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CES 2013

GTTV returns from CES with exclusive scoops on Dead Space 3’s first level, Tomb Raider’s multiplayer, and Felicia Day’s waving technique.

>> Tonight, GTTV is kicking off2013 from the Consumer

Electronics Show here in LasVegas, and we've got two new

handheld gaming devices to showyou that you've gotta see to

believe. Plus we check in withthe internet's Felicia Day and

we've got exclusive new gameplayon Dead Space 3. Plus:

>> Geoff's most anticipatedgames of 2013, exclusive footage

from Tomb Raider's Multiplayer,we go to the range in Combat

Facts, Hey Ash and Mega 64return, The Annoyed Gamer

suggests some gaming resolutionsand Michael Pachter predicts the

biggest games of the firstquarter. Put down your

controller, GTTV starts rightnow.

>> Presented by Hyndai. Newthinking, new possibilities.

>> Hey guys, welcome to anall-new GTTV right here on

Spike, and this week we are inLas Vegas for CES 2013 and right

now I am here with the lovelyFelicia Day, who is not only the

star of The Guild and Geek &Sundry online, but you are also

the official ambassador of CES.

>> I will do my ambassadorialwave. Hello.

>> Were you voted in as theambassador? How are you elected

to this position?

>> No, they approached me torepresent the cross-section

between entertainment andtechnology, and that's what I

love doing, so I was like, Yesplease. Can I cut line? Will I

be immune to parking tickets?And etcetera.

>> And did you get to see sometop secret stuff that no one

else has seen here at CES?

>> Uh, no. I've had some toursaround. I mean I've seen some

really cool stuff. I mean, Itend to pick the more obscure

things, like the robots, and Iwent down to the gaming area.

>> CES is kind of fun that yousee some stuff that's very

practical, some stuff that'sabsolutely absurd.

>> Yeah.

>> But there's so much stuff.

>> But honestly, even the mostabsurd stuff, people are

inventing. I mean, it's the samething, with you know, with the

video. As a web video creator,I'm looking at these

things, especially the secondscreen things, and then, you

know, people using QR codes onlike board games, to be able to

actually connect the physicalboard game to the your second

screen. I mean that stuff isvery-it kind of spurs your

imagination. And maybe thatguy's idea isn't great, but

that's gonna give me an idea togo invent something now, because

they're so-it's all up in theair right now.

>> Well, and you're doing somuch cool stuff on Geek &

Sundry, we should talk aboutthat.

>> Thank you.

>> You guys have an amazinglineup of shows all week long.

What is going to be new for Geek& Sundry this year?

>> Well we have a new showcoming called Learning Town.

Paul & Storm is a really nerdycomic singing duo who I thought

was so funny, we should build ashow around them, so that's

coming out next week on Geek &Sundry. And we're gearing up,

hopefully, for a second year ofGeek & Sundry, and we're going

to figure out the slate.

>> Hopefully? Come on.

>> Well, I can't say anything isdefinite.

>> Okay.

>> But no, we've done reallywell. TableTop, our show about

tabletop games with Wil Wheatonhas done really extremely well,

and last night at the IAWTVawards I won a couple of awards

for The Flog.

>> The Flog, yes. Exactly.

>> Yeah, so, it's been a greatseveral days.

>> I told myself this was aboutjustice, about protecting the

weak, but I was wrong.

>> 2013 is going to be a bigyear for gaming, and right now

I'm going to count down my fivemost anticipated games of the

year, starting with number 5,Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

from Hideo Kojima andPlatinumGames. Starring Raiden,

this is an over-the-top actiongame and I can't wait to play it

in February. Number four, LaraCroft is back in the reboot of

Tomb Raider from CrystalDynamics. The game looks

phenomenal, they just announcedmultiplayer, and later in the

show we'll have an exclusivelook at that. I'll be back with

my other top three picks alittle bit later, but right now

let's head to the guys atMega64, who are going to tell

you about some new adventuregames you didn't know existed.

>> You guys, we're screwed!

>> What?

>> Our jobs are in trouble.We're about to be s-t-canned!

>> What? What?

>> What in tarnation? What areyou talking about?

>> (screams)

>> What? Tell us! Tell us!

>> We're making a Walking Deadgame, but a Walking Dead game

just won Game of the Year! Whatdo we do? We're stuck in their

shadow. How do we top it?

>> What's so great about it?

>> It's a point-and-clickadventure!

>> (screams)

>> Oh my god, that sounds sofun. F-k!

>> Telltale has never doneanything original! Hey, you

wanna go fart out a Gone withthe Wind game? Get to it, ya


>> (screams)

>> I can't take the pressure!

>> I smell burnt toast! I'mhaving a tumor Justin!

>> It was my only dream to cometo Activision and make an

original game. A zombie game.

