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19 May 2010

“Half Pint Brawlers” Bios



A Chicago native, Puppet is the founder, leader and show-booker for the “Half Pint Brawlers.”  He’s also the loudest and strongest personality of the group.  When meeting with potential new Brawlers, Puppet immediately teaches them how to be confident and how to be stars in the ring.  He refuses to be an opening act for other “tall” wrestling shows and takes pride in the fact that at every Brawlers show, the Half Pint Brawlers are the headliners.

Puppet’s goal is to turn the Half Pint Brawlers into a well-respected wrestling league, where the entire show runs through him, similar to the bigger mainstream wrestling leagues.  He wants his guys to be the best wrestlers in the country.


Kato lives in Kansas City and is the veteran of “Half Pint Brawlers” and, arguably, the best midget wrestler in the country.  Kato comes from a family of famous wrestlers, his father, “Lord Littlebrook,” started midget wrestling and is currently in the wrestling Hall of Fame.  His brother, Beautiful Bobby, is also a wrestler on the “Half Pint Brawlers.”  And his sister, Laurie, is training to become a wrestler for the Brawlers as well.  Kato feels great honor in his wrestling and his family history.

Kato’s father spent a lot of time teaching him the ways of being a wrestler; now, Kato has taken on the role of wrestling patriarch to all of the Brawler’s rookies.  He trains them in the ring and also mentors them on living the life of a touring wrestler.

Kato is Puppet’s right hand man and wants to bring midget wrestling back to the golden age when his father wrestled Little Tokyo, Little Beaver and Cowboy Lang.


Turtle is the newest member to the “Half Pint Brawlers.”  Before he met Puppet, he was shy and living in Ohio with his parents working as a telemarketer.  Puppet took him under his wing and he ended up moving to Chicago and living with Puppet.  Since then, Puppet has treated him like his son and has taught Turtle to take pride in his small stature.

Turtle’s confidence has grown to the point where he plays a role in every “Half Pint Brawlers” show and is also working as a DJ and emcee at the Bar of Chicago.  With Turtle’s budding confidence outside the ring, he also is on the hunt for a girlfriend.

Turtle is still the least athletic of the Brawlers and has struggled to pick up all of the wrestling moves.  But, he has begun bodybuilding with Puppet and has lost 10 pounds.  He wants to lose another 10 pounds and keep practicing wrestling until Puppet trusts him enough to make him a full time wrestler in the Half Pint Brawlers show.

Turtle is also Puppet’s assistant, but he’s trying to balance training to become a wrestler with helping Puppet book shows and organize the tour.


Bobby is Kato’s little brother and lives in St. Joseph, Missouri.  Bobby also takes an incredible amount of pride in the fact that his father was the pioneer of midget wrestling and Bobby proudly wears his father’s wrestling cape to all of his matches.

Bobby is just coming back from a motorcycle accident which put him out of wrestling for two years.  He has gone through three surgeries on his leg and now wants to get back into the ring to perform his “luchador” style of wrestling, which consists of high flying off the ropes.


Mad Mexx, originally from Kansas City, goes by the nickname, the Immigration Sensation, even though he lives in Louisville, Kentucky and he doesn’t speak Spanish.  He is the tallest Brawler standing it at 4’9 and is known for doing the most extreme wrestling in the group.  Puppet brings in Mexx anytime the Brawlers need to do a hardcore match, which consists of wrestling while using staple guns, garbage cans, barb wire, thumb tacks and basically anything else dangerous in a hardware store.


Spyder lives in Indianapolis and is the announcer and referee for all of the Brawlers shows.  He is also the only “regular” sized member of the Brawlers crew.  Puppet likes having Spyder in the ring because he makes the Brawlers look smaller.  Spyder wrestled professionally for years on the underground wrestling circuit, but now works solely with the “Half Pint Brawlers.”


Teo lives in Gary, Indiana and is the smallest and most popular Half Pint Brawler, standing in at 3’9.  He is the true showman of the group with his big personality and flashy wrestling style.

Puppet started the “Half Pint Brawlers” with Teo 12 years ago, but Teo’s ego became an issue with the other Brawlers and Puppet had to let him go.  Puppet is currently trying to grow his company and has had to book Teo to wrestle for a few shows this season.  In addition, Kato and Teo were old wrestling partners who had a falling out and Kato has made it clear that he does not want Teo back with the Brawlers.