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Rampage Returns

  • Aired 06/18/2016

Before Dynamite 2 explodes at the Scottrade Center on 6/24, Spike offers this compelling look at the MMA superstar & living legend Rampage Jackson as he prepares to battle Olympic Gold medalist and emerging phenom Satoshi Ishii.

Narrator: Tonight,he's the Jekyll and Hyde of MMA.

Two different personalities.

There's Quinton...

Gizmo, will you slide off hereif I take you for a ride?

...and there's Rampage.

I'm a monster!

Narrator: He's a movie starand a brilliant self-marketer.

I want to direct this commercial

because nobody can sell mebetter than I can sell myself.

Are you ready?-Together: Yes, sir!

[ Laughter ]

You know, this whole hoax

is about me connectingwith the fans.

It says "Do not touchthe chain," bro.


Coker:Sometimes people don't like him

because he's out therebarking away,

and he's out there talking,and he's talking smack.

You said you gonna retire me?I will [bleep] you up.

He's got freaky powerwith the hands.

Announcer: Bang, left hookright on the chin,

and he's out.

Coker:He's knocked everybody out.

Narrator:And he's feared for good reason.

I have this thingwhere I like to make people pay.

Ishii, he's gonnabe a good test for me.

If Ishii can put us off,it would be monumental.

Jackson: I forgetabout these days

when I had to spend my last centto get something to eat.

This reminds me of my dayswhen I was hungry.

He's gonna regretsigning that contract.

[ Speaking Japanese ]

It means "I'mgonna [bleep] kill you."

Jackson: I'm a monster!

[ Howling ]I'm back.

I'm gonna try and beat his ass.

[ Bell dings ]Announcer: And that is it!

Jackson: Anybody steps into thiscage, they going to sleep.

Narrator: Pride.



This is the storyof two fighters

who came to fame in Japan,

one from the rough streetsof Memphis,

one from the Motherland...

both infusedwith the Samurai mentality

to live and die by the sword.

But what it meansto each of them now

is as different and far apartas the 3,000 miles

and two different landsthey live and train in,

one in Huntington Beach,California,

the other in Holland,

each having sacrificeda great deal to be there.

Jackson:I left everything.

I left my apartment, my job,and everything,

and I drove out to California.

Narrator: And nowas they prepare for a showdown

over a decade in the making,

time and distance mean nothing.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson,

a true legend of the sport.

Jackson: I grew up in Memphis,and my neighborhood

was right down the streetfrom the projects.

I grew up fighting a lot.

I never started fights.

But I loved finishing them.

Announcer: He's out!

Rampage himself is quiet wellknown in Japan,

having fought in Pridefor a while.

He was known when he first cameover there as being homeless.

He's had these incredible slamsthat stay in your memory.

When Rampage Jacksondefeated Chuck Liddell,

he did it in sucha vicious manner,

so brutal, so violent,it put him on the map.

He was a knockout artist,and this is how he did it.

He did it with his hands.

Announcer: ...right hand.And that is it!

The Arona slam is gonna behis defining moment

because of how raw and howpowerful it actually was.

Lifting Arona up

and driving him throughthe canvas was beautiful.

Narrator:Who is this mystery man

with a chainaround his neck

that howls in the cage

and brings uncontrollable force

and anger into every fight?

Anybody step in this cage,they going to sleep.

Narrator: Conflicted.

You saidyou gonna retire me?

I will [bleep] you up.


Announcer: Right hand!

Narrator: Charming.


Announcer: He's out!

There's the stoppageon the big right hand.

The Jekyll and Hyde aspectsof Rampage Jackson, yeah,

I would definitely thinkthere's some truth

to that comparison

because whenRampage Jackson's bad, he's bad.

Jackson: I'm a monster!

McKinnell: And when he's in it,athletically speaking,

he's one of the mostgifted fighters

to ever step into the cage.

And he's kind of an enigma.

