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Brisket Beatdown

Team Taffer heads to Dallas’ BBQ belt for a brisket battle between a bounty hunter & a self-declared king.

Close this kitchen down now!

- Narrator Jon Taffer.. |- You're a failure.

Narrator: ...known for transforming misguided bar owners...

- Don't touch me!- You're a great guy.

Narrator: ...he also has a 30-year pedigree

consulting for the country's top chain restaurants.

Now he's partnered with two culinary powerhouses,

and all three investors bring their own

personal experience to the table.

I'm aggressive and will alwaysfight for our investment.

John, I don't wantto invest in a place

that's a dirty,disorganized -- hole!

Narrator: Tiffany Derry, an award-winning chef,

restaurant owner and consultant.

I'm all about producinggreat food quickly

and the kitchen must operatelike a well-oiled machine.

Can't take 30 minutesfor a veal marsala.

Narrator: John Besh, cookbook author

and a James Beard Award-winning restaurateur

with a fine-dining empire of 11 restaurants.

I'm lookingfor passionate people.

A trustworthy owner can makeor break our investment.

I want for youmore than you want for you!

Narrator: Each week, two struggling restaurants

with untapped potential go head-to-head...

Stop what you're doing.

Narrator: compete for the investment of a lifetime.

- We crashed!- I'm a survivor!

Narrator: Tonight, the investors head to Dallas,

home of the brisket, to assess two hidden gems

tucked away in the barbecue belt.

People raveabout the brisket.

You're movinglike an old man.

I am the king of barbecue.


I want to invest in a placethat's consistently horrible!

Narrator: This is "Hungry Investors."

Here we are.You're home.

Yes, we're in Dallas,Texas.

Tiffany: Texas is known for having cows and barbecue.

We're home of the brisket.

I think it'sa great investment for us

to have a barbecuerestaurant here in my hometown.

This is where I wantto keep my money.

There's about 12,000 barbecuerestaurants in America

doing about $21 billionin revenue.

Barbecue is hot nationally,but this is Texas.

It's even hotter here,and I as an investor

with my partnerswant to exploit that.

Our team researched hundreds of restaurants

to come up with these two that we're considering

for an investment.

We're headingto Baby Back Shak.

They have wonbest ribs in Dallas,

best barbecue in Texas.

It's in South Dallas.

It used to be rough.

It's turning into a young, gentrified area.

- I can smell money.- So tell me about the owner.

Clarence, I heard he thinkshe does barbecue the best.

Here we go.

Baby Back Shak.

John: Sure is a lot of concertina wire

in this neighborhood, Tiff.

Tiffany: It's kind of changing.

It's kind of like when you think of Soho.

I believe that it is.Besh, laugh all you want.

This is gonna be Soho, baby.You guys are gonna see it.

- I'm ready to meet Clarence,how about y'all?- Jon: Yeah, let's do it.

Narrator: In order to determine which restaurant

earns their investment, the evaluation criteria

includes market potential--

how many more customers they can attract,

physical potential-- ability to increase seating,

production potential--

how much more food the kitchen can produce,

food quality, and the owners themselves.

Tiffany: Hi, Clarence.

Hello, everyone,welcome to Baby Back Shak.

Clarence: I was an event coordinator

for the Dallas Convention Center.

The most asked questionsfrom my visitors

is where can I get some great barbecue?

My mom is a great cook, so I studied the industry,

spent my family's money,and I made this my laboratory.

It's about this.( smacks lips )

I attack you from here.

I am tired of struggling.

Do I wish to go into bankruptcy?The answer is no.

I would be a failure to myself, to my family,

to my employees.

I want it.I want it. I want it.

When did you open,Clarence?

- 1995.- You've been herea long time.

What is it that you'relooking for from us?


- Whoo! For what?- I will improve my restaurant.

I need new tables.

I need equipment to meet the demand

that I am now experiencing.

I carry about $125,000worth of debt right now.

I would clear that.

So you want usto invest in your debt.

No, I need a partner.I struggle.

I have prayed for your appearance.

So my prayersare being answered.

I think if we canperfect the system

that I have established50 to 75% better,

it has the potentialto be more successful.

What'd you makein profits this year?

What is a businessthat is profitable?

It makes money.

$750,000 in sales,is that money?

Not if it's not profits.

We have the issueabout what is profit.

- Don't BS me!- I don't sell --, Jon.

And I think the productswill speak better for me.

We ready to getthis Shak test on?

Let's do it |- Let's do it.

All right, ladies and gentlemen,it's the ultimate Shak test.

It's getting ready to happen.

