act like strippers and free booze flows everywhere.

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Toucans Owner Mourns Loss Of His Son (2:30)

The loss of his son has clearly devastated owner Jamie. Jon Taffer sits down with the co-owners of Toucans for a very open and emotional meeting.

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Jon Taffer Opens A Pirate Bar (2:24)

Take note Piratz Tavern, THIS is how you open a pirate bar. Taffer calls on south Florida’s maritime roots to open “Bonny & Reads,” named after two legendary female pirates.

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Chef Abandons Ship During Stress Test (2:18)

Jon Taffer looks on as a chef calls it quotes and bartender gives away two entire bottles of liquor. It’s safe to say this stress test is a disaster.

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Clashing Owners Threaten South Florida Bar (2:20)

Jamie & John, New Jersey natives, own Toucans bar in Hollywood, FL. After enduring two devastating hurricanes and a severe family tragedy, they can barely stand each other’s presence.

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