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Size Does Matter

Unlicensed contractor Myron promised the Wislockis a new kitchen, but left them with a fire hazard.

Adam:When we first walkedinto the kitchen,

it looked fine.But when we tooka closer look,

it was hack job meetsdoesn't give a --.

The range is stickingout a little bit there.

It just smells ofamateur hour when you seethat kind of stuff.

He had all the appliances

two or three weeksbefore he started building

so he could measure them all.And because that doesn't fit,

the nice lazy Susanhe put in the corner,the door won't open.

That's great.

Susan would haveto be pretty motivated

to get somethingout of there.

Not only that,but the last daythat he was here,

he knew that I was pissedand he said,

"I'm not going to dealwith this," and walked out.

Then we find out he hasno contractor's license.

So you thoughtyou hired a contractor.You got a handyman.

You can go to yourstate's contractinglicensing board's website

and lookup your contractor.

If the name doesn't show up,don't use him.

Dave:You see the range hood?

- Oh.- As you can see,

he had to cut the range hoodinto the cabinet.

Adam:And he didn't even doa very good job.

What I'm seeing here,the hood is way too high.

It's not safe.It would never passinspection.

Adam:Range hoods don't just clearsmoke from the kitchen.

More importantly,they serve as a fire barrier

between the stoveand the cabinetry.

If the range hood is higherthan 30 inches,

flames can easily expandoutwards towards the cabinets,

spreading quicklythrough the entire kitchen

within a matter of seconds.

You can just feel the heatcoming up and this is wood.

Skip:It's guys like this Myron thatgo around doing crappy work,

is the type of thing thatgives guys like me a bad name.

I mean, the way this --left this place,

if the family cooks anythingon the stove,

the whole housecould burn down.

And that's whatreally pisses me off.

Dave is on disability and wehave saved for a long time

to make it betterfor the family.

This has just devastatedall of us.

You saved your money upfor a long time.

He took your money and this iswhat you got left with.

I am very upset.

Well, as depressed as I am,I'm still going to ask.

- Is thereanything left to see?- Yes, there is.

Our spare bedroom that we usedto use for our grandchildren

to come over and spend thenight, all our food is there.


How long you guysbeen living like this?

About four months.

We're going to get this guyback to a sting house.

We'll give him a choice--he can give you back your money,

come back here and help usfix this whole thing,

or you're going to, obviously,take him to court

and pursue legal actionagainst him.

I can hardly wait.

All right, I'm goingto take a can of soup

and a duvet coverand let's hit the road.

I found out that Myronis living in a house

valued at over $700,000.

He's got three vehicles--

a Corvette, a Cadillac,and a new Chevy truck.

Looks like his truck.

( camera beeps,shutter clicks )

It looks like he's headingin the house.

I want to give him a call.

If he picks up the phone,I'll know it's him.

Hi. My nameis Angela Miller,

and I want a fullbathroom remodel.

Do you do that?


Great. I was hopingthat you could come over

to give me an estimatetomorrow, like, around 10:00.

Okay, good, great.

Do you want me to textyou the address?

Great. I'll look forward toseeing you then. Thank you.

Got him.

( man over radio) All right, everybody,

our target is 20 minutes away.

We need all lights and cameras in position.

Adam:Today we're at the sting housewith the Wislocki family.

And we're waiting for theircontractor Myron Barkerto show up.

- All right, let's do a lockdown of all exits.- Copy that.

Allison is going to lure himinto the house,

and then Skip and I are goingto pounce.

According to the family,he might want to take offout of the door.

We're goingto corner this guy.

We might call you guys in fora little family intervention.

We'll give him the velvet glovewith extra lube.

We want to nail this --.

Oh, my God. Look at that.Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Everybody, clear the floor. Clear the floor right now.

Everybody hit your marks.

Hi. morning.

Good, thanks. Myron?

We're not completely movedin yet.

Take a seat over here.

Wait right there.

I have a catalog of appliancesthat I'm going to show you.

- All right, he's in the kitchen.- Okay.

- Myron. My name's Adam.- What's going on, Myron?

Now that our fleeingcontractor has been caught,

and by the way,Myron flees like a starfish...

All right, Myron.'s time to dropthe hammer on him.

These guys,I've never trusted,

not when evenwhen they were my neighbors,

because they're tryingto find something wrong

when there's nothing wrong.

Well, there's a few thingsthat are wrong.

Myron, this iselementary kitchen design.

These are 22-inchbase cabinets,

and your appliances are stickingway out like that, right?

It's fine.

It's just the dishwasherwasn't completely installed.

The only thing we had to doto accommodate that depth,

take the drywall offbehind it and it's done.

Skip, he was going to relieveit by taking the drywall off...

