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17's the Magic Number

Season 5, Ep 3 42:00

Joes try to match Chris Mullin’s shot, post up against Rick Fox, and take on the defense of all 3 Pros.

Glazer:These three Joesmissed their opportunity.

I watch basketball andthe NBA and I'm like,man, I can do that.

Side for 3!

It's nothing.

I'm here to proveI belong in the league.

Nothing's going to stopme from winning.


Told you all daywith that.

Don't even think aboutdrawing a charge,

because I'm goingright over you.


Now, they havea chance to compete

with the very best.

After playing mywhole career

again Michael Jordan,Larry Bird, Magic Johnson,

what are these Joesgoing to do?

I played for 14 seasonsin the NBA.

A win is notin the Joes' future.

At the end of the day,the Joes will know whythey didn't make it.

Oh, my God!

It's now or never.

For me, it's justabout respect at this point.

It never materialized,but I think I could havegave it a shot.

One time!

On the line forthese Joes are $10,000

and life-longbragging rights.

♪ I'll see youin the game ♪

Oh, he's blocked him--


Hands all over him, man,come on.

Can't even hand checkin the league, now.

Cause you've been inthe league and you know this?

This is "Pros Vs. Joes".

That's a win, baby!


Hi, everybody,I'm Jay Glazer,

and welcome to"Pros Vs. Joes".

Joining me as always,future NFL Hall of FamerMichael Strahan.

What's up, brother?

You know, today we havesome exciting basketball,

and I'm fired up!

- Fired up, baby!- Fired up!

Remember that movie,"Hoop Dreams", where youhave some guys

who dreamed of playingin the NBA?


Probably millions of guyslike that

in our countrybut we found three.

We're going to give themtheir best shot today.

Well you know, there's adifference, though,

between dreaming itand proving it.

And these guys are goingto have to prove itagainst three proven guys

who played it in the NBA.

But I saw our Joes.I like these guys.

I'm fired up for these guys.Are you ready to meet 'em?

- Let's go.- All right.

Our first Joewas a player of the year

for the Owls of Oregon Tech,

averaging over 20 pointsa game where he lead his team

to the NAIA championship game.

Ain't no way no has-been'sstopping this.

Even though he's ouroldest Joe at 34,

he claims he stillhas NBA game--

Saif Rahman!

Let's get it, baby!Let's go.

Get it up!

Come on, I promiseyou a ride.

- Hey!- What's up, man?

These cats have no clue.

- They have no clue?- They have no clue.

East Coast jumpshots.Buckets.


All day.

Our next Joe hopefullyhas the same confidence.

Joe number two wasa Division 3 big man,

averaged a double-doublehis last two years,

and led Catholic University

to the Division 3NCAA tournament.

Game time is my time.

So today, he delivers pizzain Sparta, New Jersey.

- Oh, good, 'cause I'm hungry.- Yeah, me, too.

He's 6'8", 255 pounds.

Big boy.

Let's give it up formy man, Andrew Baker.

Let's go, baby!

It's game time!

He's loud, too.I like it.

It's game time, kid.Let's go!

It's over, Mike.That's it.

It's over.It's over.

All right, our final Joe.

He's a playground legend whosays he didn't make it because,

get this, Stray, he couldn'tget along with his coaches.

He claims he has the gameto play in the NBA.

He's won over 10slam dunk contestsall over the country.

He says he can jam on anyNBA'er out there.

Let's welcome our YouTubesensation Carlos Smothers.

- Let's go.- Let's go, baby.

- Let's go.- Let's go.

Come on, now.Give it up, son.

Carlos, what do you meanyou can't get alongwith your coaches?

- What is that?- What you mean?

I don't know whatyou're talking about.

You want to getdunked on, too?

Hey, man,that's not hard, man.

I'm 5' 8", that's easy.Shoot.

What you laughing at?You could get it, too.

I will catch you in the air,slam you on your back.

That's how I do it.

All right, let's go.

We brought in somebig-time Pros for you guys.

And our first one was afirst-round draft pickfor the Celtics.

He later helped win three NBAchampionships for the Lakers,

appeared in 56 career NBAplayoff games,

scored nearly 9,000career points in 13 seasons.

We're going to show youwhy we're the Pros

and you the Joes.

Let's bring him out.6'7", 230 pounds,

say hello to Rick Fox.

Have you not beenentertained enough?

This is Hollywood, baby.

This is Hollywood.

Oh, my gosh, central castinggot this one wrong!

Wow, this is nice.

All right, our second Pro

was a two-time NBA championwith the San Antonio Spurs.

This 15-year veteran led theleague in 3-point field goal

percentage and has twice madethe top 10 for 3-pointers.

I think the Joes wouldhave a better chanceif it was 5 on 3.

At 6'7", 210 pounds,

the former NBAslam dunk champion,

Mr. Brent Barry.

Brent Barry's a commentator.He comments.

This is a man who could dunk.Come on, now. Come on, Saif.

I'm not impressed.I'm not impressed!

You're just goingto ignore him, huh?

Just not even bothering?

