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Hostile Takeover

A binge-drinking owner is the subject of a hostile takeover by his co-owners at Nebraska bar O’Banion’s.

( cheering )

All right,let's have a shot.

Narrator: This year, 6,500 failing bars nationwide

will close their doors for good.

If things don't change soon, O'Banion's Bar & Grill

in Bellevue, Nebraska, will become just another statistic.

In 2005, having just lost his job,

Jerry Dalrymple discovered his parents' favorite bar,

O'Banion's, was for sale.

I'd been laid off, I got a fewseverance packages.

I called up Steve.

I was like, "Steve,wanna buy O'Banion's?"

"Yeah, if the numbersare right."

All right, "Hey, Dave,wanna help buy this bar?

It's Mom and Dad'sfavorite bar."

"Okay, let's do it."

Narrator: Jerry and his brother Dave each put in 40%.

Best friend Steve invested the remaining 20%.

In the beginning, it wasa very cooperative effort.

It was something exciting, it was new,

we had big plans for it.

Narrator: For the first two years, business boomed.

Back in the heyday,we were bringing in $20,$25,000 dollars a month.

Narrator: Money rolled in, so Dave and Steve felt confident

putting the managerial duties in Jerry's hands.

When we were successful,it was fun to be here,

Jerry and I were getting along good.

The bar was making money.

Narrator: Left unsupervised, Jerry's behavior

took the party to extremes, aggravating coworkers...

- Hurry up!- Hello, today.

When he gets intoxicated,he just acts like an idiot.

He is a terrible manager.

I would love to bitch-slap him.All three of 'em.

Narrator: ...and running off customers.

Get the -- outta here!

So, it's"Drink on Jerry's Dime Night"on Friday night.

Saturday nights, just wait till Jerry gets drunk

so he can buy everybody rounds.

Tonight, I find myselfgetting free drinks

from random strangersand even the staff themselves.

Narrator: As business dwindled and losses mounted...

...the three owners butted heads on how to save the bar.

I know whatthe --'s going on.

You guys don't even knowwhat you're -- doing.

Steve: You gotta spend money to make money.

Jerry: But you gotta have the money to spend.

We gotta figure outa way to get more peoplein here.

Again, you're comingin here criticizing...

Narrator: Frustrated with his unproductive partnership,

Jerry has no idea that co-owners Steve and Dave

have agreed to pull back the doors, bust open the books,

and make a call for help to "Bar Rescue."

Maybe you shouldfire the manager

and just listento the owner oncein a while.

( theme music playing )

Narrator: Running a bar is not just a business.

It's a science.

No one knows more about bar science

than Jon Taffer.

I don't embrace excuses.I embrace solutions.

Narrator: For more than 30 years,

Jon has transformed hundreds of failing bars worldwide.

I believethat you could do this.

Narrator: Jon turns money pits...

Jon: Clean the -- place out.

Narrator: ...into moneymakers.

( chatter )

( shatters )

Narrator: Bellevue, Nebraska,

located outside of downtown Omaha

and a stone's throw from Offutt Air Force Base,

this is home to 22,000 airmen

with an average age of 23 years old.

The base houses only one bar and restaurant,

and still O'Banion's misguided Irish theme

fails to attract the local military crowd.

Come on, ladies.What, are you--

you can't figure outwhat tab is what?

Come on.

Narrator: While Jerry manages on the inside,

his brother Dave and best friend Steve

arrive with bar expert Jon Taffer

to give this bar a chance at survival.

So, here we are,O'Banion's.

Why'd you call me?

'Cause we were struggling,and we had reached the point

where if somethingdidn't change,

we weren't gonnabe in business anymore.

When this first started,it was a very cooperative effort

between the three of us.

We worked togetheron everything.

But gradually over time, Jerry has stopped listening

to any input from either of us.

Now it's basically Jerry's way or the highway.

Come on, what the --?

So, tell me aboutyour bar?