>> (screams)

>> I got a twelve gauge shotgun.>> It's the wave of the future.

Every game is going to do thatsoon. Just imagine it!

>> Vengeance will be mine!

>> Scorpion wins!

>> First down.

>> Okay I'm going to try to makea touchdown pass here.

>> I'm going to catch that thereball.

>> I'm going to tackle you.

>> No, Jonathan! Beware themines! Nooooo!

>> Thanks, Telltale. You knowwho's going to be the walking

dead? My kids when I can'tafford to feed them.

>> After the break Combat Factstakes a look at the AR-7.

>> It's definitely doing thejob.

>> Michael Pachter consults thecrystal ball to predict the

best-selling game.

>> Christmas never ends.

>> And later in the show we havean exclusive preview of Dead

Space 3.

>> Presented by Hyundai.New thinking, new possibilities.

>> Hey guys we're back here onGTTV. Now in March, Lara Croft

is back in Tomb Raider, but herein Las Vegas, the team at

Crystal Dynamics announced thatmultiplayer is coming to the

game, and right now I am herewith Noah and Darrell from

Crystal to tell us about thisnew mode. So obviously some of

the fans may be a littleskeptical, saying, "Multiplayer

now in this game?" Why did youguys think it was important to

add MP?

>> Well, we saw it more as anopportunity than something that

was important or necessary, andin fact our audience really

commonly asks for multiplayerexperiences, so this idea that

we were both excited about theidea, and our audience quite

often really wanted to play inthis world together.

>> To me I think some of thecool things are bringing the

character of the island acrossto multiplayer.

>> Right.

>> So we have these gamechangers in there, where these

big events actually happen oneach of the maps, and in the one

that we're showing today,there's a sandstorm that comes

across that you can actuallyinitiate as a player, and you

get a tactical advantage forthat, where you can actually

survive on instinct. You can seeother players through it.

Whereas the other team, you knowthey're covered in sandstorm,

they can't see you. So it's coolto actually use some of the

elements that we really-

>> Isn't there like a thingwhere there's like a lightning

rod can sort of stick that downand strike people with


>> Yeah. And that's all trapsand that kind of stuff.

>> Traps are probably the mostsatisfying thing.

>> And that stuff you're notgoing to get in most other

third-person games. What aresome of the traps? Tell us about


>> Well we've got-I think myfavorite is the snare trap,

where you actually get strungupside down, and then whole

world upside down.

>> Spikes.

>> And then you can be rescuedby your friend, or you can

choose between defendingyourself or freeing yourself.

>> Alright thanks guys. We'llsee you online in March. Now

right now, DK is in the fieldfor an all-new Combat Facts on

the AR-7.

>> Hey what's up, this is DanielKayser here at the Combat Facts

range, north of Los Angeles,with a weapon profile. We're

talking about the AR-7 survivalrifle with David B Johnson from

Sabre Ops. Tell us about thisnifty little gun you've got


>> Well, what we have here islike you said, the AR-7, and

it's called a survival riflebecause it actually can come

completely apart and go into thestock. This weapon actually goes

back all the way to theVietnam-era days. It was

actually designed by ArmaLite ona military contract for pilots,

in case they got downed behindenemy lines, like in the jungle,

and they had to survive for aweek or so. They would carry

this along, and they could shootsquirrels or rabbits and use

that to survive.

>> The AR-7 is actually veryaccurate. We shot a .22 long

rifle round out of it, and I hiteverything I shot at.

>> And it definitely has asurvival feel, so maybe in games

like Far Cry, or even games likeHitman, where stealth is an

option, this would be good?

>> Oh it would be great forthat, especially for stealth,

because really and truly, youcould literally smuggle it in in

a briefcase, or whatever, openit

up, put on an optic on it, takeyour headshot, and then repack

up before anyone knows that youhad a rifle on you.

>> Do you see anything thatcould be added to this weapon to

make it even better?

>> Maybe a more powerful round,possibly. Maybe a railing system

on top of some of the newermodels. But for what it's

designed to do, it's definitelydoing the job.

>> Awesome. Well, we appreciateyou taking a look at the AR-7

survival rifle. Thanks for yourtime as always. For more Combat

Facts, you can head online

>> All night tonight, we'recounting down my most

anticipated games of 2013, andnumber three is one of my

favorites from Naughty Dog. It'sThe Last of Us. Joel, Ellie, the

infected zombies, and tons ofsurprises in this PlayStation 3

exclusive that comes out in May.>> Do I need to remind you what

is out there?

>> Now what's going to be thebest selling game of spring

2013? Well to get that answerwe're going to check in with

GameTrailers' own MichaelPachter.