Hey, Michael, just becauseyou work for Spike TV

doesn't mean you can getall your cousinsto come and participate.

What are yougetting on Mike for?

I'm not relatedto them, man.

They're not athletic enough.

Do your kneeseven work, still?

Looking likeJim Carrey.

All right, we needone more, right?

This man was a 5-timeNBA All-Star

who played for 16 seasons.

He's a two-time Olympicgold medalist,

a member of the greatestbasketball team ever assembled,

The Dream Team.

Kick some Joe ass.

At 6'7", 215 pounds,

let's welcome Chris Mullin.

Hello, St. Johns!

Oh, damn, look at this guy.


Did you get mea pizza the other night?

Might have, might have.

- Was that you?- Might have been me.

You know what, man?

Oh, this guy.This guy thinks he's funny.

Hey, don't worry.We'll take it all at the end.

Don't worry.We'll take it all at the end.

Want some pepperoni on that.

That's New York pizza,not New Jersey pizza.

Excuse me, Joes,are you ready?

- Very ready.- Absolutely.

Pros, are you ready?

- Let's do it.- Yeah, we're ready.

Let's bring 'em in, guys.Let's bring it in.

Look 'em in the eye.Don't be afraid.

Please.Maybe 10 years ago...

- All right.- ...I'd be nervous.

- Okay.- Not now.

Guys, let"Pros Vs. Joes" start now.

Here arethe "Pros Vs. Joes" rules,

brought to youby the U.S. Marines.

Teams will go head to head inthree basketball challenges.

For each challengewon by the Joes,

they'll earn 3 pointstoward the final

3 on 3 half-courtbasketball game.

If the Joes actuallywin that game, Mike,

they pocket a cool $10,000.

First up,the Cutthroat challenge.

Each player on the floorwill try to score

in a rotating gameof 1 on 1.

The challenge is goingto involve all players

from both teams,and the first teamto score 5 baskets

wins the Cutthroat challenge.

Joes will have 8 secondsto put on the moves

in an attempt to score.

If a Joe canput it in the basket,

he'll keep possessionfor another attempt

while a new Pro defenderwill rotate in.

And if the Joe failsto score in the attempt,

he gives up possessionof the ball to the Pro

and they rotate outwith a new teammate.

If the Joes winthe Cutthroat challenge,

they'll earn 3 pointstoward the final game.

Hey-o, hey-o,for Cutthroat,

all we gotta do is not gofor any of their pump fakes.

'Cause they can'tdrive for [bleep].

They old and slow.

Chris is notdriving anywhere.

- He's too slow.- Rick's put on weight.

Chris Mullin's about 76.

He's 86.

The other thing is likeif you or Mully--

Can I just say this?

Where are we going to dinner?We should probably talkabout our dinner plans.

Between the threeof us, man,

we're going to be just fine.

I think Brent Barry,who scored 8,500 pointsin his career,

is feeling very confidentgoing into this challenge.

He's starting offon defense against Saif.

All right, Mr. Referee,

let's get our Cutthroatchallenge underway.

Let's see it, Saif.Let's see it, Saif.

He's traveling, huh?

Saif, turn-around jumper.No good.

Saif not ableto make a jump shot.

Now the Proswill take possession,

and a new Joe,Carlos Smothers, rotates in.

Remember went Brent Barrywon the slam dunk contest?

I want to see him takethe first one, setthe tone right here.

He can't dunk no more.What you mean?

Let's go.

D-up.Don't give himthat 3-ball.



That's what I woulddo to you if I could,

and I can't do it!

That's why I got teammates!

That is the waythe slam dunk championdoes it.

You heard it!

Let's take a lookat that again.

And so much for notbiting on the pump fake.

I think he turned backthe clock on that one,

faking Carlos outof his shoes,

and taking it in for the jam.

Team 17, baby.

Y'all lucky Brent'sfeels young right now.

It's going tocost me later tonight.

He's exhausted fromall the excitement.

Brent, you okay?

You need a massage?Which one of y'all's a masseuse?

Well, now Andrew Baker,our pizza delivery guy,

he's set to face offagainst Brent Barry.

Remember, Brent's dad,Rick Barry,

was one of the 50 greatestNBA players of all time.

Pretty good bloodlinesthere, Stray.

Since Barry scored,he'll stay in the game,

and the new defenderwill challenge him.

There's Brent again.

Having to pull up.Uh oh.

Reverse layup again,oh, puts it in.


All we need's a stop, yo.Just one stop.

We can get a stop.

Quick news flash--most of the white guysin the NBA can play.

It's the Brent Barryshow, everybody.

Let's go, Saif.

D-up, boy.

Let's go, Saif.

There you go, Saif.

He's playing tight.

Oh, I don't know.I think this is going to be--

Oh, he's putting it upright up over him.

Good seeing, boy.

He was just movingfurther and further back.

Still hit the back of the rim,but the Pros go up, 2-0.

Saif's turn,

but he's going to havehis hands full

going against one ofthe NBA's all-time

great defenders.

What you want to do?You want a free shot?

Stop touching me.

You sure?You sure?

Get off me.

Let's go.

Slick Rick.Slick Rick.