You don't reallyget to see all his eyes,

everything he's thinking.

Sometimes people don't like him

because he's out therebarking away,

and he's out there talking,and he's talking smack.

Everybody in my weight class

better be shakingin their boots!

Narrator: While Rampagewas building his name,

another starwas being bred to compete --

Satoshi Ishii --

the Japanese Olympicgold medal winner in judo

in the 2008 Olympics,a discipline

that Ishii has devotedhis entire life to perfecting.

He's won the highest honorin martial arts for his country.

There's no higher honorin Japan, I'm telling you.

He breezed through the Olympics,basically.

He took the gold medal.

It was his.He knew it was his.

He took it home with him.That was the end of it.

So that's why whenit was announced

that he was going into MMA,everyone's ears perked up.

Coker:He could have had a safe life,

but you know, he chose to go tothe other side of the unknown

and really testhis martial arts ability

and really wanted to growas a martial artist.

Just because he wanted to becomean MMA fighter so badly,

he chose to go to Holland,

start a whole knew life.

While if he would havestayed in Japan,

he would have hada very good living.

Narrator:Young in his career,

he seeks to becomea legend killer.

Having facedand defeated

some of the greatest fightersin the world,

the big winsover UFC star Pedro Rizzo...

...beating former UFC championTim Sylvia...

...Ishii now has his sights seton making a big name

for himself in Americaby beating Rampage.

He's got something to prove --his pride for his country,

for what he represents,for his people.

He's not hereto lose another fight.

If he were to beat Rampage,

this would be a dreamcome true for him,

puts his countryon a national spotlight,

changes his life forever.

He's going to haveto take everything

that he had that motivated himto become an Olympian,

that same drive,that same ambition,

that same discipline,

to beat Rampage Jackson.

Narrator:At Bellator Dynamite 2,

on June 24th,

Rampage and Ishiiwill meet in the cage.

Two men from different worlds,

who built themselves upin Japan,

are headed for a collisioncourse years in the making.

It's Rampage Jackson,

who always comesto put on a show,

and it's an Olympicgold medalist,

someone who can challengeRampage in various ways.

It's just a fun fight to put on.

Narrator:In order to win, both fighters

will need to channelthe spirit of their opponent.

Rampage must take controlof his inner demons...

Jackson:I'm taking everybody out.

Narrator: ...while Ishii willhave to become the wild beast

that fuels Rampage.

Does Rampage Jacksonmove forward in his career?

Oh, I'm gonna tryto beat his ass.

He's gonna regretsigning that contract.

Announcer:A TKO win for Rampage Jackson.

And does Satoshi Ishii reachthat prodigy level contendership

that we've been wondering aboutfor almost a decade?

East meets West.

Announcer: ...right hand.And that is it!

It's all gonna godown June 24th.

Announcer: Now set to make hisway to the cage --

Rampage Jackson.

Jackson: I don't know what goeson when I'm in that cage.

I'm a different person.

I don't what I'm feelingor what's going on.

There's Quinton,and there's Rampage.

Two different people,two different personalities.

And that's why I alwayshad a problem with,

you know, what's up with me.

I can't explain it.

Growing up the way I grew up,it's kind of hard to say

because my familyis gonna watch this,

but they know.

They know how they treatedme growing up.

I didn't always get treatedthe way that I wanted to.

I used to get mad.I used to hyperventilate.

And my familythought it was amusing.

So they would piss me offall the time

and make me hyperventilate.

Man, they treated melike dog [bleep] growing up.

Maybe that had somethingto do with the way I fought

because I didn't careif people hurt me.

I didn't care.

I still don't care about that.I'm a brawler.

My job is to end the fightas fast as possible.

Announcer: That hurt him!

Announcer #2: Right hand!And that is it!

A TKO win for Rampage Jacksonin his Bellator debut.

Bellator, y'all don't knowwhat y'all messing with!

I'm a monster!

