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Real March Madness

GTTV gets a little crazy this week, with exclusives from LocoCycle, The Phantom Pain, and Injustice: Gods Among Us.

>> Tonight, it's an all-new GTTVfrom Austin, Texas, and

South by Southwest.

We've got tons of new video gamestuff for you guys,

including a sit-down withNintendo legend

Shigeru Miyamoto.

We're going to head over toTwisted Pixel and look

at their new downloadble Xboxgame Lococycle.

And, we've got new details onThe Phantom Pain.

Plus, GT reviews God ofWar Ascension.

The Science of Games makesits return to the show,

discussing memory manipulation.

We test laser sights in a newCombat Facts.

And an exclusive character isrevealed from

Injustice: Gods Among Us.

From The Phantom Pain to theScience of Games,

GTTV has it all - and it startsright now!

>> Are you ready?

>> I'm not the only one with alittle bit of s--- in their

pants right now, am I?

>> Last year at the VGA's weworld-premiered the game

The Phantom Pain, andafterwards,

there was tons of speculation;

was this game actually MetalGear Solid V?

Was it from Hideo Kojima?

Well people have been wonderingand there haven't been

a lot of answers.

But tonight, I got invited to amysterious hotel room

to interview the Head CEO of thesupposed game developer

Moby Dick Studios.

Alright, I'm here with Moby DickStudios Head CEO, Joakim Mogren.

>> Hello Geoff.

>> Joakim, thank you for joiningus.

>> Thanks for having me, it'svery good to see you.

>> First of all, I should askwhat happened to your face?

Are you okay?

>> Yes, I had a little accident,but I should be good

by GDC coming up.

>> You know, a lot of people arewondering who you really are,

what Moby Dick Studios isworking on...

When are you going to tell usmore about The Phantom Pain?

Are you going to be able toshare more tonight?

>> Yes, I plan on attending theshow coming up in San Francisco,

but I don't have anything toshow today, unfortunately.

>> Okay, let me ask you a fewthings though about

Phantom Pain, because as youknow,

when we announced it atthe VGA's

there was a lot of speculation

about what this game actually is.

Is it a next generation game?

That's something that a lot ofpeople asked me on Twitter,

saying, you know,

"Oh, you know, Keighley, is thisa current gen game,

is it a next gen... is this aPlayStation 4 game?"

>> Unfortunately, I cannotconfirm that.

>> Okay, can you maybe confirmthat you guys have

development kits, at least, fornext generation systems?

>> I'm so sorry Geoff,

I can unfortunately not confirmthat either.

>> Alright, this is going well.What can you tell us then?

At GDC, what are you going toshow from the game?

>> This year's GDC show Iwill have

a new Phantom Pain trailer,

and I can confirm that it willanswer all of your questions.

>> Answer all the questions?

>> Yup.

>> So we're not getting a lot ofanswers tonight, but at the

Game Developer's Conferencelater this month,

there'll be no more secretsabout this game?

>> Yes.

>> I guess one thing I will sayhere is that, you know,

we're sitting here in a hotelroom, we were asked to come

interview you to find outsomething about the game-

how do I not know this is

some elaborate ruse?

>> Well unfortunately I cannotshow too much,

but for you Geoff, I can showyou some new images and

some new stuff here on my iPad

that hopefully you'll enjoy.

>> Okay, so you're going toprove that this is real;

so what are we seeing here-

this is some concept art fromthe game?

>> Yeah.

>> Concept art. There's thewhale, it looks like.

Wow, those look like somenew screens.

The main character.

So these are screenshots.

I know this is a Fox Engine logoin the corner -

so this game is running on theFox Engine?

>> I have come to see theoracle.

>> Kratos rages on in God ofWar: Ascension,

a prequel that sets the Ghost ofSparta against the furies.

>> I will not indulge you as mysisters do!

>> Virtues of violence are stillin full effect with titanic

battles and crushing quick-timefinishers.

Combat prowess is more augmentedthan ever before by how

you play, with elementalabilities and

an extended move set.

>> You'll need this skill forthe path ahead.