>> Welcome to a special GTTVedition of Pach-Attack. We have

a question from Hugo_Row3z."With so many huge games coming

out early this year, is thefirst quarter the new fourth

quarter? Which will be thebiggest seller?" I would say,

without question, BioShockInfinite is going to be the best

seller of the big games comingout this first quarter. It's

coming out March 26th, andthat's if we can actually trust

Take-Two to get a game out whenpromised. This is the second

time the game's been delayed,but I'm guessing it probably

will come out. The other biggames that are coming out in the

first quarter are Army of Two,Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, and

Fuse. Each of those I think willdo very, very well, but I think

BioShock is likely to sellsomewhere around 8 million

units. I think the others aregoing to be, you know,

struggling to sell even 5, Imean, possibly Fuse sells 5. The

other guys are probably 2 or 3.It's like Christmas never ends.

We've got really greatcontent coming out through March

26th and I think the great thingabout BioShock Infinite is it's

coming right about when youfinish all your Christmas games

and you're really ready for anew fix of first-person shooter

goodness, so I think it's goingto be a great game. I'm looking

forward to it.

>> (robot chatter)

>> When we return we get a firstlook at the opening of Dead

Space 3, go hands on with Razerand NVIDIA's new gaming devices,

>> It plays all the PC games.

>> And later in the show, HeyAsh takes on Doctor Who.

>> Presented by Hyundai.New thinking, new possibilities.

>> Hey, welcome back to GTTVfrom CES. Now in the past, if

you wanted to game on the go,you really only had a couple of

options, like a Vita or a 3DS.This year at CES however, a

number of companies are jumpinginto the handheld wars, and

thinking about it differentlythan ever before.

>> I'm here with Min from Razerto tell us about something new

you guys are bringing out injust a few weeks. It's called

the Edge. Now, tell me aboutRazer Edge, because it looks

like basically, you know, aniPad, but it's got these

controllers on it, and what'samazing about it-this is a

full-blown PC for gaming?

>> Absolutely. This is what wecall the world's first tablet

designed for PC gamers. This isfull Windows 8. It plays all the

PC games or applications rightout of the box.

>> You're working on Steam, andI mean this is amazing. You can

actually like play through it onthis and experience it.

>> Absolutely.

>> Now, big question is how muchis this gonna cost? About a

thousand dollars?

>> There's a base model, that's$999, and there's a pro model,

at $1299.

>> Fantastic. Alright, well itlooks very cool. It is the Razer

Edge. It's going to be comingout in just a few weeks and

people can order it onlinepretty soon?

>> They can order it online, andwe're going to be shipping it in

Quarter 1 this year.

>> I'm over here at the Nvidiabooth with Andrew to tell us

about something brand-new thatyou guys announced, a bit of a

surprise, the Nvidia Shield. Nowthis, it looks like an Xbox

controller, but it's actuallyits own portable gaming system,


>> That's exactly right.

>> Tell us about it.

>> Well, what's really coolabout this is that you have all

of your content here on onedevice.>> Right.

>> If you're like me, you travela lot, you're on the run. You're

a handheld mobile gamer. You gotall your music, all your video,

all based on regular old pureAndroid. It's Jellybean

software, which means all yourstuff that you have in your

Google account-let's say yourgames, your music, your Gmail,

all of that is right here onthis device, as well as attached

to a really high qualitycontroller.

>> But we don't see anythingfrom, you know, EA or Activision

or any of the other bigcompanies.

>> Right.

>> Are those games going to beon this device?

>> Well, any game that isdeveloped for Android-

>> Right.

>> Is going to be available onthis device, because it's pure

Android. One of the cool thingsabout Nvidia is that we have a

really cool developer relationsprogram. And so we work with

developers to make sure that allof the games that come out are

really optimized for ourhardware.

>> Right.

>> So new games are definitelygoing to be optimized for

Integra 4, as well as for anyold Android.

>> By the end of June this iscoming out, so near term right?

>> Well, Q2 is what we'replanning for.

>> Hi folks, I'm Marcus Beer.You may know me as the Annoyed

Gamer on I'mhere to cut through the BS that

tends to permeate the gamesindustry, and I'm going to start

with some challenges to theindustry in 2013.

>> First up, Nintendo. Mychallenge to you is: Bring it.

You've got the head start overthe other consoles. Bring us

some innovative Wii U softwareand bring back some of those

amazing franchises we love ingreat games.

>> Next challenge goes out to EAand Activision: Stop trying to

nickel & dime us. Facebook andTwitter integration is not added

value. Neither is co-op in gamesthat don't need co-op.

>> Next, up Sony. My challengeto you: Be smart in 2013. You've

got this patent that blocks usedgames. Just be very careful how

you implement it with the PS4.You screwed up the launch of the

PS3 to a certain degree. Don'tdo it again.