I'm a monster!

Like, I have this thingwhere I like to make people pay.

I took that personal!

Like, if they're gonna tryto punch me this way,

I'm gonna make them pay.

They think I'm finished.

They're gonna tryto take me down.

I want to make them pay.

Is that gonna retire me?

When you inflict painon people most times,

it sends a little triggerto the pain receptors

and stuffgoes off to their brain,

and their brain would tell them,"Oh, don't do that no more."

Just like the same thing if youtouch fire for the first time.

Your brain tells you,like, "Oh, you learned.

Don't do that, don't do that."

And so when you're fighting,

it's all off reactions,all off reactions.

And so, if somebody would comeat me with a certain maneuver

and if I blocked itand they get the pain,

it sends like a little messageto their brain like,

"Oh, don't dothat no more."

And so, he had to fight that,

as well as fighting me

the next timehe want to do it.

He has to fight that littlethat mechanism

that God created in all of usto protect ourselves.

You next! You next!You next!

[ Howling ]I'm a monster!

My cousin named mewhen I was 8 years old.

Named me "Rampage"because I used

to play that video gameon Nintendo.

I have the worst temperon the planet,

so I would punch holesin the wall.

Stuff just like the video gameand go on a rampage.

Announcer: Rampage Jacksonuses power punches.

Jackson:The chain came from whenI was wrestling in high school.

I lost my first five matchesin a row,

and my little brother bought mea chain, said, "Wear this.

It'll make your opponentsintimidated."

Okay.I wore the chain,

and sure enough, I wentundefeated with the chain.

[ Howling ]Announcer: The trademark howl.

Jackson: And I've been howlingsince I was a kid.

My family was kind ofembarrassed about it.

"Don't howl,"like fighting and stuff.

And when I was in college,I stopped wearing my chain

because people made fun of me,and I didn't howl.

So I almost didn'tbring it to MMA,

but I just said, "You know what?

Who cares?I'm-a be me."

And it stuck with me.

Narrator:To prepare for Rampage,

Ishii leaves Japan behind

to trainwith MMA great Gegard Mousasi.

When "Rampage Returns."

Announcer: Satoshi Ishii!

[ Grunting ]

Faster, faster, faster.

Announcer: Ishii Satoshi!

[ Bell dings ]

Man: Ishii! Hey!

He contacted me on Facebook.He came to Holland.

He trained a couple timesfor some of his fights.

And he liked it,so he decided to come live here.

So, since then, it's like moreof a family bond.

We help each otherout any way we can.

I think about the sacrifice

that Ishii has madeto cross over into MMA.

You're up on this pedestal.You can't walk anywhere.

And people are mobbing himbecause he's a big star there,

'cause he was on the cover

of their versionof "Sports Illustrated,"

their versionof "Time" magazine.

He's a mainstreamsuperstar in Japan.

Okamoto:Now he's coming over,

and he's going to be fighting infront of his American fan base,

who's probably reallymeeting him

for the first timein a lot of ways.

Fang: I think the psychologyfor Satoshi Ishii

breaks down as faras wanting to succeed

and seeing an end goal,

And I'm pretty surehaving broke down

every single oneof Rampage's fights.

I mean, there's no lossof tape on Rampage Jackson.

He's got a great coaching staff

and has prepared very wellfor this fight.

Announcer: Sucks in the ankle,gets the takedown.


Mousasi: I think Ishiimatches up very well

because Ishiiis much more well-rounded.

It's all abouthow you put things together.

And I think if Ishiiputs things together,

it's gonna be easy.

Announcer:And he gets the takedown.

Coker: This could be a dangeroussituation for Rampage.

Let's say his weakest linkis Ishii's strongest asset,

and that's gonna bethe chess match.

How does each fighterimpose their will on the other

to get into position to win.

If Ishii can pull this off,it would be monumental.

That's the word I think of.

