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Bar Rescue

When Life Doesn't Hand You Lemons
Aired: 04/20/2014 Availiable until: 04/30/2014
Punch Drunk & Trailer Trashed
Aired: 03/23/2014
Critters And Quitters
Aired: 03/16/2014

Auction Hunters

Hall Of Fame Game
Aired: 03/22/2014
Nothing But Net
Aired: 03/15/2014
Allen’s Big Crush
Aired: 02/28/2014

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Sneak Peek: Countdown to Alvarez vs. Chandler III

Posted Today | Views: 6

The trilogy. The grudge match. The moment approaches.

Don't miss "Countdown to Alvarez vs Chandler III", May 15 at 11:30/10:30c on Spike.

Sneak Peek: Unrivaled: Michael Chandler

Posted Today | Views: 16

"How does Eddie win the next fight? Is he fighting me? He doesn't win the next fight."

Don't miss "Unrivaled: Michael Chandler" - May 16 at 11:30/10:30c on Spike.

Sneak Peek: Unfinished Business: Alvarez vs. Chandler III

Posted Today | Views: 6

The biggest fight in the history of Bellator MMA. Two warriors fates will be decided.

Don't miss Unfinished Business: Alvarez vs. Chandler III, May 16 at 11/10c on Spike.

Glory 15: Istanbul - Nathan Corbett Post Fight Interview

Posted Yesterday | Views: 48

Nathan Corbett, Filip Verlinden and Gokhan Saki discuss their experiences of an amazing night of fights.

Can Taffer Rescue A Hookah Bar?

Posted Yesterday | Views: 1,817

Oasis Hookah bar in Omaha, NE is in dire straits. They serve toxic drinks and have terrible service. To top is all off, there's a dead rat somewhere in the building, but nobody knows where.

Alison Gets A Positive ID On Contractor Jeff

Posted Yesterday | Views: 210

After a lengthy stakeout, Alison successfully uses DMV records to track down unlicensed contractor Jeff. Once Jeff is back at the sting house, Adam & Skip can give him a taste of his own medicine.

An Oasis Of Garbage

Posted Yesterday | Views: 258

Unlicensed contractor Jeff promised Chris & Damian a balcony and a backyard oasis- complete with a hot tub. Now, their house is nothing more than a dangerous eyesore, with no sign of a hot tub.

New Nickname Will Be 'Sword Neck'

Posted Yesterday | Views: 581

Grant's friends used to call him "Penis Neck" because of his awful tattoo. Now, thanks to Jasmine, he has a sword befitting a warrior. It's safe to say that his friends won't tease him anymore.

'Wow, This Looks Horrible'

Posted Yesterday | Views: 217

Adam & Skip take a look at Kathy's incomplete kitchen, and realize that it's a complete hack job. He used exterior wood for shelving, and hasn't been seen for eight months.

This Hookah Bar Makes Customers Sick

Posted Yesterday | Views: 1,489

While Jon Taffer is doing recon at Oasis Hookah Bar in Omaha, NE, one of his spies becomes violently ill after taking a sip from a drink. The entire bar is relentlessly filthy.