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Elayne Duff

Elayne Duff


World traveler, cocktail guru, James Beard nominee and spirits expert Elayne Duff has presided as the head mixologist and Spirits Ambassador for Diageo Wine and Spirits luxury portfolio for the past seven years.

“Elayne’s devotion for all things spirits and cocktails is truly infectious,” says Gaz Regan the bartender and author formerly known as Gary Regan. Her dedication has sent her around the world, exploring the true integrity of the craft at some of today’s most prominent spirits’ distilleries.

Her talent as an entertaining and engaging speaker has made Elayne welcome at the most esteemed global trade shows in the industry, including Tales of the Cocktail, where she was nominated for Best Brand Ambassador in 2012 & 2013, Manhattan Cocktail Classic, Art of the Cocktail (Victoria, BC), Copenhagen Wine and Spirits and Vegas Nightclub and Bar Show.

When she’s not teaching, traveling, or creating cocktails, Elayne can be found with her seven-year old daughter, Dylan, and her husband, Philip, with whom she lives in Manhattan.