O'Banion's was my parents'favorite hangout.

This is where people in the Air Force came.

- How many years did your dad serve?- 21 years.

And how much moneydid you and your brotherput in when you opened it?


- Amongst all of you?- Mm-hmm.

Initially, the three of usmade a deal with the banks

where they put up 100%of the money, but we had toput up our houses.

- Oh, so you didn't put up cash, you put up collateral.- Right.

- Jon: So, you went in for 40%.- Dave: Yeah, that's true.

Jon: Your brother went in for 40%, and you went in for 20.

Steve: I got the 20%.

Who primarilyruns the bar?

My brother Jerryruns the bar.

All right,let's have a shot.

- Have a shot, buddy.- No.

- Come on.- Nope.

Whatever you --.

How do you guysget along now as partners?

We grew up togetherand been friends for 30 years,

but things have gottenstrained over the last--

Because of thefinancial pressures--

Because of thefinancial pressures.

- How much time do we have?- We have about seven months.

Well, I gotta tell you guys,it doesn't start out herevery well.

The sign on the sideof the building there is out.

That's the one that would face

both sides of the road that you'd see.

- Whose fault is that?- Jerry's.

And then what happenedover the years?

'Cause it's notan Irish bar now, is it?

It's an Irish bar in name onlyand on St. Patrick's Day.

So, it's reallya sports bar?What is it?

- Steve: We don't know what it is.- If you don't know what it is,

your customers definitelydon't know what it is.

And I couldn'tblame 'em one bitfor not knowing what it is.

So, we gottafind out who we are

and then we gottabe that every day.

You know, I've had this placeunder surveillance for a fewdays.

- Mm-hmm.- That's how I work.

Well, let's watcha little bit.

Let's see what's going onon the inside of the bar.

Narrator: Jon, along with owners Steve and Dave,

observe O'Banion's, a 2,500-square-foot bar

with one speed well, no POS, and an unused kitchen space.

See, everybody thinksI'm an --,

but I'm a pretty nice guy'cause I'm digging the --trash bag out.

Narrator: In addition to the cameras that have been following O'Banion's staff,

surveillance cameras have been placed around the bar

as Jon and owners Steve and Dave observe from the SUV.

Let's talk about the staff.

- Steve: That's Michelle.- Jon: And how long has she worked there?

- She's been with us, what, probably six, seven years?- Yeah.

- So she's your senior bartender.- Absolutely.

- And who's that one, the one closer to us?- That's Brittany.

- Good bartender? You like her?- She can spend a lot of time texting on her phone.

- Jon: Whose fault is that?- Steve: That would be Jerry's.

- So, who's that?- Steve: That's Brittany, the other Brittany.

- Jon: Is that B.C.? Is that what we call her?- Steve: Yes.

And how longhas she been there?

She's been with usfor about three months now.

Oh, jeez,that comes out fast.

So, there's Jerry.He's the one partying.

Jerry: I don't give a --. We don't have food.

- Did you sell food before?- Oh, yeah.

Jerry took it upon himselfto sell all the kitchenequipment.

Without talking to us.

As 60% ownersof the business,

don't you thinkyou deserve the rightto make that decision?

Absolutely, we should'vebeen involved in that decision.

Jon: Am I watching this?

The customerbrought in food.

Yes, that happensall the time.

Jon: Now every other customer looks at her eating, and what happens?

"I'm hungry, man.I'm getting the helloutta here.

I'm gonna go get somethingto eat." They all leave.

So that person eatingcauses five other peopleto leave.

- Would you like another one?- Yes, miss.

Jon: This gets me. That's a fake TurboTap system.

The problemis that's rubber tube.

It's not surgicalstainless steellike a TurboTap would be.

And what that isis it's a haven for bacteria.

A real TurboTap fillsthe beer from the bottomthree times faster.

- Whose responsibility is that?- That would be Jerry.

I'm really not--okay.

- You wanna-- - ( all laugh )

- It's all about him.- I got balls.