So good so far, team.

I love his enthusiasm.

That was fast,about three minutes, right?

Really quick.I'm ready to get into this rib.

I'm confident.I'm not scared.

I know that I havegreat barbecue.

I'm just waiting for themto come up

and tell meI done a great job.

- It's a great rib.- This right hereis a true smoked rib.

Here's what worries me.Look at this piece of brisket.

This is not good.

What I want to seeis a light red smoke ring.

It's grey.

Narrator When brisket is cooked at 250 degrees

at an hour per pound, wood combustion in the smoke

chemically reacts with moisture in the meat,

creating a pink discoloration just under the surface

called a smoke ring.

While the ring itself is not a source of flavor,

it's an indicator that you've smoked it properly.

We're in Texas, Tiff.How important is brisket?

- That's why you come.- So as partners,

we're agreeingthat we have to have

- an amazing brisket in Texas.- In Texas.

- And we don't have one.- No.

- Let's see how it's cooked.- Let's do it.

Get it to the right person.

Sir Clarence--

Welcome to headquarterscentral, the war room.

I got to tell you,that was some pretty good

barbecue back there we had.

- The ribs, well done.- Great job on the ribs.

Tiffany: Off the chain.

But the brisketdropped it all down.

- Tiffany Yeah, it was dry |- I do great brisket.

Your brisket sucks.

Shak knows how to attackthe brisket.

John Show us how to cook your brisket.

Clarence: I'm going to marinate the day before.

It shortens my cooking time.

Show us what happens whenyou take it out the next day.

Let's go.This is my smoke room.

It has a thermostatof 325 degrees.

- Isn't that high temperature?- It's a very high temperature.

All that moisture comes out. It becomes dry.

Not really.

How long does it smoke for?

- Seven hours.- Then what happens?

Put them in this refrigerator.I bring them up on a slow heat.

That makesall the sense in the world.

'Cause every pieceof brisket is reheated.

You just don't cook foodto refrigerate to reheat.

That doesn't work.

You want to take it right from the smoker

and carve it for each and every guest.

That's the way to do it.

I see nothing wrongwith this beef right here.

That sucks.

King of barbecue, you haveto be the king of this brisket.

I mean--hold it, listen--

20 years, you shoulddo better than this.

Well, okay,that's not the issue now.

You will never grind melike that again.

Jon: When I saw this location, I said, okay,

we got some potential, but Clarence

has to understand this--his brisket sucks!

If he doesn't fix that, he's not gonna be successful.

Jon | When we come back, it has to be right.

We want to make surethat when you're smoking this,

you're smoking this slow and low--

250,an hour per pound.

So if you're puttingin a 14-pound,

you need to becooking that 14 hours.

We want to know that you'regonna take our money serious.

I haven't committed to it yet,but I will try it.

Then what are we here for?

I want a benchmarkof absolute perfection.

Otherwise, let's not go into business.

Love you.

Jon: So we're heading out of Dallas to Fort Worth.

Tiffany It's about 32 miles to Fort Worth.

Were going to a placecalled Billy's Oak Acres BBQ,

open for less than a yearand already received all sorts

of critical acclaimfrom the Fort Worth area.

Less than a year?We can create this brand.

John Now that looks like a barbecue joint.

It does.

This is a family-runoperation.

I love that becauseeverybody's in together.

And it looks authentic to me.Here's what I like.

When I do my market research,Lockheed Martin

has 14,500 employeesthree minutes from here.

If we could getjust a few percent of them

every day for lunch,that's real potential.

And here comes the chef.Hi, Billy.

How you doing?Billy Woodrich.

I used to be a bounty hunter,but barbecue is my passion.

Whenever you pull meat out of a smoker and it's all done,

it's like Christmasin your belly, man.

We're probably losingabout two grand a month.

If I don't get the investment,

I don't think I could actually support my family, my children.

A little more than five months,

we're closed.

What are you looking forfrom us as an investor, Billy?

Looking for around 40, a littlemoney for some branding.

When you see my equipment,there's some things I could use.

I have a small fryerthat I cook

300 chicken-fried steaksout of a day.

I can cook four at a time.

Are you making money?

We're losing a couple thousanda month, maybe.

I need more customers coming in

or you might as welljust go home.

I want to try some barbecue.You ready, John?

I'm re--I'm starving.

- How many seats, Billy?- 58 chairs.

How much revenue does thatpool table bring you?

Billy Nothing.

- Why is it here?- It came with the building.

When you think that we can puteight seats there,

each seat's worth about 10,000 a year,

that pool table'scosting you money.

