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American Digger Bios

  • Ric Savage
  • Giuseppe Savage
  • Rue Shumate
  • Rita Savage
  • Bob Buttafuso
Rue Shumate

Rue Shumate


Rue Shumate, born and raised in Petersburg, Virginia, has spent more than two decades digging for Civil War relics and hunting Indian artifacts. An accomplished businessman, Shumate, 43, owns two automotive repair shops in Colonial Heights, VA, and multiple rental houses, but considers digging his passion.

Shumate's finds include dozens of rare Confederate buttons, several Union buckles, underwater-recovered swords and guns, as well as thousands of Native American arrowheads, pottery pieces, and axe heads. He joined the American Savage team in 2010. Considered the tunnel rat, Shumate's expertise digging has been invaluable to the group, as he is often the first and last out of each dig site hole.