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Sake Bombed

A drunk sushi chef with a gross shtick & a controlling chef compete for an investment from Team Taffer.

You just ruinedthe whole experience.

You expect meto put a mock-up

of a penisnext to my face?


- Do you understandhow offensive that is?- I-I-I absolutely understand.

( slurring )

Because you put a penisin front of my friend!

This is a joke!Good night.

This is a huge opportunity for these investors to be here

and even take a lookat our place.

And I feel like, "Crap, did we just lose them?"

There were thingsthat you did tonight...

that were flawless.

But this placewill not stayin business

unless you cansuddenly mature.

- I thought it wasfun and jokes--- Here's the deal.

I'm gonna talk to Taffer.I'm gonna get them in.

But I need you to come inwith a new attitude, okay?

I don't want thisto die down for my family.

How am I gonna -- change?I'm gonna try my best.

After leaving yesterday,I'm not even sure whatI'm walking into today

or that I even want towalk into it.

This is aboutwhere we go from here.

I appreciate youcoming back out.

Let me level withall of you here.

With the amountof debt that exists,

I don't see anyother option here

besides--besides a Chapter 7.

My plan was toclose the doors

- next month.- Wait a minute.

I was to the pointwhere I didn't wantto continue.

--. I can'tbelieve you.

Ki, are youon any of thisdebt personally?

Oh, yeah.That's-- that'sthis idiot.

I believethat if we havea fighting chance

to earn an investment,we would be able to cutour debt in half.

I think we couldsalvage this.

We're not gonna give youdollars for old debt.

We're gonna give youdollars and we're gonna saywhat they're used for.

Do you guysstill wanna gothrough with this?

- Um, in that case--- If the business is successful,you'll pay that off.

--we have to do our best

to take this placeto its full potential.

I think you and I have a solid enough friendship

to workthrough this.

Relying onyour friendship

- hasn't worked out so well.- I'm not perfect.

There are a lot of things that I need to change,

and that takes humility.Ki is the operator.

This isthe first time I...

heard somethinglike this from this guy.

I think we're readyto work togetheror split.

I really seesomething happening.

I actually feelvery bad for John,

because I know what it feels like to be owning

a restaurant when you're young, and it is a lot.

I really wantto help him moreon a personal level.

Let's goto work, okay?

- Hello, Chef.- Hi, Chef.

Got a couple ofsurprises for you.

This isa brand-new Yanagi.

- Yours had been14 years old.- Oh, my God!

Where are your old knives?Let me compare them.

So, over the years,you sharpened this.

And this old knifeused to be

- the very samesize as this.- Yes. Yes.

- Unbelievable.- David: The other knife is stainless steel.

- We don't have a lot of control.- It's about precision.

- Yes.- These high-carbonsteel blades

- hold an edge better than any other steel.- Yes.

That would last meabout 20 years.

Narrator: A Yanagi knife is made from the same carbon steel

as Japanese swords.

The long blade with one angled side

is to be used in a pulling motion.

The blade's length and thin edge

help precision and controlling potion sizes.

I hope you enjoy it.

Besh: To a sushi chef like David, the knife is everything.

That is the one toolthat makes all the differencein the portion size.

And so I'm really lookingforward to bringing

a little more finesseto his incredible cuisine.

Last nightyou servedtwo scallops.

- How much a pound are those?- $34.

That wasthree and a halfounces right there.

And so the portion

that I wantto show you today

is out of onescallop.

You slice this scallopinto six little pieces.

It comes outmore than six pieceswith this new knife.

Besh: Let's do it as many slices as you can get.

A little bitof your cucumber,pickled carrot,

take some green onion,little bit of yuzu.

Just a little ponzuwith just a touch of wasabi

right over the top.

You have all thosedifferent things

that you hit onin most of yourdishes, right?

But you're only usingone scallop.

Half the portion,it's still a large dish.

It's costing you50% less.

I love this.

This isunbelievable.

- Taffer: Dave, Danny.- Derry: Hello.

- Hi.- Taffer: Good to see you.

- Derry: Good to see you again.- Besh: David.

- Derry:David, good to see you.- David and Sunn...

we initiallywanted to investin your restaurant.

- Oh, my God--- Initially.

Initially. Oh...

That was our goal.Then I came here,

walked in to finda drunk chef...

...who served my friendspossibly the mostoffensive thing

I can ever imagine at a family restaurant.

Tiff and Taffand myself,

we werethrilled to see

your willingnessto change.

However, we'relooking to investin a sushi restaurant

that has the greatestfinancial opportunity,

and you havetough competition.

But they dropped out.We're not consideringthem anymore.

So this isall about

whether wewant to investin you or not.

If we don't invest...did we leave youin a better place?

Oh, yeah, yeah.Most definitely.

We have learneda lot of thingsfrom you guys.

All right,you know we hada very difficult choice.

And you knowit's just business.

And we have madea decision.

We choose to investin Mr. Sushi.

Oh, my God!


- How about that?Is that awesome?- Oh, my God!

( sobbing )

David, why are youso emotional?

I wish that my dadwas here right now.

Taffer: You've proven yourself as a chef,

as a businessman,as a partner.

Now you're gonnamake us proud, too.

Yes, sir.

You've asked usfor $50,000.

We've crunchedthe numbers,and we believe

we can get it donefor $34,000.

There are conditions--these are the thingsthat must happen. more drinkingwhen we work.

- Yes.- Everybody should becomfortable at Mr. Sushi.

Two... we wannamake sure that yourun this restaurant.

David and Sunn,y'all have to be a team

when it comesto food cost.

He knows the prices, you weigh everything,

and you price thingsso that you can grow.

Three...we wanna increaseyour omakase

all-you-can-eat menufrom $25.95

to 29.95.

- Do you agreeto those terms?- Yes.

- Yes.- ( Derry laughs )


Mr. Sushihas a lot to offer.

I mean, the foodis incredible,

their personalities--they're humble people.

I believe what they say.But there is nobodyin this area,

I mean nobody,who is doing sushilike they're doing it.

I'm proud of you, man.You're awesome.

I can't waitto come back.