- Are your balls that big?- Hell, no, they're bigger. Ah.

- I'm not really -- good shot, but...- It's embarrassing.

...hell, yeah.Oh, yeah.

- Oh!- ( laughs )

He's the loudest personin the room by far.

--, he is.

Her ass is in the way.Hey, can you get--

can you getthat turdcutterout of my way?

Can you possibly succeedwith him being this way?

Not the wayit is now, no.

Jon: Running the bar drunk is dead wrong.

Holy --,that was great.

When you guys sit hereand tell me that, you know,"he this" and "he that."

But you both togetherhave the authority to stopthat tomorrow.

You could take controlof the bank accountstomorrow.

- That's what 60% of a business is.- Good point.

So the factof the matter is,

you're notin a submissiveposition to him.

- Sure.- So he needs to see your anger.

- You pissed?- Yes.

- I am.- How many times have you been pissed

- the last few months and held it back?- Probably 50% of the time.

- Tonight you don't.- Okay.

Tonight you let it go.How many times you beenpissed and held it back?

Any time I've seen himdrinking in the bar.I've never liked it.


Come on!

Hello,where's my --bartenders at?

- We're bartending!- Hello! Hello! --!

Look at himscreaming and yelling. is, yeah!Yeah!

Yeah, buddy.

Okay, you need to go overand just kick that -- table

and just -- knock it down.

- No, don't do that.- Kick that -- table down.

No, don't do that.No, no, no, no, no!

Don't bump that table.Go over there.

( glasses clatter, shatter )

Jerry: It's, like, one of those things.

Oh, my God, right now.

Did I not tell you?You just hit him!

No, I wasn't.I was over here, bull--.

- I've definitely seen enough.- Okay, here's what we do.

We go inside, we talk to him,we look at him and say,

"We own 60% of this business.I want the keys."

- Hostile takeover.- Let's do it.

A hostile takeover

is when the majority ownersof a company

take the business away from the manager.

Dave and Steve own 60% of this company.

They're gonna walk in andthey're gonna relieve Jerry

of his management duties.

It was almostright in her funbags.

- Oh, son of a bitch!- ( woman screams )


The number one responsibility of a bar manager

is to keepyour customers safe.

You can't do thatwhen you're drunk.

All right, come on.

Time-out.Let's have a shot.

Can you come talk to usfor a minute?

What's going on?

Come on over here.

- Jerry: All right.- Jon: Stand right there.

Yeah.Hey, how ya doin'?

I've been better.You're a drunken fool.

- Can I sit down?- With their money. No.

Don't sit down.Stand up, it's good for ya.

- All right.- If you can stand. Can you stand?

Well, yeah, yeah.

- Yeah?- Yeah, I'm standing.

It's not funny.

You're an embarrassment to Dave,you're an embarrassment to me,

you're an embarrassmentto the bar.

You're makinga fool of yourself

and you're disrespectfulto your partners whosehouses are on the line.

We've talked about thismany times.

About you not drinkingin the bar, not yellingacross the bar.

- We're having a great time.- This is not about a great time.

This is about making money!

- ( slaps table )- Come on, now.

It's like-- man, it's like we're having a great time.

Everybody's in here.We're -- having a great time.

That's what we thoughtwe were gonna have whenwe bought this -- place.

I haven't beenhaving a great time.

I've been sittingout in that vehicle

watching you make an ass out of yourself.

That is not fun to me.

This is a hostile takeover.We're taking control.

You're notrunning things anymore.

Here's the law.They own 60% of the business.

You give them their keys tonight.

You walk outta here,come back tomorrowas a reasonable partner!

What the --?I'm having a great time, Jon.

His house is on the line.This isn't about your good time.

This is bull--!

You're the drunken fool!

I think it's timefor you to go home.

( shatters )

Jon: You give them their keys tonight.

Come back tomorrowas a reasonable partner.

This is bull--!

