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Craft Dinner

Jason and Bryan roll the dice in Sin City, scoring vintage Vegas-themed knickknacks and a CD collection.

Jason: I feel big everywhere.

feel huge, gigantic.

The old saying "thebull in the china shop"

might come true today.





"You break it; you buy it".

(shifting glassware)

I'm getting out of here.

It's too ...


Too many things I can break.

Things in this store are alittle on the high-priced side.

Ever bitchin'.

It's not worth 38 bucks though.

I've been shopping herefor a few years and I see

some of the same thingsthat have been here

for those few years.

You would think people wouldwant to move them at some point.

Sometimes you gotta let go.


These prices are crazy.


Muppet babies.

If Bryan were a Muppet,he'd be that big one.

I don't know his name buthe just kinda lumbers

into the scene and breakssome (bleep) and then leaves.

We can play this.Yeah.

I'll be Kermit;you be Miss Piggy.

I'm gonna buy it.

Jason: Ten bucks is a good deal.Yeah.

Everything else is crazy.


In the glass case section

where they keep all thegood collectibles,

I see a lotof vintage Vegas stuff.

I like this HotelFreemont ashtray.

It's a differentshape than the rest.

Very nice.

25 bucks, I think Icould turn a profit.

If I buy multiple items andbring them together as one unit,

hopefully I'll get adeal on that price.

I'm interested ina couple of things

but I definitely want to see

that Hotel Freemontashtray, please.

How much are these;the envelopes?

Two dollars.

I like this, uh,Sahara glass too.

If I get five items...


can we cut a little deal?

Uh, sure.

So it's 45.

45 dollars is notthe best price.

How does 38 sound?

Let me ask my, uh,negotiating partner.

Does that soundlike a good plan?

I don't know how much goodI can do here, but I'll try.

You could do it for 35.

He's boughtstuff here before.

He's a regular.

Come on! 38!

It's good to have Bryan there.

He's the master of the haggle.

37, make him feel happy.

Only for you.

All right, thank you.


A dollar haggledis a dollar earned.


Bryan: When it comes to garage sales,

igger isn't always better; it'sb where you find the best stuff.


Good mornin'.

ason: How are ya?J

Are you selling drinks?

I'll take one.

We walk into the garage saleand there's a little kid here

which I'm not usually a big fan

but it's hot andshe's got some cold juices

so I'm gonna get me one.

I tell you what, I don't have50 cents but you're so cute,

can I just give you a dollar?

Thanks for my juice.

Looking around I'm a little concerned

because it is a small garage sale

and it's a lot of,mainly, kid stuff.

And even though this kid'sadorable, I don't do kid stuff.

Bryan: When we having lunch?

Jason: Look, hear me out, OK?

I have a list ofgames on my radar

that turn up fromtime to time.

I think you told me about this;I should be looking for this.

Jason: Oh, I love Dark Tower.

I played that whenI was a kid.

I loved playing itbut, even better,

is it's worth a lotof money nowadays.

How much are the games?

That's like a hundreddollar game right there.

I don't even try tonegotiate at five bucks.

Thank you so much.Have a good day.Thank you.

The craft pattern'sreally not my thing.

I don't know much about them.

But I do know that thereare people who are making

a lot of money selling them.

These look pretty good.

Jason: They've also been priced pretty reasonably,

two bucks for mostof the stuff.

As a fulltime,professional thrifter,

I don't wanna leavemoney on the table

so I need to figure outwhere the money is

within all these patterns.

See, I don't know. Is thisis a waste of six bucks

or is this 1,000 dollars?

You know who might know?

Cindy. Who?

We decide to give Cindy a call.She's a good friend of ours

and she's a greatonline seller.



Hey, we're in that thriftstore at the corner

of Eastern and Tropicana.

Are you nearby by any chance?

Cool. You wanna come in?We're in the back corner.

Yeah, look for the, uh, two,most handsome men in the store.

Hopefully Cindy will tell us ifthis is worth a lot of money

or just a waste of timeand we should move on.

Hey, guys.

Hey, Cin.

Cindy: I had needlework stores so we decided

let's try selling online.

On an average month,online sales for me

are about 10,000 dollars.


Oh, wait; wait.


I could see the dollarsigns in her eyes.

This has got a lot of stuffin it that I'm already seeing.

I'm tickled to see these twocompletely out of their element.

This kit that's $1.99.

I guarantee you, guaranteeyou, 120 dollars.

Shut up.

Patterns and crafts aren't a manly thing

but neither are dresses andpurses and I buy and sell those.

It's all about the money.

These are $1.99 for two;guarantee 20 to 25 dollars each.


If I can make some goodmoney on them, I don't know.

You may see me, uh,knitting one of these days.

Some of them go for150 dollars each.

The reason why all of theseneedlework kits go for so much

is because all the small,mom and pop operations

have pretty much closed.

Your large chainsare not carrying

a lot of these kits anymore.

And they can't find these items.

Their first choiceis to go online.

Wait guys; I didn't see this.

Wait. There's acouple of them.

So if you look downhere and you see

"Made and printed in the USA",these are a goldmine.

This one's 120.

This one's 160 to 200 dollars.

I saw that first.

Wait; wait; wait.

It's a three-way fight.

What are you thinking?What are you doing?

I think I want to keepthem both and sell them.

I'm getting the impression thatshe's not gonna give these back.

It's a three-way fight.Now stop it.

This one you didn'teven see. OK?

Wait, what?

Hey, Cindy; we saw these first.

If Bryan can find somethingcool then so can I.

Let's see what else is here.

This is all eclectic,really cool stuff.

That's a 30 dollar CD.

I'm loving these CDs.

If I can get the wholething for one lot,

the duds won't matter and allthe cream will rise to the top.

How much are the CDs?

2 for 5.

I wonder how many are here?

oman: I've got a few more boxesW own below if you're interested.d


These are all CDs?

Yeah, all of that right there.

Holy cow.


Thanks, Bry.





I know he wants to buy it.

Vic Mizzy.

Look at that; that's awesome.

This is a crazy,awesome collection.

Here's some wicked Psychobilly.

Maybe I'll make an offerfor the whole thing.

A little quick counting andBryan and I figure

there's about 750 CDs here.

Think she'llgo a buck apiece?

750 dollars ain't cheap, but yougotta spend money to make money.

So I'd like to make you anoffer on the whole lot of CDs.

On all four boxes?

Yes, all four boxes.

Now there's about 750 here.

That sounds aboutright, yeah.

I could probably do1,000 for all of them.

I was thinking more along thelines of a buck apiece, 750.

Some of these are pretty rare;they're worth quite a bit.

I think 1000 would begood for all of them.

750 dollars is a great offer.

But if she sees how badI really want these CDs,

she might stick ather 1,000 or more.

You're gonna be lucky ifyou make 50 bucks today

selling some of these.

Let me ask my husband,cause they're his uncle's,

and I'll get rightback to you. OK?

ason: When people leave in theJ middle of the negotiation,

it could go horribly wrong for me.

So I'm on pins andneedles right now.