Let's go see the kitchen |- Billy Let's go.

And so what happens here?

We got some orders up already.People are waiting on me.

Then we'll startmaking the orders.

So if you're not back here,no food's going out.


How come you'reby yourself back here?

- I'm just kind of picky.- It's affecting your wait time,

which affects your marketingbecause they're not telling

the people all the great stuff about the barbecue,

only the negativesabout the wait time.

- Let's go eat some barbecue.- Let's do it.


I'm a little nervous. It's a huge opportunity.

To help my business succeed,

I miss out on a lot offamily time because I'm here.

Pretty hard having your own business.

It's a little scary.

This briskethas got the perfect bark.

Look at that beautifulsmoke ring.

This brisket is much betterthan Baby Back Shak.

This is Texas barbecueright here.

But why the hell doesn't hehave another cook back there?

If he can't serve seats he has,how we gonna put more in here?

And then I worry about the sizeof that station over there.

There's only one carving station there,

but the kitchen overat the other place is bigger.

I could see us setting upa separate carving station.

I mean, in theory,we could get more production

out of that kitchen,so let's do this, guys.

Let's slam the kitchen,simulate a full dining room

to see if Billy can handle his full production potential.

- 20, 25 orders.- Ooh, yeah.

By himself,there's no way.

The best thing abouta barbecue restaurant

is you get the foodout of the kitchen

in five to six minutes,but not here.

Billy touches every plate of food.

It slows production.

Three minutes away,Lockheed Martin employees

have a half hour offfor lunch.

Two pulled porks.The chicken-fried steak.

Brisket plate.Let's go to the next check.

We want to test if Billy could get food

out of the kitchen quick enough.

This should cover it.

Okay, so drop themall at once, thank you.

All right, Tiff, let's startthat clock and see what we got.

This is gonna be interesting.

He made all these ordersright here.

And most of theseare in doubles.

Billy: Two ribs, two slaws, two--

I want to watch this,don't you?

Billy, you want $40,000 from us,

we got to know you can move this food quickly.

Speed it up, come on, move,move, move, move, move!

We're at seven minutesand 31 seconds.

Go! You're movinglike an old man!

- 20 minutes.- Let's get it done.

It's going to take mea minute, that's all.

One table at a time.

We got to put our heads downand plug through.

Look at the difference in these.I want consistency.

This looks like a sandwichI would make at home.

- Billy Sure does |- And there's justno care in this.

Billy, what's the problemright now?

- I'm waiting on some stuff.- John So what are we gonna do?

I'm just kind of --, man.

We did three ticketsin 30 minutes.

We had issues with production,professionalism, everything!

I say we get the hellout of here and talk about this

- and see if we evenwant to come back.- All right.

I am an investorwho is all about the money.

When I walked in, I said, "Okay,

we got physical potential.

We got market potential.

We have an authentic environment."

Until production began.

To me, this restaurant has no investment potential

at this moment in time.

Billy: That was very frustrating.

It's a big opportunity,and I pretty much jacked it up.

Narrator: After learning both restaurants inside and out,

the investors meet to form a plan of action.

Both of these placeshave major issues.

Billy was really frustratingwhen we left there.

I mean, this guy doesn'ttake control of anything.

But I can fix Billy.

He's not gonna be ableto pump out

as much as we need him to pump out.

I'm Chef John Besh.I can fix this guy.

I'm with you, brother,and I think you can fix

a lot of people, but thereare people in life you can't.

Billy's hasan incredible smoker.

He's an artist when it comesto smoking meat.

I'm gonna work with himon overall organization,

and if I can get himto grasp delegation,

I think we thenhave something to analyze.

- I think it's all in vain.- We're gonna see.

- Let's move it on.- It's a restaurant.Let's talk about food.

Billy's food is better,hands down.

- Not in every way.- Really?

Tiffany: His brisket was better.

What I would like to do is work with Clarence.

If that brisket can be up to par,

if he can listen to what I have to say,

then I think we're ina whole 'nother ball game.

I believe Clarenceis the superstar here.

Ha! "I'm the king,I'm the king, I'm the king."

- We can use that personality.- I got to tell you,

I could see Clarence beingthe face of that business.

I could never see Billy.

The fact is that thereis 17,000 people

in that areawithin one mile.

I want to seewhat you can do with it.

With Billy's, it's allabout production speed.

With Clarence, it's allabout quality of brisket.

We're gonna doa few little things

- to try to createsome big results.- Right.

So now we're gonna doour invest tests

to testall of those points.

So we're gonna pack both places,

create thatsimulated lunch rush.