It'll be a defining momentin Ishii's career

because this was the fight

that when he madethe crossover to MMA,

this was the monumental fightthat he won.

Fang: This fight meanseverything to him.

Everything is on the line,

so he's gonna comein there hungry

and wanting to prove a lot,

and that makes himquite a threat.

Coker:The accomplishments of Ishii,

he's won in martial artsfor his country.

He's had it all, man.

He's had to give up all that

because once he cameover to MMA,

I'm sure the Judo Federationwas not happy.

And I'm sure that some people

probably turnedtheir back on him.

But he has his own journey.He has his own destiny.

And he wants to becomethe best MMA fighter

on the planet.

Announcer:Ishii Satoshi!

Ghosn: It's only 95 degreesin here right now.

Narrator: The heat turns up onRampage as June 24th approaches.

♪ The heat is on ♪

When "Rampage Returns."

[ Tires screech ]

Sorry, I had to burn rubberwith my baby, I'm sorry.

I love that van.It's a real fun van.

Chicks dig it, too.

I'm thinking about puttinga mattress in the back.

That's how we do, man.We just --

This is how real mencarry their training stuff.

Just like this.

The heater's broke.

-No heater today.-No heat.

No heat'cause it's more busted.

I just voted.[Bleep] you guys.

We would jump you, man.

-Jumping [bleep]-We would jump you.


The heaters are broke.I can't get them out.

The heaters are broke.

I told him notto jump you, coach.

We're doingthe [bleep] heater.

We're gonna train.

I'm turning the [bleep] heaterson, and we're gonna sweat.

So tiredof this [bleep] heat.

Every [bleep] daythe heat is on.

And he be singing...♪ The heat is on ♪

It's only 95 degreesin here right now.

It's just natural for us to just[bleep] with each other

or [bleep] with other people.

Practical jokes is somethingthat takes the stress

and monotonyout of everyday training.

Yeah,feel like fight night.

This is how I'm gonnavisualize the fight.

Like, oh, oh, oh.

♪ Dun, dun, dun, dun,can't touch this ♪

You got to saythat when you bob and weave.

Can't touch this.Whoa, can't touch this.

Whoa, whoa, can't touch this.

Yeah, can't touch this.

Listen, we have allthis fun, we joke around,

but I'll tell you what --come June 24th...

Target practice now.

...Rampage is gonna completelydecimate Satoshi Ishii.

A lot of people look at meand see a meal ticket.

"Oh, I can make moneyoff this guy."

And with Tiki,it's not like that.

We was friends first.Tiki and I, we have that bond.

We used to help each other trainfor each other's fights.

And we didn't pay each other.

It had nothing to do with money.We're like brothers.

Because of my relationshipwith Rampage,

because of how longI've known him,

I can get out of himwhat most people can't.

I know what he's capable of,and I can push him.

I can get that out of him.

Cross, right cross.

Ah, nice.

He's fighting Satoshi Ishii,

Olympic gold medalist from 2008.

This guy's a monster.

He's 29 years old.

He's young, he's hungry.

It's gonna be a dogfight.

Ishii is gonna bea good test for me.

He's gonna be a good test

because he'sa Judo gold medalist,

and he's a southpaw.

But it's a given that I'mgonna try to destroy him.

These kind of fightsare dangerous.

This guys has nothing to lose.

He comes to the U.S.,He beats Rampage,

and he's gonna buildhis name right off of Rampage,

much like Rampage didin the beginning of his career.

There's nothing wrong with himtrying to come over to America

and trying to make his name.

I did the same thingwhen I went to Japan,

but I did it with a loss.

He will have to sufficewith that, as well.

Come on, when'sthe 10 seconds? Go.

Right here.

Come on, come on.

Come on.

Don't stop.

Come on, come on.

Nice!Whew, way to work.

Jackson: All right,let's cut the heat.

Oh, come on, it's hot.

Okay, okay.

Ah, come on.

Man:That's some quality H2O.