I think it's timefor you to go home.

It's over.You blew it.

I'm gonna leave you guys.

Do not leaveuntil you get the keysand the checkbook.

Good night.

Honestly, I didn't thinkDave and Steve

had it in 'em,but they did.

They had the courage,they went in,

and they completeda hostile takeover.

- This is -- bull--.- Dave: No, it's the way it is.

No, it's -- bull--.Where the -- have youguys been?

I've been here --busting my -- balls.

- This is --!- Steve: Keys.

-- bull--.

That's enough.Get out now.

- Steve: You're done.- -- bull--!

Who's here? Me.Not you mother--.

This is bull--.Give me my -- keys.

--, --.I'm always here,every -- day.

- We know that.- ( slurring ) --.

- Come on, buddy.- You're my -- brother.

-- damn it.

That's -- bull--.

That's -- bull--.My -- own brother,God damn --.

-- hard --.

Well, I'm surprised thisplace hasn't cleared out.

I'm embarrassedto be associated with himright now.

And how he reactedwas abysmal.

That is just crazy.( laughs )

I'm gonna -- come backand rob the place,

'cause that -- don't knowhow to lock it up.

Come on, Jerry. This way.Gotta take you home.

That's not fun.But it had to be done.

If I die tomorrow,you -- ain't gonna havethe account number.

- Missi: Quit being an ass.- Bull--, I'm not being an ass. I'm telling the -- truth.

They don't even knowhow to turn the -- TV off.

I guarantee I'll come heretomorrow morning and the --big screen will still be on.

Don't worry about it right now,okay? I'll take care of it.

Yeah, whatever.That -- lightbulb cost 299 bucks.

Make sure theyturn the -- TV off.


This is the first hostiletakeover I've ever doneon "Bar Rescue."

Hostile takeovers always are ugly.

I want Jerry coming in today with his tail between his legs.

Humble and ready to functionas a minority partner.

- Hi.- All: Hello.

My name is Jon Taffer.

I've been doing this30 years.

This is my reputation, my life.This is what I do.

I've done it over 800 times,so I know what I'm doing,

and I want you to understandthat four days from now,

I have to open a brand-new business.

- What are you doing?- Just trying to be a good host.

You thought you werea good owner last night?

- I think I was a great owner.- It was a circus.

You area minority -- partner,

and they can fire you right now.

- Do you respect him?- Both: No.

I feel like I'm working herefor nothing.

Things are being given away,we don't make money.

So, you robbed herof her money.

Good -- job.

You got a drunken ----hole manager.

Forget that he's a partner.

Would you let him work here after seeing that?


Why shouldn't theyfire you?

I mean, I'm hereevery day 100%...

- Drunk.- ...and you guys are never here.

I ask for some help,all's I get are excuseson why you're not here.

Dave, you just-- you never come around to do anything.

Same with you, Steve.You know, if this isgonna be a partnership,

you guys gotta come in hereand do your part.

You take one frickin' drinkwhile I'm here the nextfour days,

I walk out of hereand you lose your house.That's the deal.


I'll make you a deal,you make the commitment to Jon

and I will commit to you, I will commit to Dave.

I'll do my part.We need you to do your part,

so I think wecould get it doneif we stuck to it.

- Sticking to it is the thing.- I think for you, too.

Yes, sir.

Now it's all about the future,not the past, guys.

So we got some work to do.

I want to starttraining today,

and to do it, I brought a great mixologist.

Come in, buddy.

- How are you, Jon?- Good, how are you?

Trevor Frye.

Narrator: For the bar, Jon brings in Trevor Frye.

His knowledge of cocktails for the young crowd

will help this aging bar become relevant again.

He's gonna work with your teamto elevate all their skills.

Okay, I want you guys to train with Trevor

and I want to talk to you guys in the back for a minute, okay?

Jerry sold off this equipment to pay the rent

and he left a scarthat's still bleeding.

I'm putting a Band-Aid on that scar.