We've assumeda lot here tonight.

At the end of our invest tests,in about an hour of service,

- we should know.- Looking forward to it.

( music playing )

For years,rather than being focusedon the quality of brisket,

Clarence has been focusedon making it faster.

His desire for speed impacted his quality.

Clarence has to step up todayto claim my money.

- Tiffany Hello |- Hello, everyone.

- Welcome to the Shak.- Thank you.

Jon: You got a new brisket for us?

I have a new brisket for you.

We'd love to try it,wouldn't we?

Mm-hmm, I've been waiting.

So the task was to smokethis brisket to 250 degrees

for at least an hour a pound,

and if he can't do briskethere in Texas,

we have a real problem.

We want to see themside by side.

Jon So this is Clarence's recipe.

It's dry, it's tough,there's no smoke ring.

And thisis Tiffany's recipe.

Now let's tasteTiffany's recipe.

This is not cooked enough.

The temperaturewasn't high enough.

Correct. So this was smokedfor how many hours?

- Approximately 16.- At what temperature?

Between 175 to 200.

If I'm telling you that itneeds to be cooked at 250,

then that's whatit needs to be.

- But I put the extra time in.- Do you not see this fat?!

If you would've cooked thisat proper temperature,

this would be melting away.

It's nasty!

I don't understand why youdeviated from what I said.

I still haven't acceptedthat my beef is not good.

The beef is not bad.

The beef is not bad.The beef is not bad!

Jon: Yours is not the only barbecue restaurant

we're looking at.

Let him seewho he's up against.

Then you'll understand why we're so frustrated.

Billy: This is Billy's Oak Acres BBQ.

I got an old pit, wood-fired. People rave about the brisket.

I cook fresh every day, and I sell out at night.

He's not even inthe same league with me.

-- Billy.-- Billy.

You need to getthe smoker back on.

You need to put it all back in there

because you're not gonnamake a fool out of me

- in front of my partners.- Jon See this womanright here?

She's the only thingyou got to dig you out.

We're gonna let her train you today.

You got to turn the two of usaround during this invest test.

Turn down the volumeand listen.

When it comes to investment,I want to invest in peoplethat I truly believe in.

I want to believe in Clarence, but I just don't trust him.

- All right,are we ready to begin?- Yes.

I really want him to getthis brisket down.

So Shak rub is put on it.

You make the mistakeof thinking that if I add

these flavors into it,it's gonna tenderize it.

I'm going to be on his sidestep-by-step

to show him exactlyhow to make this happen.

Whoo, doggy!That looks good.

I brought you a warmer.

So we'll put it in here,set the temperature at 185.

We don't want it too hot becausewe don't want to cook it.

- We just want it to rest.- I understand.

Invest test--this is now the time

that you can regainmy partners.

- I'm gonna work hard.- We've already beenlet down once today.

I can't take twice.

I understand.Thank you, Chef.

- You ready?- Yes, we are!

Show him what weput together, John.

Each customer will rate yourbrisket versus Tiffany's recipe.

We're not investing in somethingthat does not have

the potential to reallytake off and make some money.

And we believein your market.

It's all about youreally showing off

that passion for barbecue.

I understand completely.

All right,let's go get ready.

We're gonna let them in in a couple minutes.

Tiffany So this is the meat we smoked earlier today.

- It's perfect,and it's ready to go.- Yes, it is.

One thing you can see, Clarence,is that smoke ring.

- So that's good.- Yes.

Remember, yours is gonna goon the blue.

Mine's gonna go on the red.

Clarence: My customers love my brisket,

so I'm expecting some of mycustomers to fight for my meat.

- Two two-meat combos?- Yes.

Get the plates ready,come on.


Give me one platewith a lot of beef on it.

- You guys got your foodin two and a half minutes?- Yes.

- That might be the fastestfood of all time, you agree?- I agree.

Two-meat combo.Come on, ladies.

Y'all need to pickyour feet up.

I want you guys to notice howfast this food is coming out.

Three-minute ticket times or so,much faster than Billy's.

He's coming back here'cause he wants to,

- not because they need him.- You got this ticket ready?

Clarence is micromanaging,and he has very capable cooks.

He's not allowing themto do their job.

Tiffany Come on, Clarence, get it to the dining room.

I'm gonna get controlof the kitchen.

Give me a few minutes.

Keenan, I need youto execute a little harder.

We got to get them outwith the guests.

Clarence has really devotedhimself to be the showman,

and he's awesome at that.

That's value.

Expect to make people happy

and expect to increase business.

Entertain peoplelike you entertained us

- when we firstcame in, right?- Okay.

