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Allen Haff

Allen Haff

Born and raised in Michigan, Allen Haff is a second generation antique dealer and collector with over 20 years of experience in the field. Haff bought and sold his way through college in southern Michigan and, following graduation, moved south. By the age of 24 he owned his first antique business in Houston, Texas and was also one of the earliest eBay sellers of vintage collectibles online before moving to California ten years ago. After reaching LA, Haff immediately began hunting in storage unit auctions, Hollywood thrift stores, estate sales and swap meets and earned a living buying and selling antiques and collectibles.

Haff's knowledge of antiques helped land him his first television gig on the Style Network's "Clean House" as the Yard Sale Guy where he was a key ingredient in making the program Style's highest rated show. Haff has also been featured in other programs such as "The Modern Girl's Guide to Life" demonstrating his knowledge and love of all things old, as well as host of HGTV's hit show "My House is Worth What?" where he helped appraise the value of a family's home and the individual improvements they made to it. Throughout his television career, Haff maintained his resale business and eventually left hosting to focus on Angel City Estate Sales in 2006. In 2008 Haff started Hollywood & Vintage, a high volume liquidation company specializing in movie memorabilia and vintage collectibles that he operates from his office & warehouse in Los Angeles.

Over the years Haff has recovered several highly valued items on digs including a vintage Superman pinball machine, an 18th century English buffet, a Masonic sword, a Civil War rifle, an original diner booth from the Brown Derby restaurant and original "Star Trek" film clips, to name a few.