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The Good, the Rad, and the Ugly!

The guys visit Vegas and Boulder City for thrifted finds and barter for a jacket from the movie "Rad."


Jason: Let's go find some goodies.

oman: What a deal!W

Can't beat this deal.All right.

Oh, wow!

It's 120 bucks.

This price is ridiculous.

You can't make anymoney on it.


Like 10 bucks.

Yeah, no.

What's going on today?

I can't seem to get a deal.


Jason: Thrifting is the modern-day treasure hunt.

Bryan: Second-hand shops, antique malls,

and garage sales are all fair game

in the cut-throat world of thrifting.

Jason: Buy low; sell high.

Bryan: Score big online.

I've been thrifting my entirelife and I know what sells.

As a former car salesman, Iknow everything is negotiable.

I'm Jason T. Smith.

And I'm Bryan Goodman.

We're thrift hunters.


The number one rule of thrifting in Las Vegas

is go early and go often.

Let's go findsome goodies.

Bryan: I don't have a hometown advantage shopping in Vegas

because I've onlybeen here a few years.

But I know a gooddeal when I see it.

Hey, look, garagesale sign.

Oh, yeah.

Hang on, coming around.

Emergency bat-turn.



We are at the SummerlandCommunity garage sale.


Bryan: This is like a huge neighbourhood garage sale

but all compressed into one parking lot.

It's like a garagesale on steroids.



How much for the t-shirts?

Two dollars each.




I buy some sweet t-shirts.

They're all Hard Rock Cafe

and the two specifically that are the real scores

are the John Lennonand the Eric Clapton.

What a deal.

Can't beat thisdeal. All right.

Man, that's heavy.

Can I sneak behind you?


Vintage. Post cards.

Awesome Hawaiian one.

22 with ten cents;offer her two bucks.


I'm gonna buythis for you.

You don't think I got skills?


I want you to readcover-to-cover

then write a bookreport for me.


I'll give him his book report.

You wanna negotiatefor the negotiate?

I do because heneeds some help.

Now I'm put in alittle bit of a spot.

Will you take adollar for it?

No, no. I'm agood negotiator.


I have to show mynegotiating skills,

otherwise I'm gonnalose all credibility.

I'll give you 50cents for it.



Now it's $1.75.



Fair enough.

And that's for you.

Oh, thanks.

I got 22 post cards.


10 cents each.

Do two bucks?


See? Negotiate...

Osmosis, see?



eah? Jason? Y

I like the Sam Adams mirror because it's an iconic beer

based out of myhome town of Boston.

I know somebody's gonna wanna put that in their bar at home.

How much for this?


Here we go again.

I was thinking,like, ten bucks.

Yeah, no.



What's going on today?

I can't seem to get a deal.

I'll give hertwenty for it.

I thought I was makinga reasonable offer

for that Sam Adams mirror

but the woman there wasnot budging at all.

Move it; move it.

All right. Move it;move it.

Want some Mamma Miabuttons?

Those would not be a good sale.

Now Mamma Mia flip-flopson the other hand...

Those are cool.

You have any more of those?

Woman: I do. I actually have a whole box.

I'll take them.

A promotional item from oneof the most popular bands

of all time. It'llbe an easy sell.

Eight pair? Whydon't we make it 15?

Sounds like a plan.

I can make my money backby selling one pair.

I find this brand new box ofsomething to do with birds.

You could see the birdsbut they can't see you.

You take, uh,fifteen bucks for it?


What's happening?

t's brand new.I

All right. I'llgive you twenty.

Oh, fine.

I know I'll make some money on t; I just wanted to make more.i

I spent $47.00 and I hopeto turn that into $399.00.

I spent about $50.00 and I planto turn that into $250.00.

Bryan: This would be a good time to, uh, check out

Antiques at the Market.

We haven't beenthere in a while.

I think we're gonna find some stuff here today.

Jason: Can't wait to dig in.


A lot of clocks.

Hey, this is cool.

This big Daffy.

Oh, yeah.

Wow. That's almost two feet tall it looks like.

1996, very cool.

Oh, that's a bummer.

What's the matter?

Well, A, it's 120 bucks.

This price is ridiculous.

B, the hair's been brokenoff and glued back on.

Damn, I like that piece.


Well, that duck quacks me upbut it's quacked up already .


Jason finds a Harley lamp.

Things might be looking up.

I love this Harley Davidsonlamp and if it's priced right,

I'll buy it. $42.50.

