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Diva Las Vegas

Two upscale-casual Vegas restaurants with management issues try to sway Jon's team to invest in them.

I sat down with Paul

later after thingscooled down.

Interestingly enough,he seemed quite human.

I saw the father.I saw the husband.

He is passionateabout his guests.

We agree this decisionneeds to be unanimous?


So why don't wetalk about Bistro?

How do we createa destination

and get our moneyout of it with 37 seats?

We really have to turnthose tables.

Though it's small,you definitely can tell

that Bryce has some heart.

And the wholebeing there for years,

guests putting in the moneyfor him to buy it,

I mean, he is trulya champion.

I do like Bryce,

but we haven'teven had a chanceto taste the food yet

because foods weren't keptat the right temperature,

the place hadn'tbeen cleaned in forever.

I'd like to see himbe successful.

I mean, he's a kidwho's worth puttinga little effort behind

and seeing what happens.

All right, so I'll godeal with Paul and Elements.

I'm gonna workwith their chef.

I'm thinking first and foremostwe add some sous vide equipment.

That's gonna make ita lot more efficient.

What does it matter?Paul is un-investable.

He's fighting withthe people who have money intheir pocket to help him?

He's foolish.He's uncontrollable.

You weren't there whenI sat down with him.

End of discussion.I won't do it.

I want to look andanalyze this restaurantfrom top down.

If that's what youwanna do, John, fine.

We also agree they haveproduction potentials there.

See you later, guys.

- Really?- Yeah.

He's un-investable to me.

I'm looking forwardto working withthe Elements team.

If Elements is seriousabout Strip quality food

at neighborhood prices,

then we needto raise the bar,

and that's exactlywhat we're gonna do.

We have some newequipment in here for you.

Chicken,on the best of days,

takes how long to cook?

At least 20 minutes.

Do you have 20 minuteswhen you're busy?


What I'm introducingto you now

is somethingtotally different.

Behind you, we're gonnautilize the sous videequipment.

Narrator: Sous vide,French for under vacuum,

is a process of cooking foodin vacuum sealed bags

in a temperature-controlledwater vac,

usually forextended periods of timeat a low temperature.

This allows the cellwalls in the food

to remain intact,and as a result,

food is ableto retain more moisture.

This process allows foodto be prepared and cookedprior to service

while holding the productwithout overcooking.

We've got somechickens in there.

65 degreesfor four hours.

We're gonna open those up,we're gonna batter 'em,

drop 'em intwo to three minutes.

That is a beautifulfried chicken.

How much moreefficient is this?

More customersand more money.

So in a few minutes,the invest testis gonna start.

We're looking forturn times,

we're looking forpeople in and out.

All right.Let's do it.

- Hi, Bryce.- Good to see you.

Good to see youas well.

Bryce, you have a greatreputation in this town

for providing good service.

But when we walked into yourrestaurant, it was filthy,

so we decided notto taste the food

until you cleaned it up.

That's what we did.

During the invest test,

we really wanted to turna table every hour.

We only turned twoout of nine tables,

and you really didn'tcommunicate with Patrick

to dig yourself out.

On the good side,you're special.

You have a great,loyal following,

a real sensitivityfor hospitality.

And you were up againstsome tough competition

with Paul at Elements.

And it was tough, butwe did make a decision,

and my partners and Ihave chosen...

Not to investin The Bistro.


At the end of the day,this isn't personal.

It's all business.

When I evaluatedmy five criteria,

I didn't want to put my moneyinto this restaurant.

Bryce is a great guy,

but the businesswasn't worthwhile.

I want to wish youthe best of luck.

Thank you.

Good luck, man.

Good luck, man.

What just happened,it's a buildingexperience

that taught mea lot of things.

But --, it sucks.

Hello again.

- Paul.- Yes, sir?

You have 33 years' experience.

But when we met you, wediscovered a hotheaded owner.

During the invest test,

we had production issues.

- Long ticket times.- Yes.

A lack of leadership, Paul.

But you were open to change.

I didn't think you would be,

but you were open to change.

You were up againstsome tough competition

with Bryce at The Bistro.

Sure. It's a greatrestaurant.

Well, my partnersand I have deliberated...

And we've chosen not toinvest in your restaurant.

Okay, you're not.

Tiffany, John and Icame here

to invest in an upscalecasual restaurant.

We wound up investing

in neither of the tworestaurants we found.

I did not investin Elements

because of Paul,plain and simple.

He couldn't controlhis emotions.

We didn't see the potential.

We didn't makethe investments.