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Un'Coop'erative Contractor

The Goodes hired contractor Manny to expand their home, but after Manny received his money, he fled.

- All right, guys.- Whoa.


( clucking )

What's with the--

Explain the net first, yeah.

Well, that's whenthe Japanese come over,

they can't see that there'san industrial complex going on.

So essentially our entirebackyard is the coop.

Everything you see is a dominoeffect of Manny.

Because of him bailing.

- Why the chickens?- She grew up with chickens.

You're lucky she didn't grow upwith a wolverine.

You'd be screwed.

They're kind of like pets.

Adam: How are you doing?What's your name?

Little Jerry Seinfeld.But she's going inside.

We have Cluck Norris.Gwyneth Fowltrow.

You guys gotta have a kid.

The bulk of the damageis inside here.

Let's look at it.

- This is...- Oh, my God.

What the hell is going onin here?

Brittney:Welcome to our laundry room.

Right now my brain is on fire.

There's carpetunderneath the framing.

He just framed right overthe carpet.

There's nothing right about it.He might as well have framed out

over their front lawn.

There's no structural stabilityto this thing at all.

The fact that we see carpet hereis an indication

that he didn't doa proper footing.

Structurally,it's completely unsafe.

One packet of Fiesta Mix fallsfrom a Southwest flightand hits this roof,

the whole place is coming down.

By the way, there's a chicken( bleep ) smell in herethat's overwhelming.

When he stopped showing up,the chickens inevitably

were getting in the framingand there was poop everywhere.

It's ironic.Because 10 feet that way,there's a duty-free shop.

This ain't doody-free.This is lousy with doody.

All right,let's do the postmortem.

So you would step out ofthe kitchen into this sort ofenclosed patio.

- Yeah.- That's the idea.

Now we're going to come out.

We're going to have a washer/dryer and half bathroom.

Wow, is this bad.This place is framed

like you only had scrapsfrom the Dumpster.

Did he even bring a levelto this job?

No, he didn't even bringhis eyeballs to this job.

I can put my fingerbetween every joint.

This whole thing is just gonnawant to go like this now.

It's like a house of cards.It's really a danger zoneright here.


This contractor destroyedtheir trust.

He destroyed their house.

He has no businessbeing in this business.

So, as I expected,Manny likes to put all ofhis information out there

for the public to seeon his social media.

So I was able to track him down.

I've been following himall morning.

Hopefully, he's gonna stopsomewhere.

We can plausibly walk upto him and ask him to come doa job for me.

Okay. Looks like he is pullingover to a house right now.

Definitely looks likethere's construction over there.

Adjust this.

Hey, excuse me.

Hey, I see you guys doingsome work over here.

You're on this one, right?

Do you know who the contractoris so I can talk to somebody?

No way.My name is Stacey.

I'm looking to get an extensionbuilt on my house.

Do you do that?

Do you have a business cardor something so I can call you?

Manny: Here you go.

- Awesome. What's your name?- Manny.

All right, I'll give you a call.Maybe you can stop by tomorrow?

Awesome. Thank you.It was nice to meet you.

Another one bites the dust.

Man: Pictures up.

We need to lock down this house.

So todaywe're at the sting housewith Brandon and Brittney.

We're ready to seethe look on his facewhen you guys confront him.

- Sweet justice.- Yes.

We're waiting for Manny Lopezthe contractor to show up.

I really can't waitto get my paws on him.

We got one minute.

Man: Take your places, people.

Alison: Hi.

Good. Thanks for coming.

That's him.

Adam: Manny.

- Skip: What's up, Manny?- Adam: What's up, buddy?

What's going on, man?

Adam: Remember this couple?

Skip: You knowwho these people are?

Adam: Brandon and Brittney.

Adam: Manny.

- Skip: What's up, Manny?- Adam: What's up, buddy?

Skip: What's going on, man?


I'm supposed to be doinga job here.

- No.- Not actually, no.

We're here to talk to youabout this couple,Brandon and Brittney.

Well, I'm doing work for them.

You haven't been therefor months, right?

You went there to frame upa bathroom and a laundry roomand a chicken coop.

It's been a couple months.I just had a couple emergencies.

I was going to come back.

We're not here two daysafter you left.

We're here months down the road.

No way you were evercoming back.

I was. I was going to come back.

What year?

It's just,haven't gotten around to it.

Manny, you framed over carpet.

But I was going to remove thatcarpet once the job was done.

Dude,there's no foundation there.

How do you frame overa slab like that?

No professionalframes over carpet.

Not only is it ( bleep ) up,it's not safe.

I'm sorry. All that's going inthere is the laundry room.

Washer and dryer.

This isn't a laundry room.It's basically a death trap.

Well, I mean,the bathroom is functionalfor the chickens.