Oh, Rick bodying him up.

Putting the body up.Saif tries to come right in.

Oh, he has nowhere to go.

Shot clock times out.

Saif can't evenget it off.

Rick Fox shows him, hey, thisis how we do it in the Pros.

See, that's fun.

I'd like to see the Joesat least score one.

I mean, you can tell right nowthat the Pros are definitely

in the head of the Joes.

Carlos has beenour most outspoken Joe

to get here on the show.

We haven't heard muchfrom him so far.

Let's go, Los.Hit him up, boy.D-up. D-up, kid.

Rick goes right in.Obviously has a huge--

Whoa! Takes it awaywith a shot block!


Carlos Smothers useshis 46-inch vertical leap

to block Rick Fox.

That's justwhat the Joes needed.

Come on, what's up, baby?

I give that to you.

Tell him to get it out.

He is a YouTubeplayground legend.

Rick Fox is stunned.


Hey, Rick, you're not goingto live that down, man.

I liked-- Yeah! No, hey--

Maybe he can dunk.

Let's see is Carlos can putsome points on the board now.

Get us one, young buck.

Take Mully to the cup, son.

Come on, Carlos, man.

Y'all need atleast one point, Joes.

Come on, man.

Get it in.

Carlos going left, pulls up.

- Thank you!- Yeah!

- Drains it!- Let's go.

Let's go, youngster.

Mike, I think the tideshave just changed, don't you?

- Yeah.- It's only the beginning.

Next up...

You bring some, too.

...the Joes are justgetting started.

Does Carlos havewhat it takes

to take out the Prosin Cutthroat?


And later...

Game time.Forget about thosedrills, man.

We're in the game.

Oh!'s a battle betweenthe Pros and Joes...

One time!One time!

...with $10,000on the line.

I'm not playing aboutthis check, son, let's go.


Glazer:Welcome back to"Pros Vs. Joes".


In the Cutthroat challenge,

Brent Barryhad the Pros up by 2.



But with Carlos Smother'sblock on Rick Fox...

Time to get it out!

...and a bucketagainst Chris Mullin,

the Joes are hopingCarlos Smothers canrally them to victory.

5 points does it.

Let's go, young buck!

You in good company,man.

Hakeem Olajuwon,Michael Jordanblocked my shot.

But you know,I want to tell yousomething.

Hakeem did it three timesin one game.

So you got to do ittwo more times--

I just started,so I got aboutthree more.

Oh, you got time?Okay, okay.

I'll be curiousto see if our man Carlos

lives up to his flashyYouTube reputation.

Smothers:My name is Carlos Smothers.

I can play the point guardand I can shoot as well.

So I'm like an off-guarder.

I'm very versatile.I can do different things.


I have about20 videos on-line.

I think I'm in better shapethan most of those Pros.

But whatever they bring,

I'm going to justbring it back10 times harder.

Let's go,youngster!

It's onlythe beginning.

Carlos might only be 6'1",

but he's lookingto take over this game.

And just a reminder,

In Cutthroat,if Carlos scores,

he maintains possessionand another defenderrotates in.

Here we go, Los.Let's go, baby.

You bring some, too!

He's already tired.

Let's go, Los.We need 2 here, baby.

We need 2.

Carlos againsta much taller Brent Barry.

Carlos drives,puts it up,and it's good.

I see the playground legendstarting to come to life.


Carlos has single-handedlytied this game up.

Oh, he's hot!

Let's go.

Take all threeof them, Los!

He's on fire!

And that's onlythe beginning.

He's el fuego.

Let's see if Rick Foxcan return the favoragainst Carlos.

But if Carlosmakes the shot,he stays in the game.

Let's go, kid.

Watch that body.Keep it alive.

Oh! Oh, my God!

Damn, he's fouling.

He's got his handsall over his waist!

I got no foul?

Rick Fox isa defensive nightmare!

Fox stuffs Carlos,avenges the blockfrom earlier, Stray.

You don't see his handsall over his waist?

He's playing ball.He's playing ball.

That's 'causehe's faster than he is.

That's [bleep].Damn.

That's what you callNBA defense, fellas.

NBA defense.

That's whatyou call a foul.

Hey, do the same thingto Rick.

Get your handsall over his waist.

You knowhe can't do that.

Can't even hand-checkin the league now.

'Cause you've beenin the leagueand you know this?

- I've watched.- Here we go.

Fox driving the lane.Up-- Oh, and he planks it.

Whoa, you got stoppedby the rim.

Baker stood therelike a statue

and let the rimplay defense.

That's not going to makethe highlight reel.

Rick Fox!

Well, he misseswith a smile.

Rim a little higherthan you remember?

A little bit.

Did they lower itfor you guys?

Is thatwhat happened?

Game tied at 2.First team to 5 wins.

Andrew Baker now squaring offagainst Brent Barry.

Back him in,back him in.

Baker going to his right,

trying to backBrent Barry up.

Brent reaching in,turns around-- Oh, Brent!


Brent's been hugein this game.

Defensively, offensively,it's been all Brent Barry.

Let's go, Saif.

D-up, boy.

