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Nicole Taffer

Nicole Taffer


Nicole Taffer’s role as Market Recon Specialist on “Bar Rescue” is to get the customer perspective by going into bars undercover to talk to customers and staff for an assessment of the situation. Her casual and gregarious personality allows her to covertly investigate and gather information that shapes and informs Jon’s ensuing transformation.

A native Chicagoan, Nicole grew up in the construction business where she got her start working as a project coordinator for condominiums. Following her success in the construction business, Nicole developed and operated her own company, Intuitive Promotions, a California based advertising firm. Shortly after the launch of Intuitive Promotions Nicole and Jon married in 2000. A few years later she joined Jon's company Taffer Dynamics, Inc. – a consultant firm to nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels around the world.

Nicole Taffer Gives Bars The Ladies' Touch