Holy --.

Jon: I've done something I've never done before.

When this bar closed last night,

I sent my team in and I installed

an entirely brand-new kitchen,

and hopefully I can pull thispartnership together.

So, look at what we got you guys-- a complete prep station with refrigeration.

A beautiful freezer, a soup kettle,

a whole new flattop, a whole new deep fryer,

and I want to thank Hockenbergs Food Service and Supply

for all the equipment to make this happen.

Narrator: The O'Banion's kitchen consists of two areas separated by a wall.

The main kitchen area, where Jon and his team

have installed all-new kitchen equipment,

and a dishwashing station, where the sink,

ice machines, and storage are located.

This is Nick Liberato,the most passionate chefI have ever worked with.

Narrator: Culinary expert Nick Liberato

knows exactly what type of cuisine

a simple kitchen like this needs to thrive.

You're in good hands.All right, Nick, train 'em.

- Excellent. All right, guys.- Thanks, guys.

So, you want to make sureyou really take pride

in keeping everything clean,all right?

So, why don't we get started with those dishes?

So, you cleanand let me rinse or something.

- ( sink gurgling )- I don't have a clue.

- What's that smell?- Did they just turn the heat on?

What is that smell?

( gags )

I mean, we haven't usedthe sinks in over a year.

This is disgusting.I can't even work in here.

Yeah, this isgetting worse.

This is getting ridiculous.We need to learn this outside.

( Felicia coughs )

Nick: I come in here. I'm all set,

ready to start workingin the kitchen,

and all I smell is --.

( gags )

( shatters )

( gags, coughs )

( groans )Look at this.Come here, guys.

Get over here. This is your grease trap.

Narrator: A grease trap is used to remove grease and food solids

from wastewater to prevent them from clogging the sewer system.

If not cleaned out regularly,

bacteria-laden solids will accumulate

and block the outgoing line.

A clogged grease trap gives off a nauseating odor

and is a major health hazard.

These guys haven't cleanedthe grease trap

in God knows how long.

We had to call a plumbing company

and we've lost a whole day of training.

It's pretty bad.

It's somethingthat probably should've beentaken care of months ago.

Trevor: Well, we've got to start at day-one stuff with these guys.

It's gonna be a hefty task.

It's time to give them the basics and the foundation

so that they can really step up their game.

Michelle, you are up.

Make me a chilledIrish Honey shot.


It's gonna bea six count.

It seemeda little heavy for me.

There's almost a whole'nother shot in there.

Michelle, to me, seems likea beginning bartender.

It was a little disappointing to hear that she's the one that everyone turns to

'cause they're alljust gonna be screwed.

This is another $5 or $6that would've gonedown the drain.

All right, let's doa Bulleit Old-Fashioned.

All right, if thisis how you stir drinks,

we're gonna have a little bitof an issue, all right?

- You're just moving that ice around the beverage, okay?- Oh, okay.

There you are.Lovely.

Do you normally flinga napkin at a customerlike that?

If I put a napkindown like this...

I'm pretty much just saying,"Here's your -- drink."

All right,so let's work on it,work on the recipes,

and let's knockit out tonight, all right?

- All right.- Thank you.

I love to havea great time in the kitchen.

Get a lot of passion, put it into the food.

I hate the kitchen.

You make all your money in liquor,

it goes right out the back door with the food.

I'll go to McDonald'sif I need to eat.

So, for tonight's stress test,we're gonna be doing a baconSwiss chicken sandwich.

It's really importantthat we bring food backto this bar.

That's gonna generate so much more revenue here at O'Banion's.

What we're gonna dois we're gonna startcooking our chicken.

( sizzling )

They're thin,so the cooking time on themis gonna be a lot shorter.

This shouldn't take morethan eight minutes to cook.

Take a piece of cheese...

So, the next thing we're gonna do--

we're gonna go right downon our bread like so.

Two pieces of bacon.