Doing some quick researchon the phone shows me that

they seem to be a lotcheaper than that online.

I mean, here's one that wentfor 21; one that went for 38.

You can't makeany money on it. No.

Leave it on the shelf andmove on to the next thing.


There is tons of coolstuff in this place. But...

Bryan: It's priced at what I'd wanna sell it at.

I say we just cutbait and run.

Time is money.

Time to move on.

We're out.

I spent a whoppingtotal of zero.

I spent zero. So based onthe gas I spent to get here,

I probably lost aboutthree dollars today.

Bryan: Better luck next time.


Since we struck out atAntiques in the Market,

I pitched to Bryan thatwe leave our home base

and head out to one of the small tourist towns

on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

Where do youwant to go?

Let's go to Goat Feathers.


Bryan: This store looks a little more like a gift shop

than an antique shop.

I'm not sure I'mgonna find anything.


Bryan: What do you see?

A Van Halen button from 1984.

In here there's aVan Halen button?

I know. Five bucks.

I have no clue howthis ended up here

because usually booths kind of have a feel.

And this booth has a feel and his pin does not fit into that.t

So I'll take it; it's cheap.


Jason: I'm doing really well at Goat Feathers.

I got that Van Halen pin;I have a couple of CDs;

got a couple of nice mugs.I

How much?

Seven bucks.

Three bucks, sucker.

Bryan: I'm a little disappointed.

I'm hoping I can find a fewthings, or at least one thing,

that get me excited.


As I'm looking through the vintage clothing,

I find something thatreally jumps out at me.

Oh, wow!

Holy (bleep)

I hit the jackpot.

This is awesome.

You have a warehouse?

Maybe we could, uh,take a run over there?

t is not openI o the public.t



Get out of my way.

I've got some thrifting to do.

Jason: We started the day strong at a community sale

but then we struck out at an antique mall.

Goat Feathers is a very unique store.

Bryan hasn't found much yet but--

Now I've discovered somethingthat could turn my luck around.

Oh, wow!

What'd you find?

Oh, look at that.

Very cool.

It's real old, too.

It looks '80s to me.


How much?


That's it?

Now I feel I'mback on my game.

I am ready to check out.

Ready to check out.

I spent $46.18 and I hopeto turn it into $175.00.

I spent $19.73.

I think I'll makeabout $100.00

Thank you.


Jason: We gambled on a couple of antique malls.

Now we're headed to a thrift store

in Henderson, Nevada whereI know I'll find stuff.

ey, guys. WelcomeH to Castaways.

ood. How are ya? G

And, hey, I'veseen you before.

Yeah. I've been in herea couple of times.

You know we're fairly new

so we're still kindatweaking things

but we've gota lot of great stuff.

So make yourselvescomfortable and shop away.


All right.


Hey, check out this awesomelyugly Christmas sweater.

ryan: Are those dogs or sheep?B

h, they're sheep.O

ix bucks.S

I think you can get maybe 40 bucks for that.

h, absolutely, yeah.O

ause ugly sells andC hat's pretty awesome.t

Castaways is laid outa little differently

than most thrift stores.

It looks more like a boutique than a thrift store.

Jason: Yeah.

Although it looks nice,the layout is really poor.

like the t-shirts but how canI you go through them like this?

This is the worst wayever to display t-shirts.

olded up, stacked, twoF ows deep on the shelves.r

Really annoying.

Here, you put them back.

Yeah, OK.

I would have gonethrough it much quicker

if they'd been on a real rack.

Hey, did you notice?

They're the wrongracks here.Oh, yeah.

So if you want this purse,you have to move all these.

They need the ones withthe hangies underneath.

That's a pain.



Oh, geez.

Everything's toolow in this part.


It's a lot of bendingdown to get to those mugs.

Jason: The problem is I have to sit on the ground

to look at them all.

Hey, look. I'm on TV.


It's a lot of work tocome up with these mugs,

but I think it's worth it.I've got almost a dozen.

Jason: There's tons of great whiskey glasses in here.

I need a box for all these.

A whole room of toys.

And no children.

Bryan: Oh, this is nice.

I usually shy away frompuzzles that are opened.

This one is really a coollooking musical score.

Yeah, I'll buy it.

It's only two bucks.

Yeah.Isn't that kinda cool?

Kinda like it's old and stitched together.

This is a hot metal Model Tpick-up; brand new sealed.

That's cool, too.

You guys all set?

As we're checking out,

I thought I'd give Lauriesome tips and advice.

