Rambo (2008)
The Condemned (2007): Condemned, The (2007)
The Last Stand (2013): Last Stand, The (2013)
Law Abiding Citizen (2009)
Law Abiding Citizen (2009)
Van Helsing (2004)
Gangland: California Killing Fields
Gangland: Kill 'Em All
Gangland: You Rat, You Die
Gangland: Dog Fights
Gangland: Capitol Killers
Gangland: Wild Boyz
Gangsters: America’s Most Evil : The Mayor of Harlem: Alberto "Alpo" Martinez
Gangsters: America’s Most Evil : The Ultimate Outlaw: Harry "Taco" Bowman

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Bar Rescue

Jon Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost
Aired: 08/23/2015 Availiable until: 09/20/2015
Too Many Managers, Not Enough Man
Aired: 08/16/2015 Availiable until: 09/20/2015
Put A Cork In It
Aired: 08/9/2015 Availiable until: 09/20/2015

Ink Master

Like A Moth To The Flame
Aired: 08/25/2015 Availiable until: 11/1/2015
Composed And Exposed
Aired: 08/18/2015 Availiable until: 11/1/2015
Aired: 08/11/2015 Availiable until: 11/1/2015

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Jillian Michaels Searches For America’s Next Fitness Craze With “Sweat Inc.”

Posted 9 hours ago | By Spike | Views: 211

On Tuesday, October 20 at 10/9c, Spike debuts “Sweat Inc.,” an unscripted competition series hosted and judged by acclaimed health and wellness expert, Jillian Michaels.

Sting Operation On Contractor Dan

Posted Yesterday | Views: 110

After nearly blowing the sting when a crew member is in view, Skip & Adam get a chance to confront hack contractor Dan.

‘No Counters, No Cabinets, No Nothin’

Posted Yesterday | Views: 55

Adam & Skip tour a gutted, unsafe kitchen that was left behind by contractor Dan.

Taffer Checks In On Delusional Owners

Posted Yesterday | Views: 889

In a special “Back to the Bar” episode, Jon Taffer checks in on some of the most aloof owners that he’s rescued.

Like A Moth To The Flame - Eliminated Artist Interview

Posted Yesterday | Views: 580

Even though Tyler nearly sealed his fate with an outburst during the elimination phase, in the end instead Marisa got the axe because of her Neptune tattoo's poor saturation.

Flash Challenge Preview: Dodge: Part I

Posted Yesterday | Views: 2,189

A challenging road lies ahead: tested on artistry, the artists must give bring Dodge Challenges to life, painting custom designs in teams of 3.

Flash Challenge Preview: Dodge: Part II

Posted Yesterday | Views: 676

The Dodge Challenger paint job challenge kicks off: Matt and Dave butt heads right away while Duffy is disappointed in her team’s lack of focus.

Flash Challenge Preview: Dodge: Part III

Posted Yesterday | Views: 608

Katie’s artistic addition may sabotage her team’s chances at winning the challenge. One team’s military idea sticks out as original and appealing.

Elimination Tattoo: Neptune: Part II

Posted Yesterday | Views: 615

Tyler gets thrown off his rocker having to do a black and grey tattoo of Neptune, the Roman God of the sea. Chris is all smiles as Craig and Matt’s tats are looking subpar.

Elimination Tattoo: Neptune: Part I

Posted Yesterday | Views: 1,474

The ultimate test of saturation begins during the elimination tattoo when the artists must design and ink tattoos of the Roman God of the sea, Neptune.