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Scary Mary's

The lecherous owner of a dying Texas dive crosses the line with one of Jon Taffer's experts.

- Mm-hmm.- Let's see what we got.

I'm always lookingfor the guy's perspective.

I want us to take careof the guys.

So there's Bill.He's our owner.

And he's made it very clearthat if this bar closes,

he doesn't know how he's gonna send

his 17-year-old daughter to college.

His shirt says"I have the dick,so I make the rules."

If custome walked inwearing that shirt,

I wouldn't be happy about itbecause it's offensive.

- Mm-hmm.- The owner is wearing it.

$250,000 in debt and that'sthe shirt he wore today!

Come on.

Kimmie, would you get mea cinnamon whiskey?


So that's Kimmie.She's married to Bill.

Kimmie, would you give mea cinnamon whiskey shot?

Just one second, and I believeBruce is getting it.

What kind of respectdoes she command?

- I'm Bill, one of the owners.- Hi, I'm Lauren.

You know what, her first drinkis because she's military,

and her first drinkis because she is a doll.

Lauren Oh, thank you.

Ladies, thank you very muchfor stopping by.

This is my owner partner. This is Joe.

Jon: The other partner is Joe,

and Joe owns 25%of the business.

Joe! You gonna buy heranother drink?

I'm sorry...

Bill: You know what? Look...

I'm not sure either of themknow how to run a bar.

It certainlydoesn't look like they do.

Set up a tab.

They got six monthsof drinks coming.

You're pretty,so it's all good.

So it makes you wonderis he here to send

his daughter to college,or is he here to get laid?

Get laid.

How long areyou gonna be sitting down?

There's not muchto -- do anyway.

So that's Pinky.

With her feet up like that,

clearly she's the hardestworker in the building.

Where'd Elena go?

Elena?Oh, I don't know.

Jon: So that's Elena.

She's a volunteer and is probably

the hardest working personin the building.

If the customers like her,if she's a catalyst

to business,then pay her.

Guys, we've seen itfrom the outside.

We got to know the scoopon the inside.

- All right. I'm ready. That's your turf.

- So you have yourgirlfriend here?- Yep.

I want to see if this guycomes up to you.

- Let's do it.- Go get 'em!

Jon: I've asked Lisamarie to act

Bill: That's my wife right there.

That's your wife?She's beautiful.

So don't get the wrong idea.Trust me.

We're very selective aboutwho we're buying drinks for.

Thank you.

Failing bar owners thinkthat when they drink

with their customers,it causes people to come back.

It doesn't work,and it's irresponsible.

- Your burger.- My burger.

Look at the lookon Lisamarie's face.

Do you like it?

( grunts )

Oh!She spit it out.

Hi, baby.

- Lisamarie: What's up with the office |- Rachael You don't wanna know.

- What happens there?- Well, it depends.

Do you want the kiddie tourof the office,

or do you want the grown-uptour of the office?

So we're gonna goin the office to do these.

- Yeah.- Yeah.

- One thing about Lisamarie,she can handle herself.- Yeah.

Jon Look at this, he's taking two girls

into the back officeright in front of his wife.

Can you just shoot mein the head now?

You can sit in her lap,though.


Man: What's he doing back there?

I don't know what's going on.

This isn'tyour classic business.

This is mineand Joe's party house.

- Party house.- Yeah!

Truth be said,at some time in the office,

y'all would be topless.

- Wow.- That's the ownerof this bar.

Now what kind ofliability is that?

With Bill acting this way,

he could get sued forsexual harassment or worse.

This guy could be in jail!

What would Kimmiethink about that?

She knows that my job hereis to keep customers happy.

- Lisamarie: Is Pinky okay with it |- Lauren Get Pinky in here.


- Come play in the office. What happens back here?

Pinky I guess it's different with everybody.

Whatever you and Bill'spersonal time may be,

then that's what it is.

Jon I can't believe he has Pinky doing his dirty work.

My -- hung outmore times in this bar

than they havein the shower.

Well, we're the newbies,so we get to keep our shirts on.

That's not how it works.

The rule in the officeis to be topless,

and we're obviouslynot gonna do that.

This is my office.

God damn it,get that top off.

Did he just say that?

Jon: This is the most offensive owner I have ever seen!

- I'm going in.- Oh, my gosh.

Lisamarie is one ofa bunch of girls

that have been brought backto this office

and put in this situation!

I'm going in, and I'm rippingthis guy a new one!

Let's see the draft beer system.

How's that working?

Oh!Look at the foam.

We're dumping your profitsdown the drain, obviously.

When beer is at the right temperature

and the right pressure,it works properly every time.

So you have no confidence in itwhen you pour it out.

- No.- Jon Guys that's crazy. We got to fix that.

Any beer expertwill tell you the last thing

in the world they wantis a frosted mug.

- Really?- Yes.

Because it puts waterin the beer.

The beer should be cold.

The glass should not be,make sense?

This is really filthy.

So either I get sick or I get hit on?

That's the deal?Look at this.

Oh, Jon, look.

Oh, man.

Oh, God.Thoroughly disgusting.

That grew.Look at that.

Jon This is on every bottle you touch.

Do you understand that? Disgusting.

So, Tiff,show us what we got.