That's right, man.Makes you thirsty.

All right, come on, guys.Let's get this going.

Pictures up!

I want to directthis commercial

because nobody can sell mebetter than I can sell myself.

I got multiple lines.

I want it from multipledifferent angles --

wide, medium, and close-up.

Are you guys ready?-Together: Yes, sir!

All right, all right.Let's do this.

Let's do this, let's go.

Tiki, what's the line?-Line, please.

Some people think I'm crazy.

Maybe I am.

Some people think I'm crazy.

I might be.

I look likeShaquille O'Neal.

[ Laughter ]

People think I'm crazy.

Maybe I am.

[ Laughter ]

I don't know how the [bleep]crazy people act.

Ghosn:You're [bleep] angry.

Like somebodypulled out their camera,

and they're taking a pictureof you

and you don't want them to.Like you're [bleep] pissed.

Yeah, I am [bleep] pissedwhen they do that.

Rampage, Rampage,can I get your picture?

[Bleep] off!

Come on, can I get your picture?I'm a really big fan.

Some people think I'm crazy.

Maybe I am.

[ Speaking Japanese ]

It means"I'm gonna [bleep] kill you."

I like that.

Satoshi Ishii, you gonna regretsigning that contract.

Mark my words.

Remember I said that [bleep]

Let's get the [bleep]out of here.

Habtat: He's Japanese.

Japanese arevery good listeners.

What you tell them, they do.

They don't stop till you say,

"Hey, it's finished,it stops, you done."

You know, I have many fighters,

but I have to push them, really.

But Ishii you don'thave to push.

He's go, go, go, go.Like a machine.

Go, go.

Faster, faster.

We try here to domore combinations,

then he have the confidence.

It's all about the confidence.

Fighting -- they can all fight,

but they must goto the ring with confidence.

When you have confidence,you have everything.

Man: What other plansdo you have with Rampage?

Kick his arse -- ass off.Really.

I hope you win,really, really.

Narrator: From "The A-Team's"B.A. Baracus

to Brad the surfer dude?

It says "Do not touchthe chain," bro.


When "Rampage Returns."

Narrator: It's another dayof training for Rampage,

but this morning, it's notbusiness as usual.

People are gonna walk up,and they're gonna see this,

and they can wish yougood luck on your fight,

or they can tell you,you know, kick rocks.

So, what we're gonna do is we'regonna use some facial hair,

some wigs, some hats, disguises,a little bit makeup,

and we're gonna hopefullymake you unrecognizable.

"Brad's Surf's UpVideography," dude.

You know, this whole hoax

is about me connectingwith the fans.

Seeing what the streetssay about me, to me,

while I'm there.

If they kind of say some stuffthat's kind of out of line,

then I can like,"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa."

Take the wig offand put them in check.

Oh, hey,how you guys doing?

Where you guys from?-Long Beach.

Dude, I was born and raisedin Huntington Beach, bro.

Dude, bro, the chain --

it says "Do not touchthe chain," bro.

Man: Really?

Bro, it says "Do not touchthe chain" right there.

Who's chain is it?


-Why you touching my chain?-Oh, sorry.

-[ Laughs ]-Huh?

I didn't knowit was your chain.

You put the chain back.Put it back right now.

-All right, all right.-Now give me 10 pushups.

-Oh, really?-Yes.


Man:Guys, yeah, whoo!

It's a pleasureto meet you, man.

I didn't knowyou were dating Eva Mendes.


What would you sayto Rampage

if he was right in frontof you, dude?

Your jiu jitsu sucks.[ Bell dings ]

Give him a kiss, dude.

Give him a kiss.-What?

I hope you getyour ass kicked, Rampage.

Oh, my God,are you kidding?

-Do not touch.-I'm sorry.

You look like Surfer Brad.

-Thanks, bro.-Gnarly, bro.

Straight gnarly.