>> The adventure still has aveneer of epicness, but it's not

quite as bountiful as pastgames.

>> Gods give me strength.

>> Multiplayer - the first forthe series - feels a bit clunky

and can take a while to get usedto, but there's nothing else

really like it, with interactivearenas

and lots of things to unlock.

>> Meet your end!

>> Ascension is a transitorygame,

filled with both promise andrepetition.

Earning an 8.3, for itsHerculean effort.

>> Coming up after the break,Remember Me?

The Science of Games makes itsreturn to the show talking about

memory manipulation.

Also, Twisted Pixel is locoto show off their new game.

And Miyamoto's in the house, inour exclusive interview.

>> I feel worse for your bikethan I do for you.

>> We're back here on GTTV inAustin, Texas, and right now I'm

over here at Twisted Pixel, youknow these guys for their

amazing Xbox Live Arcade games.

The next game coming out of hereis LocoCycle.

Tell us a bit about this gamewhich is completely unexpected.

>> Yeah, trying to do somethingweird, man.

You control a bike named Iriswho is on a mission.

When she goes on her mission she

accidentally gets her mechanicPablo stuck to her back wheel,

and she thinks that he is thereto help her when really he just

wants to get off.

>> [Shouting in Spanish]

>> And he speaks Spanish; Irisdoesn't understand

Spanish but thinks she does.

And that's really the kind ofweird premise of the game.

>> I mean, when people see thisthey may think,

"Oh, it's a motorcycle racinggame."

But it's a lot more than that,right?

>> Yeah, it's primarily afighting-action-combat game -

super fast-paced - you're alwayson the move on highways and

crazy stuff's going on all thetime.

This level's going to show off Ithink more of the crazy

cinematic kind of stuff that canhappen in the game.

So it kind of->> You're having an aerial fightagainst these agents and somehow

you're still going a hundredmiles an hour.

>> Helicopters and peoplejumping out of helicopters and

missiles flying everywhere,just...

there's a lot of crazy stuffgoing on.

>> There's racing, there's alsocombat,

there's quick-time events.

>> And I assume the gameplaywill change in each level?

>> Yeah, so it's a good level tokind of show off the mixed use

of that stuff, where you'rehaving to boost up to catch up

to guys that are shooting crazylaser things at you, and then,

you know, get close enough soyou can leap up and start doing

>> Game: No Touching!>> crazy karate with yourtires and stuff.

>> Alright, well should we worldpremiere the new trailer?

>> I think we should, Geoff.

>> Alright let's do it,

here is the world premieretrailer for LocoCycle.

>> [Shouting in Spanish]

I'm really excited to be a partof this because,

you know, Call ofDuty was just such a big game

and my kids loved it.

>> [Shouting in Spanish]

>> I don't understand thequestion - why do you keep

asking me about doing a game inSpanish?

>> [Shouting in Spanish]

>> You just kind of assume thatmy last name is Rodriguez and so

I'm supposed to do a game... Imean, what's this character in

Call of Duty that I'm playing?

>> No, this is Call of Duty -right? This isn't Call of Duty?

>> Can you hear me?

>> Yes! Who are you?

>> I'm the voice you have tolisten to, if you want to live.

>> Hey what's up everyone,Daniel Kayser here in Montreal

talking the Science of Games andI've got Maral from the Thwacke!

consulting group talking aboutRemember Me, a game that is all

about infiltrating people'sminds and manipulating memory.

So let's talk about howrealistic that is.

Can you actually do that?

>> It's a fascinating concept, Imean, we tend to think about

memory as something that'sclearly, you know,

the information is, you know, filed and now

it's somewhere in my brain.

When I want to access it, I justgo and I open the file and I

get the memory. That'snot how it works...

Every time you remembersomething you are changing it.

So, with time, that's whymemories,

you know, change and fade.

And sometimes they're completelydifferent

from the initial memory.

>> I'm here to get my memoryback.

>> What is known as "EpisodicMemory."

So remembering someone's phonenumber, remembering somethingthat you

did - which is the type ofmemory that's heavily showcased

in Remember Me.