Let's go, Saif!

Brent Barryfrom way downtown!


Drains it!

You can't stop himright now.

Bring this man back.

That should be worth,like, 7 points.

It's not an easy shot.

Pros are up 3-2.

Brent Barry,who's been unconscious,retains possession.

Guy doesn't sleep.He just shoots all day.

Carlos is in on Barry.

Good D, Los.

Make him pick it up!

Barry lookingfor a shot, though.

Pump fakes and...


We'll get one here.It's a'ight.

Again, Barry takesCarlos to school!

He gets Carlos to leavehis feet every time.

You can't do thatagainst a Pro.

That's stealing candyfrom a baby.

The next pointfor the Pros will win it.

Time winding down.

Pulls up and--Oh, not even close.

Let's go.

Joes desperately needto capitalize here.

They need to putpoints on the board.

They're down 4-2.

Come on, Mully.D it up.

D it up, Mully.

There you go.Go, go, go.

Pizza delivery guyusing his bodyto back down Mullin.

Looking for a shot.Time winding down!

...2, now!Now, now!

No good.And nothing but air.

Now, you know,Baker said he averageda double-double

his junior and senioryear in college.

Double what?

He averaged double meaton his Subway sandwich.

So Mullen has a chanceto put Cutthroat awayfor the Pros.

Looking to clinchthe game.

Driving to his right.

Mullin turns around,puts it up.

Oh, nothing but net.Hits it! Pros win.

Our Cutthroat challengeis won by the Pros--

no surprise--preventing the Joes

from picking upa 3-point advantagein our final game.

Good job, Rick.

I liked your defense.

The Joes look likethey need to gainsome confidence.

They looka little shaken,a little quiet.

That was tough D.

Still we couldn'tget a bucket.

Dude, way to give ussomething.


Our next match-upis called Shooter's Choice,

and here's how it's played.

One Pro goes against one Joe,

and each has 45 secondsto score as manypoints as possible

shooting fromvarious positionsaround the court.

Point values rangefrom 1 to 7,

and the further you areaway from the basket,

the higherthat shot value is.

Highlighted by half court.

Highlight--7-point shot.

Players can shootfrom any position,

but oncethey've sunk two basketsfrom the same spot,

they have to move on.

The shooter withthe highest totalafter 45 seconds

wins the Shooter's Choicechallenge.

If the Joes winShooter's Choice,

remember,they pick up 3 pointsin our final game,

which is a 3 on 3half court gamewith $10,000 on the line.

You warmed up?You need more shots?

I'll get someshots off.

Saif will be representingthe Joes in the challenge,

while one of the greatestshooters in NBA history,

Chris Mullin,will be shootingfor the Pros.

This will be a battleof the southpaws.

Where do you want usto feed you?

Just keepfeeding from here?


This shooting game'sgoing to get ugly.

We're talking aboutChris Mullin here,

one of the greatestshooters that ever lived.

So sit back,grab some popcorn,

and just watch the show.

Chris Mullin,you ready to sink the Joes?

I'm ready, guys.

Let's beginour Shooter's Choice!

1, 2...

Naw, naw.Keep on shootingat the 1.

He doesn't miss much, Mike.

The 1 is pretty easy.

As I say that,he misses two.

Where's Tim Hardaway at?

I can't believe it.

Can you even hit 1?

What's happening here?

Oh, what's happening, Jay?

Here he goes.Hits 1, and another.

Now he movesbeyond the arch tothe 3-point spot.

Oh, he misses the first one,hits the second,

and the third.

He needed those 2.

Now he goes to 2.

Now he's going from 2.

He has 10 points so far,7 seconds left.

He's giving Saif Rahmanan open window.

Now he's sinks from 2.Last shot!

Just 12 points!

Just 12 points!

I can't believe Mully'sgiving these guys a chance.

Saif Rahmanhas to score 13 points

to get a 3-point advantagein our final game, Mike!


Chris Mullin had that shotabout 25 years ago.

Right now? Eh.

Saif, are you ready,big boy? Saif?

Yes, sir!Let's get it.

Give me the rock.

- Ooh!- What happened?

What happened, Mullin?

Let's see if Saif's attitudeand shooting ability

can get the Joesa much-needed victory, Stray.

My name is Saif A. Rahman.

I'm here to prove a lot.

I watch basketballat the NBA level,

and I could do that.

I found scoringalways easy,so I used to--

I was a good jump shooter.

I used to drive very well.

I used to find waysto finish.

Count it!

When Pros retire,on general principle,

they get fat and lazy.

I don't thinkthey're really hungrylike they used to be.

Here we go, Saif.

Starting with 7s?Okay.

Start with a 7?

Wow, look where Saifis starting from--

beyond half court!

He's going to throwhis arm out from back there.

Saif, you ready to tryand beat an NBA legend?

Let's get it.

All right,let's kick him off.

Shooter's Choice,Joes up.



Glazer:Welcome back to"Pros Vs. Joes".


In our Shooter's Choicechallenge...

That's a layup, Chris!

...Chris Mullinuncharacteristically

struggledto find his stroke,

missing a lotof easy baskets...