If I do good and everybodyknows I'm not a cook,

I think I might earn somerespect around here.

I mean, I'm trying to get those keys back.

And this is our bacon Swisschicken sandwich

with tomatoes and slaw.

Wow, I can't believeI'm actually gonna make this.

- I mean, this is getting overwhelming.- It's all good.

- I'm getting a little freaked out here.- Don't be-- I know you are.

I know you are.We're doing two dishes here.Think of it simple, like that.

I'll give it my best shot.

I never thoughtI'd belong in a kitchen,but that was kinda cool.

Okay, can we all get togetherfor a staff meeting, please?

Tonightis our stress test.

There's more peoplestanding in front of this bar

right now than I'm guessing ever have.

The most important partof this community is the base.

To succeed, you haveto get the support of the base.

I got a groupof young people,

25 to 34, that live on the base.

This is a chancefor all of us

to identify our strengthsand weaknesses.

Tonight what I want to dois you're gonna bein the kitchen,

I want you running food to the tables, Steve.

Just keep the food flowing,support the girls,

run the dining room.

- Dave, I want you to back up the bar.- Exactly.

Jon: See what they need. Communicate with Michelle, who's your lead bartender.

You're getting low on fruit,you're getting low on ice,

you have a problem,you need something,communicate with Dave.

Tonight, I want tosee these guys act like owners

and support Jerrylike they said they would.

- Let's get to it, okay?- Okay.

- Thank you.- Guys, come here. Come here.

This is our chance.Make the best of it.

If somebody gets mad,kill 'em with the smile.

- All right.- Thank you, ladies.


( cheering )

Welcome to O'Banion's!

Listen, we are gonnarun out of these.

- Come on in!- ( cheering continues )

Dave is your backup.Let him know.

Say, "Look,we need glassware."

Here they come!Get ready!

- Welcome.- One chicken sandwich.

Order in.Chicken sandwich.

Can I get a Cape Cod,an Old-Fashioned,

- and some chili fries?- Yes.

No glassware over the ice.

No glasswareover the ice?

Oh, no. What happensif it breaks?

Don't make anythingone at a time.

Everything three, fourat a time.

B.C., let's look upwhile we're stirring,get some orders.

- Come on.- I have, like, four orders in my head right now.

You should be makingmore than one, though,darling, right?

Order in.Chili fries.

Holy --.Way too strong, Michelle.

- Starting it over.- Okay.

- There's those Cape Cods.- Yay.

- How you guys doing?- We're out of glasses.

Trevor: What's that?

Brittany: Dave, we're already out of glasses.

All the glassesare right here right now.

Brittany: Is there extra glasses out there?

- Anybody see more glasses?- Felicia: I'm looking.

Jon: It's a freakin' disaster.

We have no glassesfor any of the drinks.

We're over 30 drinks behind.

Guys, we are losing ground.

Yeah, I need glassesfor all these Bulleits.

So, what's happenedis because we didn't plan aheadand ran out of glasses,

rather than taking careof your customers,

you guys are washing glasses.

Without the planning,we're dead.

We ran out of glassware10 minutes into this.

Here's some more rocks.

They knew I was gonnafill this place yesterday.

They did nothing about it.

That's the epitomeof why they're failing.

Dave: Hey, the guy that ordered a chicken sandwich--

Yep, we justgot it right here.

The fries went to him,so somebody's missingtheir fries.

Somebody's runningthe fries to the wrong tablesis what's happening.

Chicken sandwich.


Chicken sandwich.No?

I have been waitingabout 25 minutes formy chicken sandwich

and he's already done with whathe ordered and we orderedat the same time.

You guys can go aheadand cancel my chicken sandwich.

I ordered itan hour and 20 minutes ago.


I'm too lateon the chicken-to-gos.

- What do you mean, too late?- They're gone, they left.

This is -- bull--.I busted my ass on that --.

What was Stevesupposed to do tonight?

- Talk to me. This is important.- He's supposed to get the food out,

make sure the ticketsare going to the right tables.

