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Westbound And Ground

Two Los Angeles burger joints attempt to prove to Jon’s team that they are the juicier investment.

- Let's pick three burgers.- Tiffany?

a dothe Pilgrim Burger.

I just want a plain burger.The Outlaw Burger.

Can I swap outthe jalapeño bacon

- for the applewood smoked?- No.

We don't changeour signature meals.

So if I'm allergic to mushrooms,then I shouldn't get it?

If you're allergic to mushrooms,you should get something else.


So they do it your wayor they hit the highway.

- It's the Burger Nazi.- Yeah, the Burger Nazi, yes.

When it comes toour signature dishes,

they do not change.

- Can I change my bunon the Outlaw Burger?- No.

Our signature mealsI will not change.

I'll close the place beforewe alter the signature meals.

- This is--- Erik, Erik, Erik.

- What?- This isthe hospitality business.

No, it is not.

Jon: We are in a hospitality business,

and this guy doesn't understandthat when I invest,

he'd better see the wisdomof my money,

or he's not gonna see my money.

Hang on, Jon.We have great food.

- And we wanna taste it.- Hang on!

Well, then quit trying to alter it.

We've gone throughnine and a half months

of everybody saying,"Your food's amazing."

Why in the hellwould you wanna change that?

Because she's allergicto mushrooms.

Then she doesn't eatthe -- thing.She eats something else.

I think we needto put the order in.

Honestly, at this point,I've forgotten what they were.

So we're gonna haveto start over.

So the thing that reallythrew me over the edge

is when Erik said,"Don't touch my burger.

If you touch my burger,I'm out of here."

- Here's your burger.- Wow!

I wanna pricethat burger together.

- That burger costs $8.- Let's start with the bun.

- I'd say 50.- I'd say 55.

Wait a minute.Eat it while it's hot.

You're basing a ratherimportant decision

on what you think of my food.

- Eat it now.- Okay, now I have--

Go for it.I'll let you eat in peace.

- Without you staring at me.- You got it.

These particular investorscome in

and start picking apartmy burgers.

I don't wanna hear it.

If I was Cynthiaand I knew that three people

were coming here to investin my business, I'd have a plan.

She didn't.

So if the three of us wantedto invest in your business,

how much would yoube looking for?

- A couple of million.- Couple of million.

The moment two millionwas thrown out,

Jon and Tiff are laughing this lady off.

How do we get a million backif we put a million in there?

You'd probably get$100 million back.

Now, those are words, Cynthia.Those are words.

I wanna deal in reality,not words.

Cynthia should have beena politician

'cause she's great at BSingwith some energy.

We're not gonna solve thisout here.

- Let's try your burger.- Oh, come inside.

- Let's take a lookat your business.- Come inside.

Let's go. Let's do it! Come on, let's do it right now!

I think we're in trouble.

Serve my friends right here.

Burger with the baconand cheese.

And that comes with friesand a drink?

Here, order ready to roll.

I love this place.

Guys, look at this.

This whole placeis coated in grease.

That's pretty disgusting.

I'm a fanof a good street burger,

but I don't wanna tastethe street on my burger.


Cynthia,have you ever gone

to a healthand sanitation class?

Yes. We've beenin business for 30 years.

You don't know that.

Besh: Cynthia's not serious about cleanliness.

She's not seriousabout sanitation,

and, frankly, Jon and Tiffare like, "Are you kidding me?"

What is this?Is this juice?


And you haveraw chicken wings

sitting on top of juice thatyou're about to serve people?

Oh, hell, no!I ain't eating this.

Jon, I'm gonna meetyou guys at the car, I'm sorry.

This kitchen is one of the mostdisgusting I've ever seen.

I'm like, "Okay,I've just lost my partner."

--. This is gross.

I feel more comfortablewith Hawkins.

I lean towards Outlaws'cause I can double

the capacity of that restaurantfor under 20 grand.

That has to be consideredwhen we double those seats.

You get a lot for your moneyif you double seats

and you figure outhow to cost a burger

and you figure outhow to cook them consistently.

- There's a lot of issues here.- That's our job, isn't it?

- Hey.- Didn't you fixthe production in Hawkins?

Three minutes.Now we're cooking. Ten burgers.

- Of course we did.- I could send you in

- and fix the productionin Outlaws just as easily.- No, you couldn't.

- You're the master.- But there's a lot morethan production issues.

Erik just doesn't havea lot of business sense.

His solutionto the burger was,

"Oh, I'll chargemore money for it."

- It's already a $10 burger.- I hear you.

That's what gives meproblems.

Erik's not cateringto his community.

From the beginning,"I don't wanna change it,I don't wanna change it."

This is the burger.

Why in the hell wouldyou wanna change that?

Because she's allergicto mushrooms.

Then she doesn't eatthe -- thing.She eats something else.

Erik lost his cool onceand was calm

- the rest of the timeyou were there.- He was.

- He didn't throw stuff.- This is a special!

Talk to me!Gimme the next order!

She's just--it bothers me

when a personhas to be told to clean up.


Jon: This whole place is coated in grease.

That's pretty disgusting.

And that wasn't a little dirty.That was disgusting.

The outside of the buildingwas disgusting.

It looks like a dictionaryvomited on this building.

Both of y'allare so right about this.

'Cause Erik's got his -- locked up.

Bull -- .

So unfortunately...

we had a very tough decision.

We've decided...

to investin Hawkins House of Burgers.

( squealing and cheering )

Cynthia, your family legacyis gonna go on.

( voice breaks )Thanks to you. God.

Cynthia, you've been losing$4,500 a month.

The three of us are convinced

that we can turnthis place around.

And you guys are making money.

Jon: The thing that makes me want to invest in Hawkins

is Cynthia's attitude.

And Erik says he wants to pay the first $10,000

back to his employees.

I don't like that idea because I'm not here for charity.

- I'm here for the money.- Now here's the best part.

We're gonna invest $42,000in your business.

- Oh, my God.- Thank you so much.

We picked Cynthia becauseshe has outstanding pride

in her family legacy and sheshowed us that she has a plan.

Now Erik's stubborn attitudeand unpaid debt

ultimately did him in.

And what we wanna dois we wanna paint the exterior,

and we wanna expandthe takeout program.

- Okay.- Make your kitchen bigger

and add a fewnew kitchen appliances.

So are you readyto take our offer?

- I'm ready!- Give me a hug!

We're ready!We're ready!

Cynthia: I can't wait to tell my customers tomorrow.

I can just like, holler, can I holler?

Hello, hello!

I'm gonna start dancing like James Brown, I'm serious.

We're gonna finally get--we're gonna finally get

some modernization in HawkinsHouse of Burgers after 75 years.

Come on in here,everybody.

Besh: Awesome job.

We believe in you.