What happened,Mullin?

...and now it'sSaif Rahman

who needs just 13 pointsto win the challenge.

Here we go, Saif.

Starting with 7s?Okay.

Start with a 7.

He's going to throwhis arm out from back there.

Saif, you ready to tryand beat an NBA legend?

Let's get it!

All right,let's kick him off.

Shooter's Choice,Joes up.


Saif misses the 7,goes to 2.


His teammates need toget him the ball faster.

Remember,once you hit two shotsfrom the same spot,

you must move on.

There he goes,sinks 2.

There we go.The first 2 points.

Sinks 4,there he goes.


Saif has 6.He needs to beat 12.

Come on, boy.

There he goes.12-8, Mike.

He needs 5 more.From 3...

Drains it!There it is!

Needs a 3 to win.That's it! That is it!

- Off the 4!- That's the win, baby!

Saif comes up huge!Wow!

- Whoo!- Yes, sir!

- What happened?- Yes, sir!

I'm shocked,you're shocked.

Mullin's shocked.We're all shocked.

If you madethose 5 layups,you might have won.

You're right.You're right.

You put pepperoni on my pizza,

I'll give youmore of a tip.

I love you're right hand,

but I had to get youthat time, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

See you in the game.See you in the game.

3 on 3.

♪ I'll see youin the game ♪

♪ I'll see youin the game ♪

♪ I'll see youin the game ♪

♪ I'll see you,see you, see you,see you... ♪

He should beashamed of himself.

You gonna see mein the game?

'Cause I'm going tosee you in the game.

Are you going tosee me in the game?

The Joes take homea 3-point advantage

in our final game, Mike.

Saif Rahmanthis is your challenge,brother!

We have it wrapped, son.

Look. Look at him.Look at him!

Don't look over here,Rick. What?

They kind ofgot that one by default,

but really it comesdown to us playing--

What y'alltalking about?

Is this strategy?Stratego?

He lost?He couldn't hitthe 1?

Like, 7 in a row?

I likeStratego.

Our last challengeis called Break The Press.

It involves two Joesagainst three Pros.

Now here's howBreak The Press works.

One Joe will inboundthe ball from the baseline.

The inbounding playermust get it to his teammatewithin 5 seconds, Stray.

The Joes will have tobeat a full-court pressfrom the Pros,

and they'll have towork the ball beyondthe half court line

in just 8 seconds.

If the Joes can breakthe press three timesin five attempts,

they'll win the challenge

and earn thoseever important 3 pointsin our final game.

- They don't want to run.- They're too slow.

They're too slow.We can take that.

All we have to--Inbound the ball and go.

Here's the deal,

when you getin the trap game,

we won't shadow.

The guy guardingthe back guy,just play center.

Just try to keep himin front of you.

It's 8 seconds.

Why don'twe try it twice?

Whoever closest--

Wherever the ball goes,run off that guy.

- Nobody on the ball.- Center field.

I'll play middle.When they go in there,I'll trap.

And then when it goes,I'll run the trap.

You guys make medo the work.

We stay doubles.

Since I'm not 40 yet,I'll run.

You looked 25on that first event.

- You looked 25.- Thank you both.

The Joes have alreadyearned a 3-point advantage

toward the final game,

and they can add to that nowwith another victory here.

A 6-point leadto start the final gamewould be huge, Jay!

All right, guys,be smart.

Nobody get hurt.

See, they're worriedabout injuries.

No, I'm talkingto you guys.

I'm worriedabout the blue team.

Mr. Referee,let's begin the challenge.

Watch the long ball,Mully.

On your right.He's on your right.

Saif looking to inbound.

Pass to Carlosdeflected by Brent Barryout of bounds.

Point for the Pros.

Ref, get his handsoff of him.

That's a lot of hands.

Fight him upa little.

You're too fast.Let's go.

Let the pizza guy play.

"Let the pizza guy play."

Come on.We're a team, guys.

Saif inbounds to Carlos.

Carlos puts it up--


Brent Barry, though,picks it off.

That was a bad pass.

They need to winthe next three, Jay,

in order to winthe challenge.

B, way to get long.Way to get long.

Get his hands off him!

Hey, comethrow the ball.

Don't worry about Rick.Get Rick's hands off him!

I got it.I got it.

Get Rick's hands off him!

This how you do it?

This how you'regonna block, right?

That's it!

Stop! Stop!


It's a big play here.

The Joes need to succeed on this attempt,

or they will losethis challenge.

Picks it out thereto Carlos.

Oh, yeah.Get that, Rick!

Oh, no.

Saif inbounds to Carlos.

He's picked off again,this time by Fox.

Game over, Pros win.Defensive domination.

They failed to get a passeven near the half court line.


Oh, that's it.And they didn't evenlet the pizza guy play.

He would have delivered.

I mean, they playeda good half court game.

They doubled you.I told you theywere going to grab you.

It's game time.Let's go, man.

- Come on!- Let's go, baby.

Shoot the lights out.

Next up...

Game time.Forget about thosedrills, man.

In the game!

...the Joes will battlethe Pros in our final game...

