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Bar Rescue

Bug Bite
Aired: 09/30/2014 Availiable until: 01/1/2015
Grow Some Meatballs!
Aired: 04/6/2014
Scoreboard To Death
Aired: 03/30/2014

Ink Master

Inking With The Enemy
Aired: 09/2/2014
Ink Master Live
Aired: 05/20/2014
Fight To The Finish
Aired: 05/13/2014

The Daily Four

Latest Show News & Updates

Unsanitary Homemade Empanadas

Posted Yesterday | Views: 187

It is completely illegal to serve homemade food in a bar or restaurant. The law doesn't seem to stop management from poisoning their customers.

Beary Bad Tat

Posted 0 minutes ago | Views: 126

Bruce made a bear of a mistake with his dirty tat; can High Noon help him take back his forearm?

Laguna Lounge Is Sinking

Posted Yesterday | Views: 171

Ivan, owner of this Jersey City watering hole, is more concerned with DJing than running a successful business. It has already cost him his marriage, but will he lost his business?

Viral Body Art

Posted 0 minutes ago | Views: 139

Shannon’s famously bad tat earned her the wrong kind of fame. Now she hopes Clint can take it out of the spotlight for good.

Tattoo Pit Fall

Posted 0 minutes ago | Views: 199

Ryan’s tattoo request leaves Reese sweating.

A Grappling Hook Gun!

Posted Yesterday | Views: 2,930

While digging the man cave unit, Allen & Ton find something that every would-be adventurer would want.

Undercover Narcotics Sting Op

Posted Yesterday | Views: 384

The chief of Prichard PD gets some hands-on experience pulling drug dealers off the street.


Posted October 21, 2014 | Views: 3,699

Sunny explains the series of actions that took her from tattoo to terrorist.

Crush Gone Wrong

Posted October 21, 2014 | Views: 2,675

Ed wished he had the Luck O' the Irish to get himself out of the love affair that led to this bad tat.

Elimination Tattoo: Biomechanical: Part IV

Posted October 21, 2014 | Views: 5,427

The judges investigate Julia’s blow out with her canvas, while Don feels the pressure as he inks his design on his canvas’ ribs – hoping for the best.

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