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05 Mar 2013



Growing up just a few miles from the Bronx Zoo in New York City, URBANTARZAN (formerly John Brennan who legally changed his name to the one word URBANTARZAN) has been captivated by animals and wildlife from a very early age. He took his passion for exotic animals and turned it into a career, becoming a professional animal wrangler and expert.  URBANTARZAN has worked as a trainer, animal wrangler and consultant while building a reputation for becoming the country’s preeminent extreme animal handler.  Because of his unique connection and uncanny ability to interact with dangerous animals, URBANTARZAN’s skill, one of kind approach and look has made him the go-to animal expert for a variety of media platforms as well as professional, discreet and safe animal removal services.

URBANTARZAN often risks his own life to save the lives of people and animals.  He was once called in to help relocate an illegally owned king cobra and ended up hospitalized, in a coma for three days, due to a lethal bite. Whether it is catching feral wild cats in the basement of the five story tenement he lived in as kid, or wrestling a 25ft 250lb reticulated python alongside the late Steve Irwin the “Crocodile Hunter,” URBANTARZAN overlooks the potential danger he faces to preserve the welfare of these animals, often some of the most dangerous, unusual and exotic animals in the world.

URBANTARZAN is an animal advocate and sees himself as someone who is not just protecting people, but protecting the animal.  As part of his privately-owned exotic and dangerous animal relocation service, Urban Tarzan Animal Relocation, he is constantly challenged with the delicate task of keeping the public safe along with making sure the animal isn’t harmed in the process.  Bitten or stung by seemingly every creature in existence, URBANTARZAN relies on his intuitive sense of even the most intimidating animal.

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