>> What about the concept that'salso presented in the game,

of implanting memories?

We've talked about forgettingthings, but what

about making somebody remembersomething

that didn't actually happen?

>> In order for that to happen - that's a bit farfetched.

Because as I said, we have alot of neurons in the brain,

so if you go and destroy thatone neuron, chances are,

first of all, you're not goingto destroy the memory

because the brain is prettyredundant in its network.

There's a lot of failsafe ways.

But in theory, if you reallywant to you can go and find the

whole pathway and all theneurons and -

pharmacologically, for example -make them not fire.

There's no guarantee thatthe memory

that you changed reallydisappeared.

Memory isn't just in the brain,memory is all over your body.

So that's the kind of geneticmemory that your body has.

That's not just hippocampal

memory, that's not just brainmemory;

your blood remembers, yourmuscles remember.

This is serious stuff.

>> For the latest on Science ofGames,

you can head online

>> This time, you'll rememberme.

>> Don't go away! When we comeback Miyamoto is here and you

won't want to miss what he hasto say.

Also, Combat Facts getslaser-focused.

And legendary designer Ed Boonintroduces

never-before-seen fight footagefrom Injustice: Gods Among Us.

>> You're a fool.

>> Hey everyone, we're back hereon GTTV, I've made my way to

New York to hang out with a goodfriend of ours,

Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto and ofcourse his good friend who he

whistled onto stage last year,Bill Trennan.

You know him well from NintendoDirect.

Mr. Miyamoto, it's greatto be with you on the show,

and we're wearing our hatsbecause it is the Year of Luigi.

You've got your Luigi green, I'm wearing Mr. Iwata's hathere.

There's a lot of Luigi comingout from Nintendo this year, so

is it finally time

to give Luigi the attentionhe deserves?

>> Well yes, it's been 30 yearssince Luigi first appeared in

the original Mario Bros., and weactually have a large number

of Luigi fans internally atNintendo

who have been wantingto work on Luigi games.

So we have of course Luigi'sMansion: Dark Moon and a number

of other titles that are allcoming out this year,

so we decided to make it theYear of Luigi.

>> The Year of Luigi. Now,you're also doing a Luigi kind

of downloadable content for

The New Super Mario Bros. U aswell, right?

>> That's right, so you can playa number of new levels through

this new downloadable content.

>> So Luigi, has he always had aspecial place in your heart?

>> Well I guess you could saythat, you know,

he's sort of, almost the

same character as Mario, so hehasn't had as many opportunities

to stand out on his own.

>> And then we find out aboutMario's other long-lost brother,

or are there just two of them?

>> There's no other, it's justthe two of them.

You know, I don't know whattypes of games I'll make

in the future, perhaps therewill come a day when Mario

needs a third brother.

So at that point, maybe we'llcreate him.

>> It's exciting that youobviously have a brand new

Luigi's coming out for 3DS -it's not a Wii U game -

it's coming out for 3DS laterthis month.

Why did you want to comeback to Luigi's Mansion,

which, I think you know, all ofus loved

when it came out manyyears ago.

And this game has been indevelopment for a long time,

why did you want to do it

on 3DS and not on the Wii U?

>> Well actually, when we firstdeveloped the GameCube game,

one of the things that we reallywanted to do in developing that

game was to see those visuals ona 3D screen.

And at the time we experimentedwith a 3D monitor

and looking at the game in 3D,

and that actually ties to how weeventually

got to release the Nintendo 3DS.

So we felt the connectionbetween the two was

pretty important.

And we want to bring Luigi'sMansion in a new

version to Nintendo 3DS wherethose 3D visuals

can really come to life.

>> You're also - we can take ourhats off now since we're also

talking about Pikmin, whichyou're working on.

So how do you split your timenow -

you're producing this, I knowyou're working on Pikmin -

are those your two main sort offocuses right now?

>> Well, so you know, withLuigi's Mansion I've been

working on that prettyconsistently over time,

but typically when I'm workingon a project I will come in at

the end and work very closelywith the team

on the project at the end of it.