All right, hey, everybody,welcome to Shak.

Be cool, be calm, I will getto you as quick as I can.

Which one do youlike better?

- The red one?Not even close.- Definitely.

They don't even tastelike they were the same

- kind of meat to begin with.- I'm so happy to see you.

- The red was better.- Are you likely to eat that?

- Take it.- So you won't even eat that.

- Do you want to eat that?- No.

John Customer feedback overwhelmingly came back

saying that the new brisketis so much better

than Clarence's old brisket.

Jon I want you guys to see this.

Nobody will even eat this.

John: It's inedible.

It might not be the best,but it's not bad.

Look at this. That beef is not -- bad.

The beef is not bad.

Jon Clarence, our customers spoke.

It's a landslide.There's not one vote.

The game over.

I truly see that I failedon such a valuable product.

Earlier today,Clarence was very combativewith everything.

Now what I'm seeing is him listening more.

Hey, everybody?I'm just gonna tell you--Shak beef is dead.

The old way is dead.I'm looking toward the future.

( scattered cheers )

A king has to knowwhen the battle is over.

He knows whento withdraw his troops

from Bad Beef Land.

Clarence When I heard my audience, my loved ones

all told the king,"His beef wasn't all of that,"

Clarence changed.

The beef in the futureat Baby Back Shak

is going backto my signature move.

( smacks lips )

- We opened his mind tonight,didn't we? Yes, you did.

I've been given the guidelineson how to make perfect beef.

Now every day,I'm gonna train my mind

on how to bethe perfect beef guy.

John: When it comes to investment, Clarence really impressed me.

He did humble himself to learnthis new style of barbecue.

What worries me is that once we leave,

I just don't trust him.

Clarence did great,

but I might still be leaninga little towards Billy.

To have the investors walk outwas very rough.

Jon: I say we get the hell out of here

and talk about this and seeif we even want to come back.


I need this investment.I hope they come back.


Tiffany: There's only one thing worth coming back for,

and it was the food,so I'm here to see

if production along with foodcan work together.

We have realproduction issues.

You, Billy, got frustrated.

It should haveinspired you to dig out,

but he didn't move any faster.

Yours is not the only barbecuerestaurant we're looking at.

Billy, I want you to seewhat you're up against.

So here's your competition.

Welcome to Shak. Why am I the king?

Look at that brisket. Look at that spring.

Competition, look out.Shak is coming.

That's Clarence.

And just like you're passionateabout barbecue,

he's passionate about his barbecue.

Eight months losing money.

At some point, we run out of money.

- Obviously,you're Billy's dad.- Right.

- What do you do here every day?- Woody Keep the fires going.

Set things upin the morning for Billy

so he can have an extralittle bit of time at home

with the kids.

Jon: How old are your kids, Billy?

Nine and 13.

- We got college ahead. And cars.

My wifeis totally supportive.

I don't want it to go away,that's for damn sure.

If it closed,I would be devastated.

It's what he wants to do,and he's very good at it.

He has the drive to get itto a much better place

where he can make good money.

If this goes down,all those dreamsgo up in smoke.

You can't fail, can you |- No, we can't.

His heart'sin the right place.

At the end of the day,we're here 'cause of the money.

We have the Lockheed Martin people coming

with some locals tonight to simulate a busy lunch.

I believe Lockheed Martinis your biggest opportunity.

14,500 employees--

if I could get 80 of themfor lunch here every day,

we'll bring your business to a new level of potential

that suddenly is worthyof an investment.

That'd be awesome.

Jon: Lockheed Martin employees have a half hour off for lunch.

If we don't have the kindof systems that John,

Tiffany,and I are talking about,

we're not gonna be able to do that.

So we're implementinga "15 minute or it's free" menu.

So John, Tiffany,and I got you

these tabletop kitchen timersthat start at 15 minutes

and count downwhen you take the order.

It's gonna be stressful.

This is gonna really require teamwork.

John is gonna do a lotof work with you today

to help set us upso that we can be successful.

- Great.- Jon And we can do it,can't we?

- I know we can.- John Let's do it.

I want to hit thisinvest test tonight.

I want it for my mom and dad and my wife and my kids.

- Now that's a smoker.- Yes, it is.

The guy that built it built it around 1956.

Now this thingis double-layer brick.

It's insulated | This pit's a work of art.

Man, this is the life to the restaurant.

John If I had to make a decision right now

based on barbecue alone,I'm going with Billy.

His pit is the real deal.

If you wantreal Texas barbecue,

you have to cookon a real pit.

