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07 Mar 2013



 Series Follows Professional Evictor Todd Howard and His Team Dealing With Some of the Most Unbelievable Landlord-Tenant Disputes Imaginable 

New York, NY – March 7, 2013Spike will once again beat down the door of some of America’s most unruly, bizarre, outrageous, and dangerous tenants with a second season of the original series, “World’s Worst Tenants.”  Consisting of ten half-hour episodes, the new season premieres starting Tuesday, March 12 at 10:00 PM ET/PT.


“World’s Worst Tenants” follows Todd Howard, along with his team of eviction specialists, wife Randye and business partner Rick Moore, as they deal with landlords and tenants from the residential, commercial and retail units which they manage.  Howard and his team take viewers behind closed doors into the most heated, high-stakes landlord-tenant disputes.  Each mission documents the process Howard’s team undertakes in discovering where blame lies in each case, and resolving the issues at the heart of the matter by making sure, by any means necessary within the law, that the parties involved are in compliance of their rental agreement.


In this new season, viewers will see Todd, Rick, and Randye step into some truly intense and bizarre situations, including dealing with a billionaire leasing an auto track for his wealthy friends, investigating a foreclosure unit with an armed squatter, shutting down an illegal hotel set up in what used to be a hospital morgue, and a tenant refusing to pay rent because they believe their mansion is haunted, among others.


Born and raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Todd Howard, 47, joined the U.S. Marines in 1983 at the age of 18.  Following four years of duty, Howard left the Marines and relocated his home base to California, where he continued to work as a personal trainer and nutritionist.  In 1990, Howard met his wife Randye in Palm Springs, CA while at a bodybuilding competition.  In 1996, Howard was introduced to property management by his future business partner Rick Moore after selling him his home.  Shortly thereafter, the two started their San Diego County based business, which currently owns and manages over 100 properties with a portfolio that includes commercial, resident, and raw land development projects.  “World’s Worst Tenants” showcases the most compelling stories in his career through reenactments of many of the actual confrontations that Howard and his team have experienced over the years.


“World’s Worst Tenants” is produced by Barry Poznick, John Stevens and Chad Greulach of Zoo Productions, an ALL3Media company.  Sharon Levy is Spike’s Executive Vice President, Original Series, Tim Duffy is Senior Vice President of Original Series for Spike, and Chris Rantamaki and Jeff Savaiano and serve as the Executives in Charge of Production.


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