Our three biggest concernsfor you are: your t-shirts;

if you can, get them on racks.

It'll be easierto shop.

Coffee mugs. K. What next?O

Bryan: They should be easier so you can see them.

ike mid-way. OK.L

And move them about.

And then the last one is your purses.

m hm. I needM he hook things.t

You need thehook things.

I know. I'm having ahard time with that.

We have a warehouse, like,full of all this stuff and--

You have a warehouse?

We do. We have a warehouse wherewe go through all our items.

It's not open to thepublic or anything

but I have a ton of stuff.

And it's where we kindof sort, recycle stuff

and stuff that we wantto keep for the store.

I'm thinking there's someuntapped gold in there.

Is it nearby?

t is. It's about tenI inutes from here.m

I am excited.

You think we couldtake a run over there?

t is not openI o the public.t

I'd be more than happy for Jason and I to give Laurie

some tips at the warehouseabout what she should sell.

And while I'm there,I'll also be looking.

Cause I'd be like, "Hey,Laurie. I helped you out;

sweet deal on the stuff?"

Bryan: That could be a real win-win for everybody.

Jason: Absolutely.

OK, cool. Let's getyou guys rung up.

Let's pay here and then,uh, we'll go there.

Head over. Good.

I spent $48.75 and I hopeto turn it into 300 dollars.

You're up next,huh, my friend?

I spent $31.55 and I plan toturn that into 200 dollars.


OK, guys. Here we go.

I don't know what to expect.

The garage door opensand I am just speechless.

Oh, wow!

Look at all this stuff.

It's a lot bigger than I thought.

I think they were kind ofshocked and overwhelmed

both at the same time.

Holy cow!

Here's our mountain.

Jason: I just wanna pop, and eat, and take, and climb,

and thrift, and I'm ready.Let's dive in.

Over here are bins where we'vejust kinda done some sorting

and stuff and it's things we'reprobably gonna end up recycling.

What? That's crazy.

I know there is itemsin there that no way

should be going to recycling.

It should be in thestore so I can buy it.

I'm just gonna letyou guys go through

and I'll catch back upwith you in a few minutes.

Cool. Thanks,Laurie.



Jason and I start goingthrough the drums

and we start finding some things.

These are nice DKNY jeans.


There's three things going onhere: recycle, to your store,

and stuff that Bryan andI would like to purchase.

Holy (bleep)


I hit the jackpot.

I found the coolestjacket I have ever found

in all my years of thrifting.

This is awesome.

Or shall I say "rad"?


From the movie?

I never heard of it.

It was all about BMX riders.

And even though I didn't ride BMX,

that was like the quintessentialteen movie for me.


I'm done digging.

I've had enough.

I'm dirty. I'm hot.

All right, we found tons ofgoodies in the recycle bin.

You did?

Yes. This wholestack right here.

Laurie comes back; we show hersome things that we found.

And this you couldsell in the store

for in the six- toten-dollar range.

h, that's true.AMemorial Day, LaborDay, July 4th.

That's an easyfour-dollar shirt.

That's awesome.

All these things aregood for the store.

Now, on the otherend of that,

we have found a few thingsthat we would like to get.

For yourselves?

Well, we're hoping, uh, wecan maybe work a little deal

with you or something.

Hmm. We're not opento the public.

I know you're not but we'rejust hoping that, you know.


We've scratched Laurie's back and given her the tools

that she needs to make more money for the store.

nd I'm hoping she'll return theA favour and scratch our back

and let us buy some ofthese things that we found.

We offered her 10 bucks apiece for an armful of clothes

for each of us.

So I don't know ifshe'll say, "Yes."

or cast us away.

There is only oneway to ship mugs.

You're nuts.

I'm a little sceptical.


Today we're hunting for dealsin Las Vegas and beyond.

Bryan: Thrift store owner Laurie has decided to let us

into her warehouse

to help her decide what tokeep and what to toss.

We have found a few thingsthat we would like to get.

For yourselves?

Well, we're hoping we can,uh, maybe work a little deal

with you or something.

Hmm. We're not opento the public.

Now we gotta up our game ifwe wanna make some profit.

ryan: I suggest to Laurie thatB Jason and I give her

ten bucks apiece for theitems we've chosen.

I think that's a fair deal.

Well, typically we'renot open to the public.

We understand.But since you helped me.

I'll help you. No, that'snot a problem at all.

We can do that.

That's what I'm talkin' about!

hanks, guys.T

You're welcome.

Call us anytime.