- That's right!- John This is Texas.

People will travel for great barbecue.

He's got that nailed.

We just need to workon the other things.

All right, so, Billy, we're madesome changes to your kitchen.

Billy: I think it's awesome.

Added a worktable, a new fryer,and a smaller range.

You have fourgas burners on top.

It's all about creating spacethat's efficient.

- We don't walk anywhere.- Yeah, that's great.

John: Zip, I need you playing backup.

You're just gonnacall out the sides.

So 15 minutes or it's free.Let's go through it right now.

On your marks,get set, go.

Brisket sandwich,pulled pork.

- I'll get the brisket.- Just tell him what you want.

- Gimme a brisket, Zippy.- Yes, sir.

Right here.

- John That's somebeautiful barbecue.- Billy Thank you.

You see how moist all that is?That is gorgeous.

That is the best pork buttI've ever had in my life.

In the middle of Texas.Who knew?

You got to treat every plate like it's $40,000.

15 minutes,and you did all this.

How about that? Let's clean this up.

- And let's really get geared upfor the invest test, okay?- Okay.

Billy's done really well working through the training.

Now the invest test is reallygonna test his organization

and if we can get those ticket times down

for this lunch crowdfrom Lockheed Martin.

That's where I see so much potential

over Baby Back Shak.

It's on right now.

- Thanks for coming in.- We have chicken-friedsteak tonight.

( timer beeps )


Unh-unh, talk.Get back.

Talk, talk, talk!

Man,we already -- up.

John Take control.

Look at all those peoplesitting down

- where the pool table was.- Oh, yes.

An area that made no money is now making money.

Eight people.So figure 10,000 a seat,

that's 80 grandin new income right there.

We have some physical potential.

- Yeah.- Let's see what happensin the kitchen.

No production, no money--that's the way it works.

John You're running a little bit long on that ticket time.

Let's go, let's go |- I got it.

Orders are coming inleft and right.

We'll get thatright up for you.

Hey, did I get thatchicken-fried steak

and that baloneyfrom the other ticket?

We're gonna get it.We're gonna get it.

Gimme two buns and ninechicken-fried steaks.

All day long, here we go.

Whoo, nine chicken-fried steakscoming up on just one table!

We're gonna see right now,can we handle the pressure?

Billy: Nine chicken-fried steak plates, now!

I don't want to give this -- food away.

No, I don't need bread.

When I say bread, give mea -- bun, all right?

John: Billy needs to learn how to communicate.

We get flustered, we start stumbling over ourselves.

We haven't given away any plates just yet,

but we're running deepon table times.

We're about one minute away from this next order |- Damn it.

- Jon 20 seconds |- Tiffany We're gonna be giving away--

No, we're -- not either.

Hurry up,your investment is on the line.

Here we go, moment of truth! Don't lose it now!

10 seconds |- --.

Jon: Moment of truth! Don't lose it now!

Hurry up!

That's a big step forward.Billy, we're moving, buddy.

Thank you.I'm trying really hard.

Just getting usedto my little setup here.

Order!I got two pork plates.

I do see a little bitof teamwork, Taff.

We did not see thatyesterday.

Absolutely better.Hi, folks.

How long did it take youto get your food?

Under ten minutes?Wow.

Steven: It's a real convenient place.

Come in here,enjoy a quick barbecue,

home-cooked meal, get out,get back to work--

that's what we expectout of it.

We went from50-minute ticket times

to four and a half minutes |- Tiffany Wow, that's a bigimprovement.

- Jon You stepped up tonight |- Billy Thank you very much.

I thought I had it before,

but just this one dayand John back here

helping me get this set upis like night and day.

- We're gonna makeour final decision.- Okay.

So I'm gonna ask youto come meet with us

and give usyour last pitch together

- and we'll makea final decision.- Okay, thank you very much.

- I'll see you then.Great job, Billy.- Thank you very much.

The food is coming out.Tables are happy.

We're hittingthat 15-minute-or-less time,

but I can tell you this--

production obviously is a big issue here.

Billy has not moved meto his side yet.

( music playing )

Narrator: Before the final decision,

the owners are given one last chance

to sway their potential partners.

I am about to go into one ofthe biggest meetings of my life.

Myself, my reputation, my goals,my dreams are on the line.

- Clarence.- Hey, Clarence.

Hello, everyone,how are you?

Good, good, how are you?

I'm pumped up.

So tell uswhy we should invest.

You should invest in Shak

because Shakis the king of barbecue.

How much money do you want,

and what are yougonna use it for?

- I need about $50,000.- $50,000 investment.

