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Bar Rescue

When Life Doesn't Hand You Lemons
Aired: 04/20/2014 Availiable until: 04/30/2014
Punch Drunk & Trailer Trashed
Aired: 03/23/2014
Critters And Quitters
Aired: 03/16/2014

Auction Hunters

Hall Of Fame Game
Aired: 03/22/2014
Nothing But Net
Aired: 03/15/2014
Allen’s Big Crush
Aired: 02/28/2014

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Latest Show News & Updates

Can Taffer Rescue A Hookah Bar?

Posted Yesterday | Views: 1,113

Oasis Hookah bar in Omaha, NE is in dire straits. They serve toxic drinks and have terrible service. To top is all off, there's a dead rat somewhere in the building, but nobody knows where.

This Hookah Bar Makes Customers Sick

Posted Yesterday | Views: 848

While Jon Taffer is doing recon at Oasis Hookah Bar in Omaha, NE, one of his spies becomes violently ill after taking a sip from a drink. The entire bar is relentlessly filthy.

The 'Hungry Investors' Will Change Lives

Posted Yesterday | Views: 370

In this comprehensive preview for Spike TV's newest show, Hungry Investors, hosts Jon Taffer, John Besh and Tiffany Derry explain why they complement each other so well. it's their respective expertise that may them agree, and disagree, on where to invest-- and where to change a restaurant owner's life.

Using A Burner Phone To Catch Randall

Posted Yesterday | Views: 131

Alison uses a clever trick with a fake cell phone to get contractor Randall's phone number. Once she has his info, she sets up a meeting at the sting house where Adam & Skip are waiting.

'Wow, This Looks Horrible'

Posted Yesterday | Views: 128

Adam & Skip take a look at Kathy's incomplete kitchen, and realize that it's a complete hack job. He used exterior wood for shelving, and hasn't been seen for eight months.

An Oasis Of Garbage

Posted Yesterday | Views: 154

Unlicensed contractor Jeff promised Chris & Damian a balcony and a backyard oasis- complete with a hot tub. Now, their house is nothing more than a dangerous eyesore, with no sign of a hot tub.

Glory 15: Istanbul - Filip Verlinden Post Fight Interview

Posted Yesterday | Views: 32

Nathan Corbett, Filip Verlinden and Gokhan Saki discuss their experiences of an amazing night of fights.

New Nickname Will Be 'Sword Neck'

Posted Yesterday | Views: 259

Grant's friends used to call him "Penis Neck" because of his awful tattoo. Now, thanks to Jasmine, he has a sword befitting a warrior. It's safe to say that his friends won't tease him anymore.

Glory 15: Istanbul - Nathan Corbett Post Fight Interview

Posted Yesterday | Views: 23

Nathan Corbett, Filip Verlinden and Gokhan Saki discuss their experiences of an amazing night of fights.

Little Ozzy Gets A Badass Cover Up

Posted Yesterday | Views: 219

Big Gus gives Little Ozzy a cover up so maniacal that he leaves the shop ready to board the Crazy Train.