Wrath of the Titans (2012)
300 (2006)
The Dark Knight (2008)
The Rundown (2003)
Crank (2006)
Wrath of the Titans (2012)
300 (2006)
The Dark Knight (2008)
Lip Sync Battle: Mike Tyson vs. Terry Crews

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Bar Rescue

Mandala Down
Aired: 04/12/2015 Availiable until: 05/31/2015
Back To The Bar: Hot-Headed Owners
Aired: 04/5/2015 Availiable until: 05/31/2015
Loose Lips Loose Tips
Aired: 03/29/2015 Availiable until: 05/31/2015


Hit And Run
Aired: 05/2/2015
Getting Funky
Aired: 04/25/2015 Availiable until: 05/19/2015
The One Dollar Shoe
Aired: 04/18/2015 Availiable until: 05/12/2015

The Daily Four

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Malin Akerman's Got A Sweet Tooth

Posted 0 minutes ago | Views: 1,148

Malin shows that too much sugar really can cause heart palpitations with Def Leppard's 'Pour Some Sugar On Me.'

WWI Gun With Ties To The Red Baron

Posted 10 hours ago | Views: 865

The guys may have just uncovered their most expensive item yet, a pilot's weapon that belonged to the infamous "Red Baron's" right-hand man. They then check out their new race car.

Beer Brewing Equipment & Air Rifles

Posted 11 hours ago | Views: 1,265

Allen & Ton continue to find serious valley when they uncover an ancient German brewing book and some very valuable air guns.

Lip Sync Battle Preshow: Stephen Merchant vs. Malin Akerman

Posted Today | Views: 851

Stephen Merchant and Malin Akerman get a head start on this week’s Battle as they engage in a war of words. Plus: Greg and Elliott visit Central Park to work on their New York tan, and LaLa Anthony helps our hosts break down the finer points of lip syncing.

Ink Master Season 7 Casting Has Begun

Posted Yesterday | By Spike | Views: 513

Are you an Ink Master? We are in search of highly skilled tattoo artists from across the country!

Dealing Animatronic Animals

Posted May 2, 2015 | Views: 5,369

It turns out that these jungle creatures are worth munch more than the guys imagined…

Allen Haff: Professional Wrestler

Posted May 2, 2015 | Views: 5,297

Once the wrestling ring is fully assembled we get a glimpse of Allen’s alter-ego: Thumper.

The Ultimate RC Boat Race

Posted May 3, 2015 | Views: 969

Allen & Ton pit their souped up boats against one another at speeds in excess of 70mph. Who will come out victorious?

Whiskey From The 1880’s = Money

Posted May 3, 2015 | Views: 913

The guys take their vintage spirits to an expert and find that they are sitting on a gold mine.

Hit And Run

Aired: May 2, 2015 | Views: 8,271

A man can bail on child support payments, but can’t escape the police. One woman’s retaliation almost gets her girlfriend run over. A sluggish suspect denies the pile of marijuana in his car is his.