I've been workingon reducing that.

The king went backto his think tank.

Sometimes you have to level

on why you put yourselfin the position.

We're all about level.

I want to givemy business a makeover.

It sucks,like my beef did.

I started in an area that therewas an opportunity for growth,

and I've been waiting20 years for growth

to come to me,so I want to do better

and accomplish my dream.

I'm going to paint walls,get new tables.

I can make more if I have more seating.

So you're prepared to let yourkitchen people run the kitchen?

I have the confidence now

and believe that my staff can adequately run that facility

while I go out and continueto make sales and

- bring business to the door.- John What I want to hear

is how are we gonna take itto that next level?

I have a passionto please the people,

but in that passion I wish to be financially successful

and if you take me, I run harder

than any running back in the NFL.

I will be what they come to see,similar to God,

because I am just that great.

You have a great personality.

Let us talk tonight, and we'll tell you tomorrow.

Sounds fine.

Okay, thank you, Clarence.

Tiffany,personally, I thank you

for bringingmy brisket game around.

- Thank you much.- Thank you.

Baby Back Shak put its button the line today.

I played hard for my business. Do I feel I got this?

Hell, yeah, boo-yah.

Billy: I'm a little nervous. It's a huge opportunity.

If the investors choose to invest,

I could be the biggest guyin Fort Worth,

the biggest guy in Texas.

I just really wantto get to that level.

- Hey, Billy.- Hi, how y'all doing?

- Good, how are you?- I'm great, I'm great.

Billy, when we first met,you said you were looking

for about $40,000 |- Yes, sir.

How much are youlooking for now?

Since y'all have putsome equipment in there,

I think we're talkingabout 30 grand.

I want to hire somebody to work in my kitchen

so I can beout on the floor.

And advertising-- I want to promote more

- with Lockheed Martin.- Do you want to continue

- the "15 minuteor it's free" menu?- Yeah, I think so.

I think we did pretty good whenwe tried it the other night.

What do you haveto offer the worldthat nobody else has?

I think I got one of the mostunique barbecue places in Texas.

The big focal point is the pit and that it's really cooked.

I think peopleappreciate that.

I want to be inthe restaurant business,

not just a barbecue shack on the side of the road.

I hope that you've seen thatthat I can run that restaurant.

I'm doing thisfor my wife and kids.

I just have a passionto make that restaurant work.

Jon: We have big respect for what you've done.

Give us tonight,and we'll tell you tomorrow.

- Okay.- Thanks for coming.

The stakes are very highright now.

I could go from just hanging onto successful like that.

These are twoviable investments

with twovery different people.


We have to go backto our key elements.

Market potential--who do you give it to, Tiff?

I give it to Clarence.

Because you believein that downtown potential.

I'm not gonna wait five yearsbefore downtown grows over.

You don't haveto wait five years.

I have a great barbecue place

that looks like an authentic Texas barbecue joint.

In the middle of nowhere.

We got to havea lot more than that.

What you're forgetting is yougot Lockheed Martin right here.

Billy's can be a destination.

Here we got a guy witha historic barbecue pit.

Actually, I think we're all onrecord looking at the barbecue

and saying, "Hell, yeah, thisis what you come to Texas for."

This brisket is much better.

This is Texas barbecueright here.

Okay, we don't agreeon marketing potential.

Let's just goto production potential.

Come on, Clarence knocks itout of the park for this.

Hold on.He's a micromanager.

I watched him yesterday manage,and he stepped aside.

I can't just stand asideand say I didn't see that.

At Billy's, we had many ticketsthat waited to the last minute.

Jon: 100 bucks we don't get this out!

Hurry up, $100 on the line!10 seconds!

We worked throughthe inefficiencies,

and he did up his game.

Clarence,we can use his ego.

I see a greater hustle.

Making the best,the best, the best.

We show him how to do the best,and he's gonna do it.

Bull --, all this BS about"I'm the king of this"

and "I'm the king of that,blah blah blah."

We said,"Follow this recipe."

Did he do that? No.

And we said to Billy,"Run your restaurant."

- Did he do that, Tiff?- Nope.

What is the easiermountain to climb,

changing the specof a brisket

or teaching a guyhow to run a restaurant?

We cannot trust him if hecan't follow a freakin' recipe.

So you can say all day,"Oh, quality is just a spec."

That is not the case.

It doesn't work like thatin the restaurant business.

But Clarence runs a betterrestaurant than Billy does!

And we're gonna be ableto get more food

out of Baby Back Shak than wewill be able to do at Billy's.

But whether it's gonna beconsistent is the key.

