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Lather, Rinse, Deceit

Contractor Johnny promised the Scotts a new bathroom, but left them with a room full of live-wires.

Hey, you got the dollsand traditional Africangarb collection.

I got the same thingat home.

- That's the Debra Walker.- I know, I've been buyingher dolls for years.

You gotta love those guys.

Uh-oh. Wow.

You got an awesome collectionof cracks in your ceiling.

Laughton: He was supposed to redo this, too.

We gotta take care of this.If anything fell and...

hurt my dolls,

I would go berserk.

This is our bathroom.

Oh, dear God.

Wow. There's no partof this bathroom that everwould've held water.

Adam: What tool do you think he used for that?

Woodpecker? A hatchet?

- Skip: What's this here?- I can see being able

to put some shampooin here, but the shampoo'snot fitting in here.

He says, "Oh, well,I can make you an areafor your candles."

No. The fact thathe even gave you that idea

that you're going to actually burn candles insideof this niche

is just ridiculous.

Adam: While the tile and grout may be heat-resistant,

what's behind it is flammable.

And eventually that grout's gonna degrade,

that flame's gonna get up and get into the framing,

and the whole house is gonna go up in flames.

When I see Johnny,I ain't gonna just givehim a piece of my mind...

he gonna get more than that.

Whoa. What'shappening with this?

We originally had itplugged into the outlet.

He hooked it upby the switch.

Skip: Your kids are literally two feet away

from live electricity,standing in water.

If they were to touch this, that's live current gonna go right through them.

There couldn't be a moredangerous situation.

I mean, I kid around a lot,but this is no joke.

No joke.

For the safety of our kids,I pray to God thatAdam and Skip

can get him to dothis bathroom correctly.

I'm completely disgustedwith what I'm seeing.

Anybody that could leave a family like this

and three small childrenin danger

got no businessbeing in this business.

- This guy is a real dirtbag.- This is a disaster.

We gotta try to get this guy.

Skip's better half,his wife,

she's a private detective.

She's gonna try and find this guy

and you guys aregonna get a chanceto confront this clown.

- I have a few thingsthat I wanna say.- Really looking forward to it.

Let's do it.Uh, clear out. I gottamake a number two

- and then I'll beright behind you.- Don't hurt yourself.

Just wait in the car.

Alison: Adam and Skip told me Johnny works part-time at an auto body shop,

so I found the body shopthat he works at,

I'm gonna surveil him and then make a positive I.D.

I need to see him on the phone when I'm calling him

so I can verify that it's him.

I have donea lot of stakeouts.

Some of them were short, but some of them are really long.

And it can be really tiring.

Waiting for this idiotto show up. Does this guyeven work?

You gotta be making surethat you don't get spotted

while sitting therewatching for somebody else.

That looks like him.

-- good God.

After six hours of waiting,

this guy finally shows up.

Yeah, hi, my name is Mindy.

I wanted to get somework done on my house,

and I was hoping that maybeyou'd be available tomorrow

to give me an estimateon some things.

Okay, are you availabletomorrow?

All right.Can I text you my address?

Okay, great. Thanks a lot.I look forward to seeing you.


Score.It only took six hours.

Adam: We're at the sting house today.

We're here to catch handymanturned contractorJohnny Lopez.

The place is a beehive of activity

if beehives were filledwith pissed-off cameramen.

Laughton: I hope Adam and Skip either get him to do the work

or put him in the roomwith me for 15 minutes.

- I don't know.- Oh, Jesus.

Man on radio: Lock down the house, we need everybody in place.

Contractor's here.Everybody clear.

( gasps )

Alison: Hey.

Good, how are you?

Come on in.


I just wanna grabmy husband

so we can talk aboutall the things we wannaget done.

Wanna take a seat?I'll be right back.

Go get him.

Go, go, cameras.


- Are you Johnny?- Who the -- are you guys?

Don't worry aboutwho the -- we are, man.You know these people?

e peop- leYo.u di

d a bathroom for them?- I was working on a bathroomfor them, yeah.

But you stillhaven't told mewhat the hell's going on.

I'm Adam, that's Skip.We're doing a show

about guys like youwho do horrible work.

Skip: Recognize this mess?

I mean, what do you guyswanna know?

I wanna know whythey're six months downthe road and they still got

their family takinga shower in a bathtubwith plastic.

Horrible,dangerous electric work.

A shampoo covethat wouldn't holdBarbie's shampoo.

I did this to helpthem out.

How is this helpingthem out?

- I mean...- I understand this.

...still no shower.You got open electricby water.

- I didn'tleave them like that.- You didn't do this?

- No, I did not.- No, you certainlydidn't do it all.

Well, it says here that you did.You charged them money for it.

Here's your contract.Here's the cancelled check.

Says Johnny Lopezright there, doesn't it?

- Am I seeing things?- No, that's my name.

So, let's go by the Lopez house.Lopez kids taking a shower

in a -- shower that lookslike that, with electricalwiring hanging out in it?

- Leave my family outta this.- I'm not gonna leaveyour family out of it

because you didn'tleave their familyout of it.

You put their kidsin a situations wherethey're taking a shower

and electric two feetaway from them.

What kind ofhalf-ass -- is that?

- I didn't do this.Laughton did that.- ( gasps )

- Laughton did that?- Laughton did that.

You a mother -- liar.I ain't never done no bathroom.

So the homeownerset up a firetrapin his own bathroom?

I took it downand he plugged inthe light over here.

- That's a lie, mother --.- Nobody has been touchingthat.

There's no way Laughtondid this.

This is the workof an insane contractor,

not a family man.

You didn't even havethe decency to clean upthis pile of --

on the front porchof their house.

- It's still there.- Well, Laughtonput it there.

I wanna whup his ass.