There's nothing you can sayto us that's ever goingto make that go away.

You just can't defendthis stuff.

They were goingto finish this in a monthand then start a family.

Now everything's on hold.

I understand that. I was goingto come back and fix it.

I just had a lot of stuffgoing on.

I was out of the country.I wasn't gettinga lot of my texts.

- But I was--- You got this one.

"Brandon, I'm sorry.I can't work today.

I had to fly to Costa Ricaas my mother is very ill."

Then you turn up on a cruisethe same day.

So it's basically likethe nicer they are, the harderyou ( bleep ) them, right?

You know,I was under a lot of stress.

I had a lot of jobsI had to do--

This is what I do every day.This is how I feed my family.

So you're the reason why peoplethink we're all criminals.

Because you don't show up,you don't go back,and you don't do it right.

There's no need for youto get loud like this.

No, I am getting loud.Because this is ( bleep ), dude.

- This is ( bleep ) right here.- No, it's not.

No, because this iswhat it came to.

Because you never even returnedtheir calls.

How about thinking aboutthese people for a changeinstead of yourself?

Like I said, lower your voice,because I don't appreciate--

Don't tell me what to do.You know what?

You're here to listen to me now.

You can come back to the joband get the job done rightunder our supervision,

give them back their money,or they're gonna see youin court.

They'll take your licenseand sue your ass.

You pulled on our heartstrings.You made us feel bad for you.

And then we see a picture of youon a ( bleep ) cruise?

- Who does that?- I'm at a loss for words.

Is your mom sick?

No, she wasn't.

So that was a ( bleep ) lie?Your mom's not even sick?

You had a key to our house.We trusted you.

What kind of person are you?

I'm sorry, guys.I meant to come back.

There were other jobsthat I wanted to finish.

So I could get money from thereso I could pay the guys

so they can come and help mefor this job.

But here I am.

We feel likeif we didn't have help,

we would not have been ableto get you to call us back.

- I was gonna come back.- Just disappointedin every sense of that.

You were just likethe middle of our worldfor so long for some reason.

I just wish you didn't exist.

You're a piece of ( bleep ).You should know that.

Whoa. We don't have to go there.

- No, you are.- I'm here to fix it.


You can't expect monthsof pain and anguish

just to go away with,"Hey, I lied. I'm sorry."

But we're gonna put Mannyto work.

We're gonna get this placeput together.

Manny, you readyto strap on your toolsand get some work done?

- Let's do it.- Let's do it.

Skip: Manny, school's in sessiontoday. Vacation is over.

Oh, please.

This whole thing has gotto come out of here. Everything.

Every bit of this.

They should really think aboutnot having chickens.

You should really think aboutdoing ( bleep ) right.

Let's go, faster, speed it up.

Good work.It's hard to take it off.

Skip: Good work?Hard to take it off?

Trust me, as a licensedprofessional contractor,

this stuff is not right.You got studs everywhere butunderneath the roof rafter.

This should bea double plate here.

These rafters should be2x8s, not 2x4s.

All work that Manny's done,we got to rip out.

We're doing this thing legit.

It's going to beall structurally soundand up to code.

First, we'll start off bybuilding a chicken coop

so the chickens are properlysecured during construction.

Then we're going to rip offthe roof over the enclosed patio

and Manny's existingframing job,

allowing us to build a properaddition that will includethe new laundry room

and half bath that the Goodesdesperately need

to expand their family.

- Let's get this thingout of here.- That's a good piece of wood.

- Manny, this is called "trash."- Come on, man.

Probably want to use some of itand build mamma a gazebo.

It's recyclable stuff.

This is going intothe Dumpster.

We're going to buy somethingcalled "new lumber."

And we're going to builda safe structure.

( indistinct )

- Wow.- Oh, my God.

- Brittney: Amazing.- Brandon: Unreal.

Brittney: Oh, my God.

Skip: What's missingfrom this picture?

The smell of chicken poop.

Brittney: Bathroom.Oh, half bath. Yay!

Brandon: Oh, my goodness.

Feel the floor.Feel the floor.

It's safe.

You can now get onwith your life raisingmore than chickens.

Most importantly.

Brandon: The transformationwas so drastic.

It's like you almostcouldn't remember what itused to look like.

Let's continue the tour.Say hi to the ladies.

- Oh, my gosh.- Oh, my gosh.

Look at the henhouse, babe.

Brittney: That's amazing.That's awesome.

( indistinct )

Oh, there you go.

The chicken coop is amazing.

The fact that the chickens arefinally in a proper home--

and just to feel a senseof calmness.

So I think now that the work'sbeen done at the house,

we'll be ready to starta family.

It was so chaotic before.It just wasn't really an option.

So thank you, Adam and Skip.