Ink Master Season 9 – “Pin-Up Panic Attack”

August 9th, 2017 by faziod

im_030217_022 im_030217_059 im_030217_081 im_030217_186 im_030217_086 im_030217_087 im_030217_089 im_030217_124 im_030217_126 im_030217_128 im_030217_144 im_030217_146 im_030217_150 im_030217_162 im_030217_169 im_030217_183

Ink Master Season 9 – “Masterpiece Mayhem”

August 2nd, 2017 by faziod

im_022717_012 im_022717_097 im_022717_143 im_022717_153 im_022717_166 im_022717_168 im_022717_175 im_022717_193 im_022717_217 im_022717_220 im_022717_223 im_022717_231 im_022717_236 im_022717_253 im_022717_276 im_022717_291 im_022717_288 im_022717_302 im_022717_309

Ink Master Season 9 – “On The Bubble”

July 26th, 2017 by faziod

im_022317_057im_022317_009 im_022317_141 im_022317_087 im_022317_098 im_022317_103 im_022317_105 im_022317_114 im_022317_124 im_022317_132 im_022317_136 im_022317_149 im_022317_152 im_022317_154 im_022317_159 im_022317_177 im_022317_181 im_022317_191 im_022317_199 im_022317_217 im_022317_223 im_022317_225 im_022317_232 im_022317_238

Ink Master Season 9 – “Get The Flock Outta Here” Photos

July 26th, 2017 by faziod

bbb_2307 dsc_1979 dsc_1974 dsc_1987 dsc_1994 dsc_2010 dsc_2069 dsc_2084 dsc_2114 dsc_2129 dsc_2191-2 dsc_2271-2 dsc_2281-2 dsc_2336-2 dsc_2347-2 dsc_2378-2 dsc_2543-2

Ink Master Season 9 – “War And Ink” Photos

July 26th, 2017 by faziod

bbb_1804 dsc_1468 bbb_1845 bbb_1849 bbb_1851 bbb_1855 bbb_1859 bbb_1890 bbb_1935 bbb_1952 bbb_1971 bbb_1996 bbb_2000 bbb_2082 bbb_2096 bbb_2173

Ink Master Season 9 – “Lend Me Your Ear” Photos

July 26th, 2017 by faziod

bbb_0997 bbb_1010 bbb_1015 bbb_1027 bbb_1043 bbb_1049 bbb_1063 bbb_1085 bbb_1090 bbb_1104 bbb_1120 dsc_0686 dsc_0759 dsc_0767 dsc_0782 dsc_0389 dsc_0517 dsc_0564 dsc_0588 dsc_0604 dsc_0618

Ink Master Season 9 – “Unnatural Disasters” Photos

July 26th, 2017 by faziod

im_020817_008 im_020817_040 im_020817_044 im_020817_120 im_020817_108 im_020817_130 im_020817_149 im_020817_174 im_020817_179 im_020817_192 im_020817_196 im_020817_200 im_020817_208 im_020817_207 im_020817_213 im_020817_214 im_020817_217

Ink Master Season 9 – “Crossing The Lines” Photos

July 26th, 2017 by faziod

im_020417_007 im_020417_089 im_020417_143 im_020417_113 im_020417_132 im_020417_175 im_020417_206 im_020417_237 im_020417_234 im_020417_244 im_020417_276 im_020417_291 im_020417_301

GONE: The forgotten Women of Ohio Photos

July 17th, 2017 by faziod

gone-angela-robinson-tommy-lee-credit-robert-richman gone-sam-sayre-credit-robert-richman gone-yvonne-boggs-left-angela-clemente-right-credit-robert-richman gone-sam-sayre-credit-robert-richman gone-joe-berlinger-3-credit-sam-broadwin

Lip Sync Battle – David Spade vs. Nina Agdal

July 17th, 2017 by faziod

lsb_ep316_0311_tp0119-41 lsb_ep316_0311_tp0230-70 lsb_ep316_0311_tp0397-33 lsb_ep316_0311_tp0507-40 lsb_ep316_0311_tp1005-98 lsb_ep316_0311_tp1075-87 lsb_ep316_0311_tp1457-84_re