Don't give him that!


One time! One time!

...with $10,000 on the line.

I'm not playingabout this check, son.

Let's go!

Glazer:All right, let's get

our Cutthroat challengeunderway.



Pros go up, 2-0.

He's up and around.Nice shot!

Good hit from--Oh, he gets himto leave his feet!

Oh! It's the BrentBarry show, everybody.

One Pro goes againstone Joe,

shooting from variouspositions around the court.

Oh, he made one?

Last shot!Just 12 points.

Saif, are you ready,big boy?

Give me the rock.

Drains it!There it is!

That's it! That is it!


The Joes will haveto beat a full courtpress from the Pros.

Time is running out.

Aw, no.

Chris trying to getNew York gangsta on him.


Get that, Rick!

Poor pass again.

They failed againto pass even nearthe half court line.

Oh, I want to getthese guys so bad.

Hey, yo,I'm going to playhard, son.

I need 10 stacks.

This is whereit comes into play.

This is wherewe gonna show out.

They should justwrite the checkover to us right now.

We gonna go hardor go home.

It all comes down to this,

our final game hereon "Pros Vs. Joes",

and here's how it works.

It's an all-out,full contact game

of 3 on 3 basketballagainst these NBA legends.

We'll have 5 minutesof half court basketball.

Joes take possession first.

There's a 15-secondshot clock,

and on everychange of possession,

the ball must be clearedbeyond the NBA 3-point line.

And each teamgoes into the penaltyafter the fifth team foul.

If we're tiedat the end of regulation,

we'll have a 1:30overtime period.

If the Joes win,they win $10,000.

And on top of that,you go home with someserious bragging rights.

$10,000? I like it.

Remember, also,our Joes, they startwith a 3-point advantage.

You think that'sgoing to be big?

I don't thinkit's going to bebig enough.

Unless one of the Joesor two of the Joescan get a hot hand,

it's going to be tough,

because these guyscan shoot lights out.

Hey, Joes,you ready to make a dreamcome true for you guys?

Yeah, buddy!

Let's getour final game started!

Referee,let's tee it off.

Here we go, boy.Let's go.

Let's see if the Joeshave a plan, Jay.

Take him on.

The guys set a pickon Mullin.

There we go,trying to match him upagainst big boy.

Looks like Carlosfrom outside.

That's from 3.Oh, in and out.

Joes up, 3-0.

Oh, don't make itthat easy.

Fox passed to Barry inside,

but he's fouled by Smothersbefore the shot.

That's a good foul.

I'm going to go get Chris.

Actually,I'm surprisedat the defense.

He's coming aroundyour back, Los.

Rick Fox was open there.

Oh, Mullin underneath.

Watch that hook!

Oh, just making itlook easy.

No defense there at allfrom Carlos.

Carlos doesn'thave his size, Stray,

but he better figure outa way to stop the Prosin the paint.

Let's go, guys.Let's go.


He has to foul.

He can not give upthe easy basket underneath.

3-2 for our Joes.

Rahman shootsfrom out there,

and now he steps upand nails it!

There we go.

2-pointer there,makes it 5-2.

Good hit, boy.Good hit, boy.

- Yep.- All that.

They going togive it to you, take it.

Come on, Mully.Come on, Mully.

Get through that screen.Get through that screen.

Fox to Mullin.Easy baseline jumper.

Man, the Joes need totighten up that D.

- Let's go.- I got you.

Straight back to him.

Get through,get through, get through.

Carlos gives it to Saif.

Same thing again.

Saif now driving.

Slips past Fox.

Up and in.

Good take, boy.Good take, boy.

Watch the nice movehere by Saif.

He drives the lane,

and does a great jobof avoiding Rick Fox.

So far, they've done it.Can they keep it up?

Go ahead, Mully.Go ahead, Mully.

There goes Mullin for 3!

Oh, that isnothing but net!

- Don't give him net.- I got you.

Right in.Ties it at 7.

Game time.Forget aboutthose drills, man.

In the game!

In the game!

Forget those[bleep] drills.

Keep his hands off you.

Chris Mullinstepping it up aftera weak performance earlier.

He's single-handedlytied the game

by scoring all 7Pros points.

Here you go again.

The Joes just can'thave a possession

where they don't putpoints on the board.

Saif now drives.

Kicks it outto Andrew Baker.

There he goes.

Okay, I see himknock it down.

- Nice in.- Told you all day with that.

All day with that jumping.

Pizza delivery boydelivers.

I don't thinkhe expected that.

Breathe now.You made it.

Let's go.

Inbounds by Mullinto Barry.

You got it, Rick.

This looks likethe Globetrotterpassing drill.

Stay out there!

Oh, nice!

That's teamwork, there.

Nice play by the Pros.

What a game, Mike.

How do you feelabout that roll, Chris?

- That's good.- We're set.

Score's all tied up at 9.3:48 to go.

Carlos pitches it outto Saif.

Carlos needsto get involved.He's done nothing.

Come on, Los.

Carlos can't get open.

Saif's shot clockrolling down.

Saif drives on Mullin.

Kicks it out to Baker.

