American Digger Bios

  • Rue Shumate
  • Ric Savage
  • Giuseppe Savage
  • Rita Savage
  • Bob Buttafuso
Bob Buttafuso

Bob Buttafuso


Bob Buttafuso serves as the most senior member of the American Savage team, with over forty years of experience digging up pieces of history all over the country. He makes his home in Manassas, Virginia, the site of a famed Civil War Battle, where he owns a successful electronics store and repairs and sells metal detectors and trades Civil War relics.

Buttafuso has made a name for himself as a relic dealer and aficionado, hosting websites devoted to stopping the proliferation of fakes in relic collecting. It is through one of these websites that Buttafuso and Ric Savage developed a mutual respect, so when American Savage grew and became the successful business it is today, Savage looked no further than his vastly experienced friend to round out his team.