So this is a mess.

There's all kind of junk.Look at this.

Jon Oh! Oh!

And this, it's not onlywhere they serve food, Jon.

This is also wherethey do their hair.


So there's hair downon the counters

where we're cooking food.

Look at the wires everywhere.

- Look at that hot-dog thing.- It's all a mess.

Can we cook in this room |- No, this is not a room

that's builtto be cooked in.

There's nothingaround here that's clean.

This is gross |- We got to make you a kitchen.

I have no desire to put kitchen equipment in here

and set this upto have us serve that.

Let's go back in here.

Now this is big enough to cook in,

but we can't call this a kitchen.

It defies everything that webelieve in as professionals.

This is not safe.There's chemicals everywhere.

There's paint, plant food right on the side of the food.

All of thisis inappropriatefor a kitchen.

And the worst thing I foundis this nacho cheese.

- I mean, really, look at it.- Oh!

This expired over a year ago!

That's disgusting.I can't even stand here.

This is disgusting.Oh, man!

I'm gonna throw up.

Kitchen needs--( gags )

Who doesn't have drinks?

Oh | Oh!

These are the drinkswe've dumped out tonight

'cause they are not right.

Make them three, four at a time,not one at a time!

What are you having?

I need three fizzes.


- I need a fizz.- Ernesto?

What'd you have?What are you having to eat?

What's going on here?

There's like a vibeor something here.

I feel like there's some tensionbetween Nikki and Kimmie.

Three fizzes.


You know, there's one personfor me that counts.

Well said.

You need to make some stuff.Can you make some stuff for me?

I'll just clean and take trash, I guess.

- Here, hold that onefor a second.- What happened?

It goes with the three steaksthat you just took out.

I had them written downand the thing got wet.

- You're wasting food.- I know.

How many tableshave you served?

I'm trying to hit them all--

How many have their drinks?

- Less than half?- Jon Less than half.

We're not gonnamake money that way.

When I put two hands on it?

Ooh, jeez!

Nikki needs to run the floorand not look

for sexual attention,but to look for

"you're doing a great job" attention.

Nikki, I have 15 drinksI don't have any money for.

Um... okay.

The service hasn't been great,kind of slow, lacking.


So the grainis going this way.

So you are gonnacut that way, yep.

Thin. Thinner.

- I'm not-- yeah.- Let me show you.

Tiffany I'm trying to explain the basics.

It's taking a whileto get there.

Bill Y'all, I've got food for a few people,

and I don't seeany tickets for them.

Our system here isn't working.

We're gettinga lot of food orders

that are coming in separatefrom the drinks,

and the drinksare stacking up there.

I'm going to take these,and I'm gonna go up front.

- I'm gonna paper-clip themall together for right now.- Yeah.

These systems are terrible.

At least Bill is tryingto make them work.

( blows whistle )

Bruce, show methose teeth, Bruce!

Who wantsto see Bruce smile?!

( women cheer )

Lisamarie: No, that is gone!

Ass --'s gone!

- Kimmie!- Kimmie Yes, sir?

Are you comfortablewith this situation?


I saw what I needed to see.

Why don't we shut it down,get everybody out of here

so we can have a staff meetingand go to work?

We're closing up.

Thank you so much for coming in tonight!

Everybody be carefulgetting home!

All right, guys.

We gotsome fun stuff today

for our new side-of-the-road theme.

It's gonna appealto that married crowd.

We're gonna start offwith something creamy,dessert-y,

and it's servedin a coffee mug.

So you're going tofill it with ice.

We're going to do aboutan ounce of iced coffee,

one ounce of Bailey'sVanilla Cinnamon,

3/4 ounce of Crown Royal.

Strain over new ice.

Garnish witha cinnamon-sugar doughnut.

And this isyour cinnamon doughnut.

How many times do you go on a road trip and

get a pack of doughnutsfrom the gas station?

This is the upscale version.

- Do we like it?- Very good.

This next one's sureto be a crowd-pleaser.

Fill it with ice.

Use 1 1/2 ouncesof Crown Royal Maple

and apple juice.

Garnished with an apple slice.

The Apple of Kimmie's Eye.


Go, shake it!Shake it, shake it, shake it!

- There we go!- Whoo!

We're gonna dosome chili today.

The beauty about chiliis we can actually use

any leftover beef so you'renot wasting anything.

And you're going to haveall of those flavors

that you've cooked withgoing into the chili as well.

The really cool thing aboutthe new direction of the bar

is it's all things that you would experience on a road trip.

It's kind of like the junk foodof everywhere you go.

We're gonna start adding in some spices.

Coffee and beef,though you may think

it's extremely strange,it is not.

I have never heardof coffee in chili.

Well, here in Texas,we do eat Frito pies.

Frito pie is chips with chili and cheese,

and I thought it would be kind of fun

to kind of show off some different chips,

different textures, making it,of course, super delicious.

So the great thingis we can do it with this,

we can do it with the barbecueor with the cheese puffs

and whichever onethe customer likes,

they'll order it,and we can serve it on up.

We've never been viablewith the food,

but now with the potential that the menu's gonna come with,

we could doubleour money in a day.

You got this.

Jon: I wanted to sit with Bill and Joe.