- No, I heard.- ...the back.

It's like saying,"Oh, I was going to fixthe muffler

with a coat hangerand some duct tape."

It's bush league.It's not done correctly.

You call yourself a contractor?This is basic stuff.

I never hearda thing about it.

You built the cabinets here.

You could've made themany dimension you want.

Nobody could make uptheir mind there.

They changed their mindinstead of their underwear.

It's just stop,start, stop, start.

If you did, in fact,do all of these changesyou're talking about,

where arethe change orders?

It sounds to me like Myron hasgot an excuse for everything.

The bottom line isI just don't think he knowswhat the hell he's doing.

What we'd like to dois get you back thereand put this stuff right.

Or you can returnthem their money

and we'll do the jobwithout you.

If you don't wantto do either one of those,

then the family is goingto take you to court

and proceed with legalactions against you.

We'll see youthere on Wednesday?

- Probably.- You got to be kidding me.

That was an awesome commitment.Are you married?

- No.- Ah, shocking.

As much as we'd loveto give the family a crackat him right now,

we don't want himto run away again.

We'll probably see youon Wednesday.

We want to get him backto the house.

Let him bathein all this horrible work

and then let the family goat him like starving jackals.

Oh, I'm glad to seeyou came back.

Show us what'sgoing on here.

I want to talk about this lazySusan for a second.

This, come on, now.

They were supposedto get a dishwashertwo inches smaller.

They're telling me you had allthe appliances in the garage

before you evenmade the cabinets.So which one is it?

You either had themor you didn't.

I don't remember for sure.

I'm gonna takethat as a yes.

What is the reasonfor this then?

You can't tell methat you would have thatin your kitchen.

That looks likea bag of --.

Are you going to tell methat that looks good?

How often are you goingto open this cabinet?

That's a horrible answer.

You can't tell meyou'd have that in your house.

- There's nothing to fix.- Are you going to tell me

that they instructedyou and paid you tobuild it -- up?

- It was never mentioned.- She never mentionedit to you?

- No.- Never said a wordabout that?

- No.- So she was happywith it like that?

- Thrilled to death.- She was happy withthis, too?

Adam:If you put the range hoodtoo high,

it's not effective.

This is like driving a carwith no steering wheel.

No, no.That's total --.

It doesn't matterif it's four inches lower.

It's not going to suckany more than this thingis going to suck.

They set those guidelinesfor a reason.

Obviously, you had no regardfor any of that.

Some of the codesdon't make sense.

Some guy up in Sacramento

that wrote somethingdown on a piece of paperisn't paying you.

The homeowner is.

Everything here, would youput it in your own house?

No, they didn'tpay $30,000.

We're at 22.Another eight, the lazy Susanwould've worked.

This would've passed code.

You wouldn't have sawedout the cabinet?

You're way off base, man.

I'm telling you for a fact.

You're findingone damn thing here

and you're beatingthe damn thing to deathfor two days, Skip.

You take the panels off,you cut the board,and you go home.

Why didn't you do thatbefore you went home then?

Myron seemed to have an excusefor all of this.

And the worst one is thathe seems to be telling us

that it's all their fault.

Really, I think it's a bunchof bull --.

There's really only one wayto figure this out.

So, come on with us.

Myron thinks he's coming byfor a little chitchat

and walk through.

What he doesn't know is thatthe family is waiting for him.

Dave, Judy, come on down.

Hi, Myron.

You had every appliancein that garage

three weeksbefore you started.

This is bull --.

- Don't lie.- I don't wantto talk to you.

- Oh, my God.- Oh, my God!


Oh, my God.It's beautiful.

Oh, it's gorgeous.

Oh, my God.

My adrenalineis running wild.

I just could not believewhat I was seeing.

Skip:This is how it should've beendone in the first place.

Everything here issized properly.

So this way, it all functionswell with your appliances.

The hood vent is the properheight above the burners,

- under three feet.- It's just perfect.

We should finish our tour

by going to the old kitchen,the bedroom.

We did a littlework there, too.

Oh, my God.We've got our bedroom back.

Oh, my God.

Dave:We have our bedroom back.

It actually looks like a room.Oh my God.

Dave:I'm so thankfulfor Adam and Skip

to come and finish upwhat Myron couldn't do right.

We were so rejected afterthis whole thing went bad,

and now our faithis restored.

Our work is done here.

Thanks, guys

Thank you, Adam.Thank you so much.

Adam: The bottom lineis hiring neighbors--

never a great plan.

Go camping with them,

maybe put down a coupleof cold ones and watchthe Steelers game.

But if you're doing a kitchen,hire a licensed contractor.

That's peace of mind.That's safety.