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Time For Rejoisting

Unlicensed contractor Vance took widow Valerie's money and failed to renovate her garage.

Wow!( chuckling )

Adam: This is bad.

Skip: What happened here?

- Supposed to be yourart studio, huh?- Yup.

Well, I do feellike cutting off my earand sending it to a whore.

( laughing )

- A little artisthumor for you.- I see that, yes.

Framing is really veryamateur-looking.

Adam: Just a bizarre configuration of 2x4s.

And obviously,this is clearlya big mistake,

frame break-downonto the concrete.

No pressure-treatedlumber.

Very important to usepressure-treated wood

anytime lumber comesin contact with masonry.

Wanna make sure no moisture can wick back up inside that wood,

and also keep the insects,like termites and carpenterants, out of the wood.

What's going on with the airconditioning over here?

Adam: This HVAC stuff is comical.

The way he's got thisbuilt up on a shelflike this--

did you pay himto do this also?

Actually, he cut the braceand he put this here.

This should neverbe supported down fromthe ground like this,

'cause if there ever wasan earthquake here,

that would transferright to this equipment.

Oh, Jesus.

Skip: Per code, the HVAC unit in Valerie's garage

must have seismic strapping

and be suspended above vehicle height

or shielded from impact by protective barrier.

Any sort of impact can break open

the gas or electrical lines attached to the unit,

which could trigger a devastating explosion within the home.

I knew this was bad,I didn't think it was tha bad.

Yeah, it's that bad.

Obviously this guycame in and he knewhow to play you

in your time of needwhen you were grievingand most vulnerable.

Stole your moneyand left you with this.

And that's really what's pissing me off right now.

All the money that you di spend was completely wasted

- and we have tostart over from scratch.- Oh, Jesus.

I used DMV recordsto track Vance's truck

to an address,which is his parents' house.

But DMV records also showthat he has a white Ford.

That's his car.I'm gonna try to catch up.

( engine revs, horn honks )

Come on.

- Thank you.- ( tires screech )

I finally find himworking on somebody's gate.

So, this is the perfect opportunity for me to ask him

to come overto the sting housefor an estimate.

Excuse me.

Are you in the business of metal gates?

Can you come to my house and give me an estimate?

I guess, like what I-- the size and what I--

Okay, can you put your number in my phone? I'll just give ya--

Great. Super.

Nice to meet you, Vance. I'm Stacey.

All right, good. I look forward to talking to you and setting it up.

Thank you.

Okay.Got 'em.

Man: Contractor's 20 minutes away.

Today's the sting dayand it's where we get

to play the hammerof justice.

We're here with Valerie Carpenter and her friend John.

And we're waiting for Vance the contractor to show up.

What's going throughyour head?

Just the closerthat, I guess, that he's coming,that energy's coming.

And I know thatthere's going to be somekind of completion.

You can just sit backand enjoy us tearinghim a new A hole.

Yay.( chuckles )

As usual,there's tension in the air.

People running around getting cameras ready.

Okay, we're readyto pounce.

Skip's pacing likea caged lion.

I got adrenaline and the butterflies.

Alison is clippingthe hedges.

It's time to catch a contractor.

( indistinct chatter )

- All right, copy that.We're ready.- All right, let's do it.

C'mon, Vance.

Man: Take your places, people.


Oh, he wiped his feetbefore he comes in,

- he's very considerate.- Oh, wow, class.

Take a seat,make yourself comfortable.

You want something to drink?A glass of water?

No? All right.I'll be back in a minuteso I can show you my stuff.

Oh, Vance.Hey, buddy.

What's going on?

Vance, do you rememberValerie by any chance?

Look familiar to you?


Did a little garage workover there for her?

Uh-- yes.

That project for the garageactually got put on hold.

( swallows hard )Uh--

She said you changedyour number.


You changed your number.

I mean, I never lostphone contact with her.

She said shetried to contact youand you changed your number.

Just recently I changedmy number.

Between, uh--

her appointmentsthat she's made,

there's been several timesI want to come by...

Lie. Lie.

So there'salways meeting times.

That's good fortwo months, but a yearand a half, Vance?

You got $12,000of her money.

And that garage, Vance.C'mon now.

- But it's unfinished.- It's been 18 months.

You weren't coming back,at least own that.

