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Tacos And Tantrums

A taco queen, and a family struggling to regain their business after tragedy seek aid from the investors.

Okay, we're openin'the doors.

Get your grills goin',full fire.

- Let the games begin, Tiff.- Sky: Who hasn't had their order?

Okay, tilapia.Give me the orders.

Hey, Tiff.Let's get this moving. Quick.

I haven't gotone ticket yet.

I've been tryingto pay for probablyabout seven, eight minutes.

Those people--Sky took theirorders on a pad.

- Shrimp. Uh-huh.- Taffer: But she didn't put it into the POS--

- there's no ticket.- Number 20,

where are the ti--oh, this is a disaster.

We only have three tickets.People are walkin' outright now.

- Jesus Christ.- What's the pointof the extra seats

if we can't get the food out?

Sky: Let's put down the food.

Right now we cannot portionlike you are portioning.

I feel that Skyhas been a leader

but her wayof trying to figure it outis just to start barking.

When you pull thosetickets down and youthrow them away

- we don't have any reference!- Derry: But the problem was

she didn't knowwhat orders she was barkin'.

- She was just barkin'.- Bring it on up.

- They disappeared.- Besh: What's all that?

I have no idea.

Taffer: This place is crashing.

We added 36 seatsoutside in the garden

and I couldn't getany food out of the kitchen.

If you don't thinkyour kitchen crashed

then somethingis wrong, Sky.

- It has not crashed.- Taffer: It crashed!

- I will not accept that.- So did your kitchen crash,or not?


( stammering )Who-- who got these?

Somebody's supposedto be in charge hereand nobody is!

How many peopledoes it take to makea taco?

( speaking in Spanish )

Don't just throwthem up there,do 'em perfectly.

Besh: C'mon, pump it out. Make us proud, show us what you can do.

A little bit there.Like you love it.

We gotta getthis food out, now!It's going cold.

- Maritza!- Wait!

- Besh: Charlie, make a call.- ( speaking Spanish )

- You can handleall this, right?- Charlie: Yeah.

I was really impressedwith Charlie that he tookenough leadership

but enough initiativeto say, "Mom, I need youin the dining room

to go help my sister." And he would control all the tickets going out.

It's gonna be interestingto see if they couldpull that off.

- Is there another one?I'm sure there's another one.- Okay.

- Taffer: Awesome.- Mari, stand outside,just yell it out, I got you.

Maritza Jr.: I need another torta!

Comin' right up,you got it. Right here.

Uh-huh, that'sthe new one.

I love the waythe two of y'allare workin' together.

Both dining roomswent down.

Sky, they just came to a screeching halt.

Nobody really taking control.

What I see hereis Tamale Man steppin' up.

Besh: You got it. That's it.


Your tamale.I'll bring youan extra plate.

You've had somegood tamales.

Charlie impressed me.He stayed calm throughoutthe whole process.

But I don't know if Charlie will actually be able to be the leader

and the boss that his family needs him to be.

- What do you think?- I think it's delicious.

I'm always passing bywhen I'm off of work

and I always wishit was open.

Who thinks we shouldbe open for dinner?

( all cheer )

I came here tonight with nointention of really investingin this restaurant.

And I was wrong.

Tonight we proved market potential.

People cameand they came for dinner.

And unlike Sky,

Charlie deliveredin the kitchen.

I'm gonna tellyou something.

- I'm impressedwith you tonight.- Thank you.

You stepped upto the plate but yougot stiff competition.

It all relieson tomorrow's pitch.

- Thank you.- Good night.

- Taffer: How you feelin'?- Nervous...

and a lot smarter.

Charlie, Tamale Manhas a 34-year legacy.

Started by yourlate father Carlos,here in El Sereno.

But when we walked into your restaurant

we were greeted with family fighting

and a businessin rapid decline.

This was a straightbusiness decision.

Charlie,the restaurant wechose to invest in...

- Tamale Man.- ( gasping, cheering )


( sobbing )


Charlie: It's unreal. It's un -- real.

Unbelievable.It's a dream come true.

I love you.

( speaking softly )Hey, Mom, we did it.

- You did it.- Thank you guys,for choosing us.

It's unbelievable.I never think somethinghappen to us like that.

We are gonnarestore this restaurantto the sales level

that it should be--back to 50% profitability.

Derry: Your father's legacy lives on

and it'sliving on through y'all.You are making it happen.