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Bar Rescue

Unnecessary Toughness
Aired: 11/22/2015 Availiable until: 01/10/2016
Vulgar Vixens
Aired: 11/15/2015 Availiable until: 01/10/2016
Big Sister's Watching
Aired: 11/8/2015 Availiable until: 01/10/2016

Ink Master

Ink Live
Aired: 12/16/2014 Availiable until: 12/6/2015
Fight To The Finale
Aired: 12/9/2014 Availiable until: 12/6/2015
Firing Squad
Aired: 12/2/2014 Availiable until: 12/6/2015

The Daily Four

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New Featherweight Contest Joins Double Main Event at 'Bellator 149: Shamrock vs. Gracie'

Posted Today | Views: 0

Intimidating Owner Chases Profits Away

Posted November 22, 2015 | Views: 0

Mike, owner of The Arena, lets his temper get in the way of his bottom line.

Ann Arbor Sports Bar Is Sinking

Posted November 22, 2015 | Views: 0

The Arena sports bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is unable to keep up with the competition. Nightly temper tantrums from the owner don’t help.

Melvin Manhoef Flattens Hisaki Kato - The Bellator 146 Moment

Posted November 7, 2015 | Views: 0

Still wobbly from shots he'd taken, Melvin Manhoef lands one big enough to end the night.

Not Authorized

Posted November 21, 2015 | Views: 0

Some tights are not authorized to wear in jail.

Trouble Abroad

Posted November 21, 2015 | Views: 0

A young German woman gets an unexpected stop.

Your Turn

Posted November 21, 2015 | Views: 0

Nervous behavior leads to some clear concerns.

Bellator 146 Highlights

Posted November 21, 2015 | Views: 0

Melvin Manhoef got the better of the striking battle, while Bubba Jenkins and Brandon Girtz continued their winning ways.

Hot Dogs In A Pan

Posted November 21, 2015 | Views: 0

An argument over hot dogs gets a little too heated.

Too Many Cooks

Aired: November 21, 2015 | Available until: 12/14/2015 | Views: 0

A lawbreaker's polite and respectful demeanor surprises deputies. Suspicious activity at a gas station leads one officer to rely on her instincts.