The issue hasn't been thathe hasn't served consistent.

Brisket has been horriblethe whole time,

but he thoughthe had the science--

( laughs ) Yes!

I want to invest in a placethat's consistently horrible!

I'm not sure Billycan even sell that restaurant

to create the dynamicthat grows the sucker!

Clarence's energywill drive growth.

But I thinkhe's volatile, too.

The point of all of thisis to make money.

And we've all agreed.

So we're ready to invest?

Let's do it.

( music playing )

Clarence: There's a lot of things riding on my mind,

but I am willing to acceptwhatever it comes down to.

This is it,either I won or I lost.

I'm a little nervous.

( sighs )

Hey, Clarence.How are you?

Hi, Tiffany.

Come on over, guys,let's talk.

Clarence, when we got here,you served us some amazing ribs,

but that brisket was the worstwe've ever tasted.

And I wouldn't invest in a Texas barbecue joint

that didn't have great brisket.

Then you followed upby not listening

to my cooking directions.

It took me a whole dayworking with you

before I felt like we could break through.

You've got some stiffcompetition with Billy's.

I mean, this guy is Texasthrough and through.

You know, my partnersand I made a decision.

And the restaurant we picked...

is Baby Back Shak.


Thank you, thank you.

Baby Back Shak!

Shak!Clarence Cohens' Shak!

We all arrived at choosingBaby Back Shak,

but we arrivedfor different reasons.

Clarence has energy, experience,

and a dynamic for marketing.

The reason why I didn't chooseBilly's is the lack of energy

for driving top-end saleswas really bothersome to me.

At the end of the day, the downtown location,

20 years of experience,

and a preexisting brandwon the day.

- Jon Clarence |- Yes, sir.

You asked us for $50,000.

What we determined

is that for an initialinvestment of $48,000,

we can do everythingwe want to to the building,

invigorate the business, and make us profitable.

But we're writing the check,and there are certain rules

and contingenciesthat are important to us.

N deviationfrom Tiffany's brisket recipe.

That you've got to swear to.

I swear there'llbe no deviation.

In addition, we want youto make a TV commercial.

We want you to be the face and image of this restaurant.

We want to make youthe king of barbecue.

- Thank you.- Are those termsacceptable to you?

I accept your terms.

Then we are in businesstogether!

Give me a hug!

Thank you, thank you,thank you.

Thank you, thank you,thank you, thank you.

I believe in Clarence.I believed in him the whole way.

Now his brisket is good. His attitude is great.

I am so excited that we aregoing to be able to invest

in his babyand a moneymaking machine.

Dallas, Texas,and the world,

Clarence Cohensis the king of barbecue.

The power is back!The king is back!


Clarence: Struggling days are over.

The future looks bright.

King is here.King is back.

King, king of barbecue!

- Hey, Billy. Hey, what's going on?

- How are you doing?- I'm good, I'm good.

- Doing all right?- It's great to see you.

- Good to see you.- So, look, here's the deal.

I'm a chef that's eatenand cooked around the world,

and I would travel far and wideto come here for your barbecue.

You were up againstsome stiff competition.

We decided not to investin your business.


Evidently, um, Clarenceneeded it more than I did.

Downtown location won out.

It's a budding area,but I believe in you.

- I believe in your barbecue.- I appreciate that.

So just becausewe're not investing in you

doesn't mean thatyou're not a great person

with an incredible product.

Don't forget anythingthat I told you.

It comes down to making thisplace much more efficient.

You can't do it all yourself.

You need a staffaround you that can.

- I need you to really step upand be the leader.- Got it.

If you do that,great things will happen

because people lovewhat you're doing.

I'm gonna work on a coupleof things around here,

some of the advicethat you've given me,

and I'm gonna take itand run with it.

- Good luck.- Thank you very much.

Billy: For a second, I was kind of upset that I didn't win,

but I think I would much ratherhave John Besh's advice.

He left me with some great ideas,

and I'm gonna utilize them,

and we're gonna take itand run with it.

Clarence: The big sign we have behind us,

it's the brandof the future.

It is the kingof barbecue.

We have a beautiful storefront entrance,

nice lighting, nice seating,

nice counters.

It's just refreshing.

A rib sandwich?

Clarence: I did not go back

and regress to the old brisket.

I am using Chef Tiffany's recipe.

The response from the customers have an absolutely fantastic,

very positive,very pleased.

Everybody wants to sit downand enjoy their barbecue.

Sales have been up 15 to 25%.

I'm growing,and I am excited,

and I know that the future'sgoing to be bright.

King of barbecue, baby!