So that's what we're moving to in the Pikmin phase right now.

Of course the Pikmin 3 team is -they're very

close to my desk, so I'm able towork very closely

with them on a constant basis.

>> We're excited to play,obviously, Luigi's Mansion,

Pikmin 3, and it's alreadybeen announced you're going to

have a lot of new games at E3 toshow the fans,

which is unexpected that youguys would tell us in advance

that we're going to see a lot ofnew games.

You're very busy right now,

working on things for E3?

>> So yeah, I mean, obviously,you know, you'll get to see

at E3 the games that Mr. Iwatahas already mentioned,

perhaps you'll get to see somethat he hasn't mentioned yet,

I can't make any promises, butat least you can look forward

to getting your hands on allthese products at the show.

>> Excellent, alright, well I'msure you've got a lot of new

surprises in store for us,right?

>> Yes, please look forward tothem.

>> Excellent, alright, wellthank you very much Mr.Miyamoto.

Great seeing you, thanks.

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>> Stick around, because when wecome back our military experts

from Saber Ops hit the range totest laser sights!

And it's one catfight you don'twant to miss,

in a never-before-seen brawlfrom Injustice: Gods Among Us.

>> This kitty has claws.

>> Hey, we're back here onGTTV, I'm still at Twisted Pixel

with Spike from LocoCycle, butright now we're going to head

into the field with DanielKayser for an all-new

Combat Facts! which looks at howrealistic laser sights are

in today's military actiongames.

>> In today's combat games,whipping a laser sight onto your

weapon gives you an edge in afirefight

in either day or nightoperations.

In this test we ask thequestion:

Sabre Ops is back with theCombat Facts!

>> Hey everyone, Daniel Kayserhere at the

Combat Facts Gun Range north ofLos Angeles,

with Mike Gilmore from Sabre Ops.

Tell us all about our testtoday.

>> Our test today was we weretrying to see if using a

red dot laser on this submachine gun would

increase your hip-fire accuracy.

And then we compared that tousing the fixed sights.

It did improve it, but afterI pulled the first round

off, I lost the laser,

just cause we were shootingduring the daylight.

>> And so at night it might be atotally

different story though,right?

>> Absolutely. At night you'regoing to use a night vision

goggle like this monocle here,and a peck from the peck family

here, and it's an infrared lasersight.

That, coupled with the goggle,allows you to see that beam.

So at night is primarily whenyou would actually use lasers.

During the day you're using yourrails or your optics

that you have on there, andthat's all you need.

In the video games the redlaser's

portrayed as a beam that comesout from the weapon,

and the gamers are using that totarget or

to pick up or acquire theirtargets.

Out here all it is is a dot, andit's red, and it's

really hard to pick up.

Now there's green lasers outthere

that you can pick up easier, butstill, there's no beam that

comes out from the weapon tohelp you acquire your target.

>> So is the laser sighttechnology

currently used by the military?

>> Yeah, the peck with thegoggle, tandem at night.

>> One down.

>> So, in conclusion, would yousay that the way lasers are

portrayed in video games is aCombat Fact!

or a Combat Fiction?

>> It's a little bit of both.

What we saw today during thedaylight was -

the red dot did help me acquirethe target initially,

so in that regard it was kind ofa fact, but the way

they use lasers in the videogame, it's a fiction.

>> Hi, my name is Ed Boon and Iam the Creative Director at

Netherrealm Studios.

Our next title is calledInjustice: Gods Among Us,

and it comes out onApril 16th.

It's an epic game starring theheroes and villains of the DCUniverse

and we're very excited to showyou this exclusive first look

at the half demon heroine,Raven.

>> You run along now. I havebusiness to attend to.

>> You're a fool.

>> GAME: Let the darkness takeyou! >> To see the conclusion ofthe fight and more of Injustice,

head online to

>> Alright that's gonna do itfor this week on GTTV.

If you want to see that worldpremiere trailer

from LocoCycle again,

you can head

We'll see you next time for anall-new episode of GTTV,

right here on Spike.