Auction Hunters Episode Guide

Missouri Loves Company - Episode 510

On a visit to see Ton's sister in Missouri for some rafting and relaxation, the guys hit up a fast-paced live auction. After some tough losses, Ton and Allen score a ballista and an anvil set made for an explosive sport.

Aired: 12/20/2014

Louisiana Purchase - Episode 509

In Louisiana, Ton and Allen encounter some salty locals at a shipping crate auction, and navigate choppy waters at a boat auction. After spending a lot of cash, they find a tactical blast shield and a bass fishing boat.

Aired: 11/20/2014

Party Gras - Episode 508

On a trip to New Orleans, Ton and Allen look to mix business with pleasure. They wage war with some locals at a tough auction, win a Mardi Gras unit that contains a confetti blaster and a modern calliope, then hit the town.

Aired: 12/13/2014

Blazing Saddles - Episode 507

Ton and Allen head to a Hollywood auction and face a new competitor with a seemingly endless cash flow. After they uncover a triple barrel shotgun and an antique camel saddle, Allen confronts an old childhood fear.

Aired: 12/6/2014

Risk & Reward - Episode 506

Ton & Allen arrive late to an auction. They uncover vintage bear traps and a bounty of street art. If the pieces belong to the artist, RISK, it could be their biggest score ever. If not, they'll be stuck with forged knockoffs.

Aired: 10/6/2014

Betsy's Last Stand - Episode 505

With their beloved bread truck on life support, Ton and Allen head to an auction to help save her. Will an industrial grinder and a classic Chevy be enough to mend Betsy, or will the guys be forced to say goodbye for good?

Aired: 11/8/2014

Rock And Roll - Episode 504

An auction in Whittier gets ugly when a buyer named Big Dave tries to take it all. After some tough losses, the guys win a state of the art food truck and an off-road rock crawler with dangerous consequences.

Aired: 11/1/2014

Hook, Line & Printer - Episode 503

A last-minute auction in Norwalk proves challenging when Ton and Allen go toe-to-toe with a real life cowboy couple. When the dust settles, the guys uncover a 3D printer and a grappling hook gun they can’t wait to shoot.

Aired: 10/25/2014

Ramped Up - Episode 502

Ton and Allen go head-to-head with their former assistant, Carolyn, while Ton battles a bad back. The guys discover an automatic BB gun and, when negotiations to sell a stunt ramp go south, Allen faces a tough decision.

Aired: 10/18/2014

Space Cowboys - Episode 501

With the pawn shop history, Ton and Allen start the next chapter of their careers with a bang. They uncover an antique WWII firearm and a Russian cosmonaut space suit, which could be their biggest find to date...if it's real.

Aired: 10/11/2014 Available until: 01/31/2015