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19 Mar 2008

Jake’s Cool Entry

> Here is the new end of play experience:
> http://www.brand15.com/spike/products/Redesign%20Build%20Comps/playerE
> nd_of_play_experience.jpg
> u: ifilm
> p: santamonica
> A few requirements:
> – The full height tabs slide in and out horizontally when clicked to
> reveal the content they display
> – The active tab is highlighted yellow
> – Inactive tabs are grey
> – The arrows on the related tab transition in 8 more related results
> or return to the previous 8 related results
> – The download icons should simply pop a Windows Explorer “Save As”
> window
> – A standard ad call will be sufficient for the units on the Embed and
> Send to Friend tabs – we will target a variety of units to this
> location; all will be smaller than the max size shown here