Oh, yeah!

Ooh, he counts it.

That's a good hook, dawg.

Fox is lookingfor the charge.

No call from the ref.

The Joes regain the lead.

They haven't trailedyet in this game.

Mully.Stay out there, Mully.

Mullin to Barry,Barry to Fox.

Fox slips past Carlos.Reverse layup for 2.

- Let's go.- One stop, Red.

The size differentialis just too much therefor the Joes to deal with.

Tied it up at 11.11-11.

Same thing.Fox to the side.

Watch it.

See, Carlos is knownas a dunker.

A lot of guys can dunk,but can you play basketball?

That's a different story.

Set the screenfor him.

Set the screenfor him.

Carlos with the ball.They want to break the tie.

- Pick, pick, pick.- 3...

Can they take the lead?

Glazer:Welcome back to"Pros Vs. Joes".

We're in the final gameand the score's tied at 11

with 3:10 to play.

Come on, Red.

Same thing,pass to the side.

Watch it.

Strahan:See, Carlos is knownas a dunker.

A lot of guys can dunk,but can you play basketball?

That's a different story.

Set the screen for him.Set the screen for him!

Trying to set the screenso he can dunk.

Trouble now.

- Pick, pick.- 3...

4 seconds to go,Saif up.


Over the back on Baker.

All up my shorts.

This is the momentumchanger here,

because if the Prosscore here, Jay,

they're going upon the Joes,

have their firstlead of the game.

Gonna stop.

Gonna stop here.

You just don't wantto get hit.

Well, we should switch.

Looks like the Joesare a little confused

about theirdefensive assignments.

Go wide, Mully.

Underneath to Fox.

There's that sizedifferential again.

Rick Fox right up and in.

Easy. Just too easy.

13-11, the Joes are goingto have to somehow

change up their strategy therein guarding Rick Fox.

- All right.- Eyes up.

Who you want?Saif, you switching it, or me?

Oh, no, you are.

I don't get why the Joes--

Why don't they putthe bigger body on Rick Fox?

Rick Fox is playingunder the baskets.

Put the big body on Rick Fox.

Joes with the ball.

Coming to you, B.

Through there.

Watch the switch again.Switch.

Saif back out to Carlos.

Ball is up and--Oh, huge bucket for the Joes.

Ties it up at 13with 2:45 to go.

I got him.


Come over to this side.

And Barry with the ball,passes it to Mullin.

Switch sides,get out there.

Brent dropping a layup.


Second jam of the day.

That's almost unfair.

Baker, no chance against formerslam dunk champ Brent Barry.

Official time out.

It's our ball, right?

Run the same thing,the same action.

Pass to me, screen away.

This time when you go away,cut through to the basket.

- All right.- Okay?

Rick, I'll just hit you.

Let him get in front of him.

He'll swing it andjust go over the top.

Just throw it overinto the open space.

- Far box?- Yeah, far box.

The Pros are up 15-13with 2:24 left to play.

Saif gets the ballfrom Carlos,

drives to the baseline,

and gets trapped by Fox!

Saif, oh!

Nice-- Nice jump thereby Carlos.

Up for 3--No, air ball.

Air ball.

Mullin grabsthe loose ball.

For 3--Drains it!

That's not a foul there?Come on.

When the Pros catch itand they shoot,

it's just effortless.

Those ones were too close.

That was bad strategy.

That's my spotright there, all-day.


So it this spot,and this spot.

And this spot.

I got it.Switch 'em.

Go, Rick.

Saif with the ball.Puts it up.


Now they're getting desperate.

Okay, good reboundby the Joes.

Nice job there by Saif.

Good job, Saif.18-15.

Good job, Saif.

Saif is 3 for 5with 6 points.

You know, Saif iskeeping them in the game.

Without Saif's points--

Remember, Saif's ouroldest Joe here,

but he's playing likehe's a youngster.

Oh, no.

Brent, like you just said--And you know what,

look at Saif there,hands on his knees, head down,

he realized that onecould have been a killer.

Pros are now up by 6.

Let's go, Red.

Joes need todig deep right here.

No, no, nothing, Mully.

Saif is aggressive.

Saif going for 3.


Off the glass!

Oh, he's saying it's 2 now.

He changed it to 2.

Let's take a lookat that play again.

You can see it's clearthe it's a 2-pointer.

I don't know if he meantto hit the glass,

but if you ask him,he'll probably swear he did.


This is corner set.

Hold on, Rick

Switch back!Switch back!

Oh, he had a cleanlane there.

But a veteran moveby Brent,

he decided to runsome time off the clock.


Brent Barry!

Hey, there.

...grade schoolright there.

Mully and I were doing thatwhen I was in college.

The Joes can't keep upwith the movement.

The Pros just have too manyplays in their head

from all thoseyears of playing.

Just running circlesaround them.

Joes down 6, but there's stillplenty of time on the clock

with 1:24 remaining.

Right side, Rick.We're switching.

Push down.

Saif from 3--and he hits it!

Nice shot, Saif.

Saif is single-handedlykeeping the Joes in the game.

But they're still down 3.Desperately need a stop here.

