World's Wildest Police Videos: Chases & Shootouts Special Edition
World's Wildest Police Videos: Robertson Chase
World's Wildest Police Videos: I Ram You
Cops O: Doggie Paddle
Cops O: I'll Raise My Voice Right Back!
Cops O: Hit and Run
Cops O: Doggie Paddle
Cops O: I'll Raise My Voice Right Back!
Cops O: Hit and Run
Cops O: Batter Up
World's Wildest Police Videos: Car Thieves Crash & Sting
World's Wildest Police Videos: PIT Maneuver
Gangland: American Gangster
Gangland: From Girl to Gangster
Gangland: Snitch Slaughter
Gangland: You Rat, You Die
Gangland: Everybody Killers
Gangsters: America’s Most Evil : The Pot Princess of Beverly Hills: Lisette Lee
Jail: Las Vegas
Cops O: Batter Up
Cops O: Nothing to See Here
Cops O: Funny Money

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Bar Rescue

How to Train Your Goldfish
Aired: 09/25/2016 Availiable until: 01/8/2017
Antisocial Media
Aired: 09/18/2016 Availiable until: 01/8/2017
12 Beers a Slave
Aired: 08/21/2016 Availiable until: 01/8/2017

Ink Master

Sticky Situation
Aired: 09/27/2016 Availiable until: 01/15/2017
Sparks Fly
Aired: 09/20/2016 Availiable until: 01/15/2017
Put On Your Armor
Aired: 09/13/2016 Availiable until: 01/15/2017

Latest Show News & Updates

Sticky Situation: Eliminated Artist Interview

Posted September 26, 2016 | Views: 258

Matt Murray finally started to show a different side of his art - with a cool outer space tattoo - but just couldn’t stack up to the competition when all was said and done.

Ty'Esha Triumphs With A Thrilling Crane Tattoo

Posted Yesterday | Views: 53

Ty’Esha had to please not only her canvas, lil’ sis, but also big sis – and boy did she please. This crane tattoo is so lifelike it looks like it’s gonna fly right off her arm.

Duffy Fortner And A Canvas Part Ways

Posted Yesterday | Views: 111

After getting a verbal beat down by a human canvas – and then a sincere apology – Duffy offers a tattoo design but says it’ll only happen at her shop. Now is not the time and place.

Flash Challenge Preview: Smoking Scar Cover Up - Part I

Posted Yesterday | Views: 631

Team Nuñez is up for elimination this week as the artists are tested on artistry and are tasked with having to cover up canvases who have permanent scars from smoking.

Flash Challenge Preview: Smoking Scar Cover Up - Part II

Posted Yesterday | Views: 482

Thanks to Gia, Team Peck takes a different approach for the skull pick when deciding the fates of the artists in Team Nuñez.

Elimination Tattoo: Outer Space - Part II

Posted Yesterday | Views: 428

Gian’s skull pick takes its toll on Gia as she struggles with a blocky design on a sensitive part of the body. Oliver walks over to Matt and offers some crucial tips as he sweats bullets.

Flash Challenge Preview: Smoking Scar Cover Up - Part III

Posted Yesterday | Views: 469

Sketch and Eric both start to worry as their canvases shows signs of tapping out with each drop of ink. Tito tries to convince his canvas to change his concept to something more powerful.

Elimination Tattoo: Outer Space - Part I

Posted Yesterday | Views: 323

It’s launch time as the artists have 6 hours have showcase contrast by inking outer space tattoos. Ryan turns things around with a supposedly hard canvas. The boy question Gian’s tattooing strategy.

Flash Challenge Preview: Smoking Scar Cover Up - Part IV

Posted Yesterday | Views: 424

The human canvases with smoking scars are delighted when they check out their completed tattoos at last. Oliver, Chris, and Dave critique each piece from Team Nuñez, focusing on artistry.

Elimination Tattoo: Outer Space

Posted Yesterday | Views: 2,282

Check out the artists' elimination tattoos from this week's episode. Then, tune in to new episodes of Ink Master Tuesdays at 10/9c on SPIKE.