[ Laughter ]

Van Leeuwen:He spent so many years

living according to the rulesof the strict Japanese training

and the strictJapanese environment.

And now he wants to breakout of this tradition

and do things, be free,

and do what he wants to do.

[ Speaking Japanese ]

Leiden is his city.

He has a new family here.

He feels like the Mousasi familyis his family.

So, he's kind of applying thesame kind of things to his life

as to what he doesin his sports.

Man: You see on topof the bridges are two keys

because our saintfrom the city of Leiden

is Saint Peter.


Okay.Very good, very good.

You're promoting Leiden.-Yeah. Yeah.

Of course.

[ Chuckles ]

What? Leiden.


First, I was like,"But I know this guy."

Yeah, I didn't expecthim to see here.

Every Japanese knowsthis is him,

that he's the one.

What a surprise.

You miss Japan?

You like here.I do like here, too.

Living in Leidenis very good.


Mousasi: His attitude,the person that he is,

it's difficult not to like him.

Ishii is a typical Japanese.

A lot of honor,a lot of dignity,

but also honest.

He's an honest person.

He does things,let's say from Judo to MMA,

I wouldn't have done it.[ Chuckles ]

But he's the guythat does things his way,

and that's why you haveto respect him.

Coker: He chose to goto the other side of the unknown

and really wanted to growas martial artist.

And I have a lotof respect for that.

It kindof reminds me of a throwback

to the old Pride days

and the old MMA days, right?

You got the big star from Japan,

who is an Olympic gold medalist,

who is getting betterin MMA in every fight.

And then you got the superstar,Quinton Jackson,

that has done it all,has fought it all.

[ Shouting ]

Up, up, up, up.

If he beats Rampage Jackson,

he goes back over to Japan,and he's a king.

Not that he's not a king already

for winningthe gold medal in Judo.

But this addsanother layer to that.

Hale: Somebody like Ishii,that guy's dangerous,

that guy's scary.

That guy is a guywho's still got a lot

left in his tankfor his career.

Gerrard:When you have nothing to lose,

I believe that it makes youa more dangerous opponent.


Narrator:Rampage faces his painful past

to re-ignite the firethat will destroy Ishii's dream.

Oh, I'm gonna tryto beat his ass.

Push it!

When "Rampage Returns."

Narrator:While Rampage continues

his brutal two-a-day training,

the years of rigorous schedulecan take a toll --

physically and mentally.

He has won his lastthree Bellator fights

against Beltran...

Announcer:And that is it!

Perhaps one secondbefore the end of round 1!

Narrator: ...M'Pumbu...

Announcer: He's out.And now look at Rampage Jackson

in the face of Christian.

Narrator:...and King Mo...

Narrator:He's after King Mo again.

It snapped Mo's headback more than once.

That left eye is a mess.

...but he has not foughtin over a year.

All the greatest trainers know

that the firethat burns deeply

sometimesneeds to be re-ignited.

To that end,Tiki has decided

to take Rampage backto the beginning,

back to the first placehe lived --

a motel thatstill stands today --

and to Tiki's first gym,

the place they first met,

which is now a bicycle shop.

When I first started MMA,it was like a new journey.

I left my car, my apartment,my job, and everything

and drove out to California.

You know, I had a kid, and I wasstill trying to help out,

take care of him and stuff,

It was pretty rough,

but I wantedto become a fighter.

I remember the first timeI came here.

You remember that?-Yeah, I remember.

I didn't knowwhat to expect.

Seeing all y'all sweaty,tough dudes up in here training.

-So long ago.-15 years ago.

Tiki, he was alwayscool with me.

Even though he was a fighter,

he was really good withholding bags, and we would spar.

And he would showme stuff back then.

We used to train togetherand stuff all the time.

Don't look nothingthe same, man.

Don't look nothing the same.

We had a lot of wars here.

I had my second fighthere at this place.

Step up, step up.


You had the best gymin Orange County, man.