One time!One time!

Saif is out thereyelling one stop, Jay.

That's what the Joes need.

You know,winning that challenge,

I think, did wondersfor his confidence,

and he's parlayed it hereinto our final game.

Saif wants that10 grand, man.

Stay there.Hold on, Rick.

Underneath to ourDream Team member.

Nice pass.

I think Rick wants to score.

Oh, another greatpass to Mullin.

Mullin-- like nothing.

No one's calling hands, man.

25-20, with just over a minute to go.

Remember, if the Joescan somehow pull it off,

they win $10,000 andthey win our final game

here on "Pros Vs. Joes".

Good game, guys.Good game.

We're still in it.


Take it, Saif.Take it, Saif, for 3!

Again, drains it.

Yo, let's do this.

One stop!

This is the Saifversus Pros show.

Time out.

Time out on the floor,

and after that 3,the Joes are only down 2.

They just refuse to lose.

Hey, all we needis one stop.

One stop, that's it.

Glazer:Welcome back.It's "Pros Vs. Joes".

The first four minutesof our final game

have been a back and forththrill ride.

Saif has beenputting on a show,

keeping the Joes in the game

and the Pros off-balance.

One time!One time!

With the score at 25-23,

let's see if the Joescan pull off an upset.

Hey, all we needis one stop.

One stop, that's it.

Even if its to beat themat the layup

and make themshoot the free throw.

Make them shoot free throws.Foul them.

We're only down 2.

Let's do this, Mully.

You catch it out there,the little guy's goingto be on you.

Rick, you circle up, go outlike you're setting a pick.

- Slip it.- Slip it.

Okay, Mully, if hedoesn't get it on a slip,

come back up and set itup straight.

If I drive baseline,you're in the corner.


Let's go.

One stop.

Hey, watch the screen.

Push him off the screen.Don't let him push you.

Joes down by just 2,and Michael,

how huge wasthat 3-point advantage

they took intothis final game, now?

Oh, it's big, Jay.

Fox out to Barry.

Barry drive it to the hoop.


We need to foul them.

Puts it up, 27-23with 51 seconds to go.

If the Joes want 10 grand,

they need to put some pointson the board here, Mike.

I'm thinking they've justgot to get a defensive stop.

They can't seem to do it.

That's what's holdingthem back right now.

What the--

Bad pass.Bad.

Hands all over me,man, come on.

It's a good cut.

Wait for me, Mully.Don't go anywhere.

I got ya, I got ya.

Joes need a stopper ifthey're going to stay in this.

Watch the screen.

Fox dishes to Barry,Barry up and in.


29-23, Pros.

This was the knockoutblow from the Pros,

and Brent lulls Saif to sleepwith a soft roll towards Mullin.

As soon asthe defense relaxed,

Brent cut hard to the rackfor an easy 2.

If I'm the Joes right now,I give it to our offensiveweapon, Saif,

let him just shoot for 3s.

What they did, though,is interesting.

The put Rick Fox,the defensive specialist here,

on Saif--Saif can't get open.

Carlos from 3 pulls it up.

Oh, off the--That's huge.

29-26 with justunder 40 seconds to play.

- D-up!- That's big, baby.

All we need is one stop.

One stop, here it is.Let's go.

- Same thing, B.- One stop.

Hey, hey, hey!

Watch for-- He's goingto fake the screen.

Stop his side.

Joes aren't givingin to the Pros.

They're still in the game.

15 seconds to go.

Brent Barry for 3--


Rick Fox saving it.

Oh, that's out!

The Joes neededthat rebound.

Gotta watch the shot clock.

Nice job.

Fox over to Barry for 3.

No good,shot clock expired.

Joes up top.

That was the one stopthe Joes were looking for,

but they let the Pros run15 seconds off the clockbefore they got it.

My bad.

With just 2.9 secondsleft on the clock,

the Joes need to hita 3 to tie it up.

Just run the same thing,the same action.

Pass to me, screen away.

I'm going to shoot, okay?

Let's go.We're still in the game.

Blueprint on 3.1, 2, 3.


Joes have fought their wayback into this,

and again, they couldtie it here with just one shot.

Right over here.

Saif for overtime.

Oh, Saif missesand the Joes lose.

Oh, the Prosrun off the courtbefore the game is over.

Saif upset, Pros happy.

Saif throwing stuff somewhere.

I don't know wherehe's throwing it.

But that is it.Our Pros do what Pros do.

They beat the Joes.

Damn it.

They win, they didwhat Pros do.You're right, Jay.

You can win as manychallenges as you likeand have the advantage,

but when it comes downto the real game,

the Pros get serious.

The Joes realizethey have a lot to learn.

Here's the SubwayFresh Take of the Week.

Setting the tone earlywas Brent Barry,

who surprised us allby taking it baseline,

jamming it over the Joesto say, "I'm a Pro, baby."



You just watched the SubwayFresh Take of the Week.

For Michael Strahan,I'm Jay Glazer.

This has been another greatepisode of "Pros Vs. Joes".

Come on, man, give themsome love over here.

Give them their respect.Let's go.