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12 Dec 2012

Car Lot Rescue – Bios



 For over 30 years, Tom Stuker has been a recognized leader in the world of automotive sales and management consultation.  Stuker has been featured on many news programs, including Fox News, ABC’s 20/20 and Nightline, and has been a frequent guest speaker at NADA conventions.  His numerous live appearances and presentations for local, state and national organizations have made him a respected legend in the industry. Stuker has been rated number one speaker and number one workshop at several NADA, Canadian and Australian conventions.

Stuker’s creative vision has helped more than 15,000 dealers worldwide increase profitability.  The company’s online training and team of certified trainers put Stuker International on the map with dealerships in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan having utilized the company’s unique expertise.

Countless automotive manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Infinity, Pontiac, Subaru and Toyota have contracted Stuker for their specific training needs.

In the late 1980s, Stuker started the BDC Concept utilizing in-house telephone specialists and at the same time started the first Phone Sales Boot camp, “Take No Prisoners,” now widely used by many training companies.  More sales professionals use Stuker training techniques than any other method.  They realize how effective these techniques are when followed daily and have experienced dramatic improvements in both their productivity and personal income.

Through in-house training, local workshops and webinars, Stuker has utilized the “soft sell/smartsell” approach, including proven techniques for prospecting, handling customers, overcoming objections and using the telephone effectively to maximize the sales opportunity.

In addition to Stuker International’s acclaimed workshops, management schools and customized in-dealership training programs, the company provides an extensive selection of training and support products covering all areas of the dealership.

In 2011, Stuker became United Airlines’ most frequent flyer, logging over 10 million air miles to visit dealerships in desperate need of his guidance.  When he’s not up in the air, he splits his time between his home bases of Chicago and New Jersey.

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Roe Hubbard


Roe Hubbard is the CEO of Members Only Automotive, the #1 endorsed sales event company in the world.

His innovation and game-changing systems have revolutionized the automotive staffed event, direct mail process and training industry.

Hubbard started in the automotive business in 1995 and has moved up the ranks, holding several prestigious positions, including top salesperson, BDC manager, Used Car manager, F&I director, GSM, dealer and National Team leader and Trainer, before becoming the owner of one of the most successful sales event models in the industry.  He attributes his success to helping dealers solve their problems in terms of market share, margin, CSI, community embracement and a well-trained staff.  These are the core values of a dealership and he implements serious marketing strategies, management and training practices, accountability measures and a fail proof plan of attack for his dealership’s sales departments to hit their sales goals.

Hubbard, 37, was born in Odessa, TX.   He and his wife Angelica now reside in Midland, TX and are proud parents of three beautiful children, Mason (14), Landon (9) and Julia (6).

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Roxy Stuker


 Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Roxy Stuker has established herself as a successful business woman.  She created, operated and sold MetroStaff, Inc., a multi-million dollar employment agency, where she managed more than 3,200 employees.

As a young single mother, she was quick to learn the importance of hard work.  After nine years of working in the field of accounting, she moved into service and sales to better suit her talents and personality, where she soon excelled.  Since the sale of her company, Stuker enjoys traveling with her brother, Tom, owner of Stuker & Associates, an Automotive Sales Training company.  She is involved in many aspects of his business, including writing new training materials.

Roxy serves on the Auxiliary Board at Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, IL, as 1st Vice-President and volunteers in the Emergency Department. She has also been involved with the Special Leisure Service Foundation for 19 years.

Stuker currently resides in Chicago, IL. She has recently welcomed a son-in-law, Sean, into the family and considers her greatest accomplishment to be her beautiful daughter, Jessica.

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