Ghosn: Everybody in the citycame out of this gym.

The [bleep] cageused to be right here.

This is the spot?-Yeah.

Don't make fun of me.I was broke.

I got a buddy of mine,

used to live herea long time ago.

Yeah, I know this guy.Rampage Jackson, man.

How you doing?Was you working here

when I used to stay here?-Um, yeah.

I haven't been back here.

It was a really hard time

considering that I hada good job back home,

and I had a nice apartment.

Hey, I'm Quinton.-Nice to meet you.

I'm Tiki.

This used to bemy business, my gym,

about 15 years ago.

How do you feelbeing back here?

Very nostalgic.

I moved from Memphisto train at this gym here.

I wantedto become a fighter.

I felt like I was doingsomething positive.

I got my first submissionright here in this area.

It was a pretty bigmoment for me

because I left everybodyat home in Memphis,

and I felt like I madethe right move.

Sometimes I think like,

"Is it worth it?And why did I do this?"

And then I come here,

and I think aboutall the hard work

that I put ininside this building.

Took me like four monthsto even find a job out here.

And I'm making probablylike, um, 80 bucks a week.

It was really bad.

Hey, did it looklike this still?

-I don't remember this.-This is all new.

Yeah, this is kind oflike what it was.

I remember the old bathroom.Oh, yeah.

It still smells the same.

It's been so long.

I've been punchedso many times since...

Not gonna lie,sometimes I forget --

I forget about these days

when I had to bust my ass

and get to the gymand come back here

and spend my last centto get something to eat.

Times were rough, you know?

It was either eator pay the bills,

you know what I'm saying?

This bike would bea great memento,

and it can symbolize the rideI've been on

coming from Memphisand moving to California.

Been one hell of a ride.

This reminds me of my dayswhen I was hungry.

And it makes me wantto get back to that.

It's good to beback training with Tiki.

It like rejuvenated me to getthat hunger back,

that feelingthat I've been missing.

All right, lookslike we're going back to work

in an old-school type of way.

This feels like oneof those old fights.

This is gonnabe a lot of fun.

I started off strong,

and coming here todaymakes me feel

like I want to finish upmy career strong.

We're sparring like it wasback in the day -- dog fights.

Nice, nice, switch.Bowler in.

A fresh guyevery couple minutes.

I have to throw everythingat him that he may possibly see.

Nice.Nice sprawl.

Rampage isa sprawl-and-brawl type of guy,

and he's worked well froma distance, and he hurts people.

He throws wide,he throws right down the middle.

If he lands,he's going to hurt you.

He has a young,hungry competitor

looking to make his name off of.

That's not gonnahappen under my watch.

He's gonna regretsigning that contract.

If Rampage punches Ishii,he's gonna knock him out.

He's got freaky powerwith the hands,

and he's knocked everybody out.

Oh, I'm gonna tryto beat his ass.

Announcer: Rampage got him hurtand never let him off the hook.

Shapiro: The guy's wonfour straight fights.

He has had no problemgoing onto the ground

and lifting up grown men

and slamming their bodiesonto the mat.

I just get the feelingthat Rampage is actually

getting betteras he's getting older.

The skill set and his abilityto adapt into a fight

using lateral movement,

using head movement,using his kicks.

Oh, there we go.I like everything I'm seeing.

Good job.

I know for a fact

that he is ready.

He is hungry.He is back.

The scariest Rampage Jacksonis a hungry Rampage Jackson.

Announcer: Good uppercutlanded by Rampage.

Ghosn:He wants to destroy this guy.

He's had to fight his waythrough life

and fight his waythrough these victories.

He's had to fight hardto get to the top.

I feel like I'm a winnerbecause I made it.

I made something out of nothing.

Growing up as a knucklehead,

I've becomea professional fighter,

so whether I winor lose in this cage,

I've already won at life.

Push it, push it.

There you go.

Keep it going.

Push it.