They really know their stuffso it was great to have them.

For $10.00, I'm walking away

with at least $280.00worth of stuff.

With my $10 donation, I thinkI can turn that into $500.00.


Jason: We've taken some big gambles today.

Now it's time to get the stuff prepped and ready to list

and hope our gambles paid off.

I cannot wait to getthe RAD jacket up.

Bryan: Out of everything I bought today,

I'm most excited about the Mickey jacket

and even that bird feeder.

I'm gonna getstarted researching.

ason: I'm gonna do a littleJ esearch on this beaded jacketr

ause I found out this jacketc s designed by Laurence Kazar.i

Oh, there's lots ofMickey Mouse jackets.

I look and there's thousands of listings.

I can't seem to find anything exactly like it.

It may take a while to sell butI'm gonna give it a whirl

and try at auction first.

So I found this exact jacketon WorthPoint from 2011.

t only sold for 25 bucks.I

So I think I'm gonnago to auction.

I mean the auction'sa good idea.

Let's give it a try

and see if people want tofight each other for it.

This may have been a mistake.

I was hoping that when I opened it up

that it might be in a sealed package.

eah? Ah, no.Y

I'm just gonna put it up onlinecheap and get my money back.

Let's see what I can findon the RAD jacket here.

This birdfeeder; it seems likeit's a discontinued product

but I see that it originally sold for over a hundred bucks.

Wow. Good deal. Yep.

Nice find.

Yeah, I cannot findthis jacket anywhere.

But what I do find isthe soundtrack on vinyl,

and the cassette soundtrackthat's been selling for $60.00.

If you're selling acassette for 60 bucks,

this is gonna be amazing.

I'm gonna list thejacket for $1000.00

hoping for in therange of 500 bucks.

hat would be a heck of aT eturn on a 10-dollar item.r

et's go take some pictures.L


Turn him around.


Flip it around,get the back.


pent a lot of time at CastawaysS but it really paid off.

Sold a model kit that I picked up there for 30 bucks,

going internationally.

I sold a couple of t-shirtsfrom there already

at 20 bucks apiece.

And I even sold one of themugs so far for 20 bucks.

This has been really good. I'mreal happy. How you doing?

I did great.

I put the, uh, the pretty, beaded jacket up at auction

and nine different people bid up to 91 dollars.


amma Mia flip-flops?M

One pair for 15 bucks.

I got seven morepair of just profit.

But, the big one, the mac-daddy, my RAD jacket...

Right away within an hour of listing the jacket,

I got my first offer.

Oh, yeah? How good?


There is way more meat onthis bone than 400 bucks.

Here's what I think you should do: counter his offer,

900 dollars.

My guess is they'll counter.

Well, I'm sending back 900.

I just sold the Mickey Mouse jacket for 50.

Pretty good.

And the puzzle I sold for 6 dollars and 61 cents.


Well, I got himon the hook.

He's come backwith a counter.

So now hiscounter is 500.

Which is about what I thought.

I bet you there'sroom for more.

He came up a hundred. You go down a hundred.

00 and away it goes.8

e just came back with 600.H

I don't want tolose the buyer

but I think we can geta little bit more here.

Go to 700 bucks.

I'm sending 7 back.

Hey!Cha-ching. 700 bucks.

Kinda nice.

Nice, out of a 10 dollar sale.

You were holding back on me. That's great.

That is the wholereason we thrift.

Sure is. That's the right price. Good for you.

I spent $156.93, and with thethings I've already sold,

and I still havethings for sale,

I think I'm gonna do around$2,021 dollars in sales.

That'll give me aprofit of $1,864.07.

ell you what, I'llT uy drinks tonight.b

Drinks? You should buy dinnertoo with that kind of money.


I spent, uh, $106.39.

And with the over $100.00I've made already in sales

plus what I project, 931.73.

And that gives me aprofit of $825.34.

Bryan sold a lot of mugs and time to ship them.

And there is onlyone way to ship mugs.

ll you have to do isA rap your item in bubble,w

ive it a littleg ardboard condo,c

tick it on a flat-rates nvelope, and send it away.e

Come on.


He wants to do a test about how much pressure

the packing method could really stand.

You're nuts.

I'm a littlesceptical.



So much for mygiant golf club.


I'll miss my club.

We opened it.

I'm a believer.

It was solid.

I told you.

So no worse can happenwhen it's being shipped.

I'm, uh, a changed man.

I changed you.

For the better.

I wanna be like Jay. captionssassonique