Skip:Okay, so Laughtondid the electric.

Laughton put upthe board, right?

Laughton put the --back on his front porch, man.

What actually did theypay you for, then?

'Cause it sounds likehe did the whole job.

I did tell her on numeroustimes I was gonna giveher back the money.

- Lyin' mother -- wouldn't have.- When? When?

So, where's the money?I don't get whatthe argument is.

I mean,I just haven't had it.I've had a lot of events,

- I just haven't had the money.- Skip: That's not their problem.

Johnny,it's been six months.

It's been a while.

I'm telling you,I go out there,he ain't coming back.

I'm gonna giveyou my word.

When I walk into someone'shouse to do their bathroom,

they look at me like thisbecause they heard

a horror story aboutsome guy down the block

that -- somebody overwith their bathroom.

They look at me like,"Do you know what you're doing?"Because of you.

Because of everybodyout there that doesn't knowwhat they're doing.

You got three options.

You can givethe money back.

I don't thinkyou're gonna do that.

You can come back with us,we'll supervise you,

and we'll dothe job correctly.

Or we're gonnasee you in court.

- Relax, Laughton.- What you gonna doabout it?

Laughton, please,listen to me.

- I never did--- All right, I'm listening.

- When you finish,I'm gonna talk.- No, no, no. Just listen.

Adam: Kori kept putting her hand on Laughton's shoulder,

trying to back him off a little.

And Laughton kept doing like,

"Should I throw a left cross?Maybe I'll throw the right."

I feared for Johnny's life.

Let's talk aboutsome of the big issues.

Evidently, you weren'tthe one who did the electric.

- Laughton put that wire in?- I didn't touch nothingin the bathroom.

- I remember taking it down.- You ain't never takethat wire down.

I ain't never put no wireup there. I don't mess withelectrical... at all.

All right.Johnny, you're lying.

Let me ask this.Somebody got two grand of yours,

what you gonna doabout it?

-- I'd be pissed offjust like you guys,

but I explainedto you what happened to me.

Somebody that I letstay over took our money

and every dime I hadoutta the house.

What does that have to dowith my bathroom?

'Cause your guys' moneywas there, too.

Okay, why not take itto the bank and deposit it?

- So, you're saying somebodyrobbed that money from you?- Money that I had in a--

That's not their problem.You should put the depositin the bank

like any professionalcontractor. Hold that moneyin escrow.

Not in a sockunder your mattress or whereverthe hell you were keeping it.

If somebody stole it,that's your problem, man.

I'm pissed,'cause this is mygrandparents' house.

( voice breaking )They worked hardfor this -- house.

- I never intentionallytried to come in here--- Man, stop talking to me!

- Like, like, no!Stop! Stop!- Yeah, okay.

All you had to dowas pick up a phone.

How many timesdid we have to call you?

And your voicemail is full,you don't return text messages.

There's been many a timesyou have made arrangements

and just not showed up.

There's been timesI've missed class, finals,

midterms to be here

because you said yousegonna be here and younever showed up.

Kori: This is my grandparents' house.

This is the legacythat they left us

and we trusted youto help restore that legacy,

and you just said, "Oh, well, there was issues."

Okay, well,I have issues too.

But I don't stop sitting here doing what I gotta do

because I got issues.

You know, man.( sniffles )

We're gonna getto the business of makingthis bathroom right for you

and he's gonna be under our supervision

and we're gonna have him do this work.

It's gonna get done,no problem.

Man, I'm just pissed offabout it. I don't wannatalk about it no more.

I'm pissed off, dawg.Like you know what I'm saying?I'm good.

- Well.- ( exhales )My favorite day.

Today's reveal day.

We busted Johnny's ass and got the job done.

Kori: I'm so excited to see what they did to the house.

- This has been six monthsin the making,- Six months.

so I can't waitto get inside.

( gasps )

Skip: What do you think, guys?

Kori: You guys are awesome!

- Wow.- Skip: What do you think, Kori?

( crying )Thank you.

Why do they alwayshug Skip first?

( laughing )Why not me?

It's amazing.

Of course, the best partis inside the house.

( gasps )

- Wow.- ( crying )

- Oh, my God.- This is crazy.

Skip: The only way to repair this was to redo the whole thing.

And then once wegot started, we kindajust couldn't stop.

Oh, my God.It's like breathingfor the first time.

- This is what a houseis supposed to look like.- I'm so happy.

( Kori gasps )


Long time.

Kori: Oh! I can fit under the shower.

You see you gotyour niche in there, right,for your shampoo bottle--

- will actually fit in there.- Yes, right. This is amazing.

Everything was doneup to code and all done safely.

So nobody's getting electrocuted in this bathroom.

- Thank God.- I love you guys.

For us, there's a physicaltransformation to make

and then there's anemotional transformationto make.

So, I'm gonna bring Johnny in here. Johnny.

You guys have a little chancefor closure now.

Did you really knowthat you was putting usin danger

- as far as the ledge, candles,and other stuff?- No, no.

Nothing was done intentional.I apologize.

If you can accept that,I mean, that's your call.

I'm just glad I ain't gottasee you no more.

I just wanna make surethat what happened to usdoesn't happen

- to another family.- Never. Never. I give youmy word.

Johnny: I feel really bad for what this family's gone through.

I really should havenever started this projectto begin with.

I'm not gonna be doingany more contractingfrom here on forward.

Stick to my carsand go from there.

- I think that's a great idea.- You know, good thing aboutcars. No bathrooms in 'em.

All right, Johnny.Thanks for coming back.

Moral of the story is,second only to the kitchen,

the bathroom isthe most difficult roomto remodel in the house.

Hire a licensed contractor.

Otherwise, you may find yourself

frying in your plasticshower curtain.