>> Next challenge is toMicrosoft: Hey Microsoft, you

remember games? I don't reallycare about streaming Netflix and

Hulu, I can do that anywhere Iwant. And by the way, drop the

phrase 'better with Kinect'until it's actually valid.

>> And finally to Ubisoft. In2012 you reinvigorated the Far

Cry and Assassin's Creedfranchises. My challenge to you

in 2013: Fix the Clancyfranchises. Give us more

tactical versions of Ghost Reconand Rainbow Six. And remember,

Sam Fisher is not bloody Rambo!>> Alright, that's your lot. I'm

the Annoyed Gamer. I'm out.

>> My number two mostanticipated game comes from

Irrational Games and creator KenLevine: BioShock Infinite, a

complete reimagining of theBioShock world set in 1912. A

city in the sky. Booker,Elizabeth, Songbird, and a ton

of surprises. A completely freshworld. I cannot wait to play

this game in March. Now one gamethat's coming before then in

February is the survival horrorof Dead Space 3. We've got an

exclusive preview of the firstlevel.

>> Hey! Who wants candy?

>> Enigmatic engineer andnecromorph nemesis Isaac Clark

just can't catch a break. InEA's upcoming Dead Space 3, he's

plunged back into anothernightmarish scenario of surgical

shooting and survival.

>> In this exclusive gameplay ofthe game's opening level, wefind Isaac

on a lunar colony following theactivation of a mysterious

structure called a Marker, aschaos breaks out all around him.

With limited ammo and sanity inshort supply, Isaac must work

with Robert Norton and JohnCarver, two men tasked with

destroying the Marker, to reachsafety.

>> Isaac, have you reached theextraction team yet?

>> All dead. Danik got herefirst.

>> The pandemonium in the colonycontinues to the urban sprawl,

as Isaac descends into the city,with his finger never leaving

the trigger.

>> Will Isaac make it out alive?You'll have to wait to find out,

but in the meantime you cancheck out the demo in

single-player, co-op and Kinectright now on Xbox 360 and later

on the PS3 January 22nd!

>> Coming up next, Geoff revealshis number one most anticipated

game of 2013 and we find out ifAsh is a Time Lord.

>> Oh s-t!

>> Presented by Hyundai.New thinking, new possibilities.

>> Hey welcome back to GTTV fromCES. All night we've been

counting down my mostanticipated games of 2013, and

now it's finally time to unveil,drumroll please, number one.

You've probably guessed it bynow: Grand Theft Auto V from

Rockstar Games. This GTA is seton the west coast, Los Santos.

Rockstar has been teasing a tonof stuff that's going to be in

this game, including your ownpet dog, sharks in the water,

lots of vehicles, and myfavorite thing: three playable

protagonists. That's right, notjust one like Nico Bellic or

John Marston, three differentcharacters you're going to get

to play throughout this entiregame. I cannot wait to learn


>> Well right now we're going tocheck in with Hey Ash, Whatcha

Playin'? This week, they'replaying Doctor Who.

>> Hey Ash, whatcha playin'?

>> Doctor Who: Worlds in Time.

>> So what's the deal with thisgame again?

>> It's like a mini game-basedMMO, I guess?

>> Are the mini games fun?

>> Oh god no. They're all flash,no depth.

>> You mean like all of StevenMoffat's episodes?

>> Oh s-t!

>> If it's not good why are youplaying it?

>> Because Doctor Who. And, themore you level up, the quicker

you can solve the other puzzles.>> How do you level up?

>> You can just beat a s-tloadof puzzles or you can pay money.

>> Wait, what?

>> Money. Microtransactions.

>> You're paying money so thegame won't be as irritating.

>> That's kind of a cynical wayof putting it, but-

>> This changes everything.

>> What?

>> I didn't know you could forcepeople in paying you money in

exchange for not f-king withthem.

>> I'm not following you.

>> I'm not stabbing you rightnow.

>> I have-I have noticed this.

>> You should pay me fivedollars for that.

>> Where did get that?

>> I've been not stabbing you,pro bono, for years. That ends


>> Please don't stab me.

>> If you and Mr. Washington cancome to an arrangement, I don't

have to.

>> Washington is not on the-

>> Wha!

>> Ough!

>> G-d damn it Ashly.

>> This is pretty awesome.

>> Am I still brown?

>> Mm-hm.

>> Stab me again.

>> Give me five dollars not tostab you.

>> No.

>> (stab noise)

>> Okay.

>> Alright that's a wrap fromthe 2013 Consumer Electronics

Show here in Las Vegas, but it'sgoing to be an amazing year for

games, and of course we'll becovering them right here on

GTTV. If you want a preview ofall the big games coming this

spring, head to GameTrailers.comwhere our spring games preview

is online right now. We'll seeyou next time for an all-new

GTTV right here on Spike.