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Going Out In A Blaze Of Flooring

Kathy paid contractor Randy to update her condo, but he left her a dangerous home and many excuses.

- Wow, this looks horrible.- Oh, my God.

Skip: What the heck happened here?

The woodwork on this is just terrible.

The Unabomber would look at this and go,"Not in my shack."

What's going on here?Looks like he made shelvesout of CDX,

which isexterior-grade plywood

to sheathe the outside of buildings.

That's what you useto board up windows

after the Pistonswin the championship.

( all laugh )

That's the markof a hack.

- Skip: Yeah.- Unbelievable.

So, who wasyour contractor?

His nameis Randy Dabbs.

He was supposed to do a first-floor remodel.

He was supposed to dothe recessed lighting,

stain the cabinets for $8,250.

That sounds likea pretty low price.

And I paid himapproximately $8,000,

about 95%.

- Skip: Whoa, that's a lot.- Yeah.

- Oh, my God.- Cathy: The original bid was in January...

and he started doing the workabout eight months after.

- Both: Eight months?- Mm-hmm.

What could possibly bethe reason for that?

The excuses startedwith his truck.

He had to take his wifeto the train station

and then he couldn't startbecause it was his birthday

and his wifewas doing something for him.

Birthday?It's not his sweet 16.

How old is he, 50?Who cares?

If you paidyour contractora deposit

and he doesn't show upfor eight months,

probably nota good contractor.

There's no good reason

that it should've takenanywhere near that long.

Adam: The good news is the bid was so ridiculously low

that he was nevergonna come back and finishthe job.

Oh, no, wait a minute,that's bad news.

Everything's bad news.

Alison: I'm following Randall Dabbs,

Cathy Templeton's contractor.

Since Randy isa licensed contractor,

I was able to track downhis business address

using the state's database for licensed contractors.

Once I got a hold of that address,

I followed him.

Looks like he is pulling infor his morning cup of java.

This is the perfect opportunityfor me to approach him.

He's hanging out,drinking his coffee.

Phone, that's it.

I always keep a burner phonethat can't be traced back to me.

I'm gonna pretend that my phone has a dead battery

so that I can borrowhis phone

and call my burner phoneso that I can get his number.

Hey, excuse me.My phone is dead

and I've been sitting herewaiting for my sister.

Do you mind if I just borrowyours to make a quick call?

It'll just be, like, a minute.

Thank you so much.I really appreciate it.

You're welcome.

We have a number,and soon we'll havethe appointment.

All right, guys.We're 10 minutes out.

They're going right now.

So, today we're gettingthe sting house ready.

We have Cathy, her nephew Michael,

and his girlfriend Christine.

What's going throughyour heart and your mind?

I'm a little nervous.I definitely want himto come clean

because he's guilty.

We're getting readyto pounce on Randall Dabbs.

You gonna catcha contractor for me?

Good boy.

- He's here.- All right, everybody.Stay silent.

- Hi.- How are you?

Hi, good, thank you.This is Kilo.

I came here on false pretenses.This is not fair.I'm done here.

- You can't defend yourself.- Have my client call me.

- Thank you, bye.- Listen, if you've gotnothing to hide,

then why not turn aroundand do the right thing?

This is bull--.

Guess we'll see youin court, then.

This job fell apartbecause of what?

Why do you thinkshe was upset?

Uh, I couldn't get it doneon the time that shewanted me to.

She was very agitated with me.

We're talking aboutover a year later

and Cathy's still got a kitchen she can't use.

- That's a long time.- Well, I couldn't getover there, okay?

I kept calling her.

I just didn't blow her offand leave town.

Right, so you're just gonnastring her out for eight months?

I'm not stringing her on,that's just what happened.

She never said,"Give me my deposit back,I'm done.

I'm gonna getsomebody else."


You -- liar.Give my aunt back her money.

Bull--, Randy.I don't think you wereever going back.

Look at her kitchen.It's still a kitchenshe can't use.

Randy, it don't take"The Hardy Boys" to figurethis one out.

You got your payment,you went home,

it's been over a year,you were never coming back.

You got maybe 30%of this work done,

and what you did dois all crap.

So how about giving backsome of her money?

She gave me a deposit.That's it.

She could've said,"Give me my money back,"but she didn't.

Who gives you the permission to say what kind of money

I'm supposed to give backand what work I perform?

You did the electrical work,you put the receptaclein the island.

That's not code-compliant.

You're talkingabout something that'snot a complete job yet.

You put can lights upin the ceiling--

not high-efficiency can lights.

Like I said,it's not completed.

Nothing is code-compliant,nothing is legal,

none of itwould've passed inspection,

so, really,the work that you did here,

it's all gotta beripped out.

And you chargedher money for it.

What do you want me to do?

You got three options--one, you come back with us,

you do the job,and you do it correctlyunder our supervision.

Two, you can justgive the money back.

Or, three, Cathy'sgonna see you in court.

I am willing to go backand finish the job. I haveno problem with that.

- Adam: Okay.- Skip: So you'll come back and do it?

- Absolutely.- All right.

Well, perfect.

- All right, he did it.- Finally.

You screwed me.You totally screwed me.

I hired you to do a job.

And you didn't do it.

You were going to installthe floor around the fireplace.

What has thatgot to do with any of this?

If you woulda put the floor in,it would've caught fire.

My life was in jeopardy.

I wasn't aware of thataround that particularkind of fireplace.

Any fireplace, you've seenthere's always a hearth, right?

- You're right.- Okay.

Is that whatyou want to hear?

I think these guysare owed an explanation.

I just hada lot of problems.

You were havingpersonal problems.

So was I,and, believe me,

you couldn't even imagine

what I've gone through.

I can't even put into words

how difficult this has beenfor all of us.

I don't know how you expectanyone to live like this.

There were timeswhen I needed to takesome time off of work

'cause my -- dadpassed away, okay?

But I had to suck it upand I went to work anyway.

Last year was probablythe worst year of my life.

You made it worse.

You made it a million times worse for me.

What did you dowith my money?

Adam: Randy apologizes, but no explanation.

We know the explanation--he got the money,

he's lazy, he's greedy,and he's unscrupulous.

And now he can let his hammerdo his talking

by helping us demo outthe kitchen.

Well, let's getsome work done.

- Oh, my gosh.- Holy cow, are wein the right house?

I can't even believe this.

- Cathy: Oh, my gosh.- Christine: Oh, Cathy, this is beautiful.


Adam: Brand-new cabinets all the way around

from our friends overat Cabinets To Go.

- They dida great job for us.- Wow.

All right, shall we check outthe rest of the tour,

move into the living room?

Oh, my gosh.

Skip: We have your hardwood flooring going all the way through,

but instead of running underneath the fireplace,

now you've got a beautifulslate tile underneath there.

Really, really nice.

I am extremely thankful

to Adam and Skipfor fixing this disaster.

Christine: It will finally be nice to live together as a family

the way we've beenwanting to for over a year.

One more little pieceof business to do here.


- Randy.- Skip: Come on in. Join the party.

I hope you didlearn something,

and I hope thisis something

that you never do toanyone again.

It'll neverhappen again, ever.

What did you learn, Randy?

Above everything else,to make sure I communicatebetter.

And the only birthdayyou don't have to work--

sweet 16, baby.

And we're allwell past that one.

The moral of the storyis if it takes your contractor

more than two monthsand five excuses

to get started,find a new contractor.

- Good luck, Randy.- Appreciate it.

Adam: At the end of the day,

I'm satisfied Randy learned his lesson

and now it's timefor him to move on

to his first love--interpretive dance.