I'm not owning thatI wasn't coming back'cause I was.

Dude, you're not evena contractor.

You shouldn't even be doingthis -- work.

That's why I actuallydo the work,

but obviously you'rea contractor and hire somebodyelse to do it for you.

No, no, no.I don't hire someoneelse to do it for me.

I know how to orchestratea job and you clearly do not.

Orchestrate a job,exactly.

There's a bunch of differenttrades going on here, dude.

You're talkingabout foundation, framing,

insulation,electrical, HVAC.

How about a set of permits?How about that?

You left her in a situationthat's unfinished and unsafe.

This is the best dayof your life, Vance.

- I doubt it.- I know it doesn'tfeel that way.

But this is gonna be goodbecause I'm gonna giveyou three options.

You either give herthe money back--

- I'm guessing that'snot an option.- No, it's--

You come bac with u |

and do the job right,under our supervision.

Or she's gonnatake you to court.


- here we are, Vance.- Scene of the crime.

Bring back a lotof memories?

What went on with thisHVAC, man?

Uh, the only thingI ever did was do this

to make an enclosed cabinet.

- You addedthis 4x6?- Yes.

Skip: Problem is, is it's sitting on top of this lower support

and if this wereto come apart,

we got gas lines,we got electricitycoming to this thing.

This thing fallson the ground, it'sa recipe for disaster.

If it was to fall apart,it's still attached up there.

Dude, the whole thingis chopped out!

All right.

Vance obviously doesn'tknow anything about HVAC

or how to installit properly.

He should've hada certified technician hereto get that work done right.

The way he did it,it's clear he has no ideawhat he's doing.

Vance, to meit's about this wall.

Not using treated lumber,

is that just somethingyou got lazy on?

I totally overlooked it.

You know, working by yourself,you got a lot of...

angles and numbersin your head...

so, you know,you lose track of stuff.

Vance's excuses range from

"I have no license"to "I'm incompetent"

to "You should haveknown I was incompetent,"

and this is why you should have never taken the job in the first place.

Because you're nota contractor.

So where the -- did$12,000 go on this job?

Everything went fortime, materials, gas, fuel,everything else.

And a year and a halfof "What do I do next?"

Dude, that's your problem.If it took a year and a half

that doesn't meanyou spend her money

to finance your year and a halfof Vance lifetime.

Vance didn't havethe skill set,

but more importantlyhe did not have th wil |

to come back.Like, I'm not very goodat sex...

but I try my ass off.

Valerie: Oh, my God. I'm so excited.

this for 18 months

and I'm glad thattoday is the day thatI finally get to maybe

start to move onwith my life.

- Hey.- Wow, you guys.

Oh, my gosh.

- What do you think?- Oh, it's amazing.It's beautiful.

When I walked upto the house, I just noticedthe beautiful garage door.

It's just an amazingpiece of artwork in itself.

Oh, my God, you guys.

- If you like this, you'regonna love the inside.- Okay. Go.

- Ready?- Yes.

Oh, my God, you guys.This is beautiful.

It is more than I imagined. This is amazing.

Wow.I love it.

Thank you so much.

I love it.I really love it.I do. I do.

Valerie: I'm so grateful to Adam and Skip for everything.

Because when youdeal with somethinglike this for a long time...

you think about itall the time.

And now it's finishedand I'm moving on.

To give the devil his due,Vance took it like a man.

Worked hard, he manned upand he's here today.


Seeing Vance walk into the garage, I have mixed feelings.

I'm glad that he came back to do some work,

but I hope he's willingto own up to whathe did to me.

I'm glad you came backbut it's...

so sad to me thatsomebody had to dragyou back here, Vance.

And you still are not acceptingresponsibility for it,

and it's 18 months.You weren't gonnacome back here.

See, here we go again.

Well, after 18-- would yougo back after 18 months?

You're escalating this levelto an anger again.

She's got a lot of stuffbuilt up,

you can't expect just to... ( claps )

purge it in two minutesand go, "Good, moving on."

We're all standinghere now.

- Would you feel good aboutapologizing to her?- I would like to.

I'm sorry anything evergot out of hand like this.

And I'm sorry that I didthis to you.

That's why I'm here,and that's why I've beendoing this.

Please don't do thisto anybody ever again.