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4th and Long Episode Guide

Amongst the Stars

Amongst the Stars - Episode 110

Weeks of hard work wrap up with an exhausting set of drills at the Cowboys Valley Ranch training facility, as well as a final 4 quarter game to determine which of them will receive an NFL contract from Jerry Jones himself. Guest appearances by Jerry Jones and Terence Newman.

Aired: 08/21/2009

Beating the Blocker

Beating the Blocker - Episode 109

The 5 remaining players go head to head in a series of drills designed to test an essential skill set for special teams players: delivering and shedding blocks.

Aired: 08/14/2009

Moose Crossing

Moose Crossing - Episode 108

Fatigue and injury has started affecting everyone, but former Cowboy Daryl Johnston arrives to rally their spirits and encourage them through an exhausting drill known as the "Super Gauntlet." Guest appearance by Daryl Johnston.

Aired: 08/7/2009

The Rivals

The Rivals - Episode 107

A rival team made up of previously eliminated players - intent on earning their spot back on the roster - arrive to challenge the remaining players to a full 4 quarter battle. Guest appearance by Jerry Rice.

Aired: 07/30/2009

Great Sacrifices, Great Rewards

Great Sacrifices, Great Rewards - Episode 106

The players earn a night on the town with Michael Irvin, and a brief taste of the limelight that comes with being a professional football player. However, the following day their resolve is tested in a sadistic conditioning drill that won't end until one player quits. Guest appearance by Kelvin Martin.

Aired: 07/23/2009

Halfway There - Episode 105

With the camp at its halfway point, the 8 remaining players collide at breakneck speeds while vying for supremacy in the Yards After Contact drill. Guest appearance by Roger Staubach.

Aired: 07/16/2009

The Red Zone - Episode 104

The Coaches and Michael Irvin push the players hard in preparation for the two most critical situations in all of football: the last two minutes of the half, and the last twenty yards before the endzone. Guest appearance by Darren Woodson.

Aired: 07/9/2009

Game Day - Episode 103

After an inspirational pep talk by Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett, the WR's and DB's compete in a full speed, full pads, eleven on eleven football game. Guest appearances by Jerry Jones and Tony Dorsett.

Aired: 07/2/2009

Within Your Grasp - Episode 102

The WR's ability to hold onto the ball and the DB's ability to cause fumbles are put to the test in a series of brutal drills, including one that occurs during a massive thunderstorm. Guest appearance by Jay Novacek.

Aired: 06/26/2009

4th Quarter Training - Episode 101

After moving into their new home at the Cotton Bowl Stadium, Michael Irvin puts the 6 wide receivers and 6 defensive backs through a grueling set of full contact drills designed to test their ability to perform in the 4th quarter. Guest appearance by Drew Pearson.

Aired: 06/19/2009