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Mike Tyson's Countdown: Glory Heavyweight World Championship

Aired: 0 minutes ago | Views: 6

Mike Tyson makes his international debut as Glory Kickboxing analyst and show host, as he explores the bitter rivalry between heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven and challenger Errol Zimmerman. The stakes are high in the climactic conclusion to this trilogy as Tyson brings his unprecedented perspective to reveal why these two fighters want to knock each other out so badly and claim their place in kickboxing history, February 6 at the Glory 19 Heavyweight World Championship.

Sneak Peek: Problems In Bed: Part III

Posted Today | Views: 364

The judges shred Rahil, Jason, and Garret’s bed ideas to shreds while the other builders watch the annihilation with great pleasure.

Sneak Peek: Problems In Bed: Part IV

Posted Today | Views: 258

As the concept review continues for bed designs, Freddy, Jess, and Wesley’s sketches leave the judges anxious and worried.

Sneak Peek: Problems In Bed: Part I

Posted Today | Views: 265

A legendary furniture designer joins the judges this week as the builders are tested on reproduction and must create beautiful beds.

Sneak Peek: Problems In Bed: Part II

Posted Today | Views: 184

The teams of trios put their heads together and begin sketching up concepts for fresh yet simple designs for beds.

Hidden Innovation - Build Day 2: Part III

Posted Today | Views: 220

The judges surprise the builders as times runs out with an offer of help – but not without a warning first.

Hidden Innovation - Build Day 2: Part II

Posted Today | Views: 216

Curtis’ overbearing attitude starts to threaten his team’s chances at winning the challenge while Wesley’s slow pace infuriates Jory.

Hidden Innovation - Build Day 2: Part I

Posted Today | Views: 453

While Jess and Curtis’ plans for their entertainment console has the judges excited, Freddy and Rahil’s piece spells trouble for the pair.

Hidden Innovation

Aired: Today | Available until: 02/3/2015 | Views: 688

When the Builders work in teams, one plays dirty and it’s every man for himself. The judges make the builders an offer they can’t refuse, but taking it could mean disaster.

Bellator 132 Uncut

Posted January 26, 2015 | Views: 79

Go behind the scenes of Bellator 132, and a closer look at Patricio Pitbull's successful title defense over Daniel Straus.