So what's happening?Are tickets coming inorganized?

Once it leaves here,there's problems out there,not back here.

We have a disconnectbetween bar seats and tables.

Okay, you needto control the floor.

Go to it, come on.Let's go, buddy.

Do it!

They tried to kick me outta herebecause of the way I was acting.

Now they got their head up their ass, not me.

This is horse--.

Remember what we talked aboutabout screaming profanitywithin the bar, Jerry.

I understand you're upset.Bear with me.

Come on, let's go.Let's focus.

I'm tryingmy best back here.

Voice needs to be lower.

Come on, I'm bustingmy ass on this.

- Get 'em out there!- Jerry, if you don't -- quit screaming,

I'm gonna come back there--

Pull your headout of your ass!

- Jerry--- You're the one falling apart tonight.

I'm about readyto come ungluedon all of you.

Come on! --!

( shatters )

Jerry: Pull your head out of your ass!

- Jerry--- I'm about ready to come unglued on all of you.

Come on!

You stick me in frontof the food. I didn't want it.

Take it easy.Stay calm.

I feel likeI'm a caged animal.

We screwed up.I apologize.

It happens,it happens.

There's no tickets.Let's clean up a little bit,all right?

I didn't realizeI was trainable to dothis kind of stuff.

Actually, it's funwhen they're not messing up.

Here you go.Here's your tickets.

Make sure they gowith the right tickets.There you go, perfect.

- Who still doesn't have drinks?- ( cheering )

You know why?'Cause we ran out of glasses!

( crowd boos )

So, Trevor, come on in.I bought the glasses.

( cheering )

We got glasses!Let's go, guys.

Dave, let's get 'em washed,let's get 'em on the bar,let's get drinkin'!

( cheering )

I feel likeI've been through a war.

- Yeah, absolutely.- It's unbelievable.

Last night, Jerry wasone of the biggest --holes.Tonight, he's better.

The fact of the matter is,tonight, Jerry came throughtonight.

- Did Steve?- Nick: Not at all.

- Jon: Did Dave?- Trevor: Absolutely not.

- Complete flip.- Yep.

Who's full of -- now?

- Now we know where the problem lies, don't we?- Exactly.

All right, guys!It's last call!

Hey, guys.Come on over.

Hey, guys.Here we go.

So, our stress testfailed tonight.

Trevor, what do you think?

Dave, I mean,we had 12 glasses.

We didn't have enough glasswareto handle the new drink menu.

Whose fault was that?

You knew this placewas gonna be packed tonight.

Well, if someonewoulda asked,

I think there's a half a caseof 'em in the back room.

No one even asked meif there was any back there.

And you never knewwe ran out of glassesin the front.


I want to bang my headagainst this frickin' bar.

The problem is that you guys are not communicating,

and who's the oneyou were counting onfor the bar?

These two gentlemenright here. My partners.

How did Steve do backing you upin the kitchen, Jerry?

Steve was outdoing his thing--

Jerry doesn't need to answer.I'll answer it.

- I know I screwed up.- You pissed me off tonight.

You blew it.

You talk a good game,but you didn't dive in tonight.

So here's as I see it, Jerry.

You really earnedyour stripes tonight.

- Have you had a drink today?- No, sir.

Jon: You promised me something yesterday. You delivered.

You earned my respect,big-time.

What you went through last night,

going home last night,dealing with what you dealtwith personally,

I am proud of you.

- I want you to know that.- Thank you, sir.

Jon: Really proud of you.

You hit it outof the park tonight.

Again, I can't tell youhow proud of you I am.

No one's ever saidwhat you just said to me.

Thank you.That means a lot.

As a man,as an individual,

is he readyto get the keys back?

I've got 'em right here.

Absolutely, I'm proudof him as you are.

I'm sorry, Jerry.I should've been therefor ya.

I let you down,so I wanna change things.

You earned it.

Now it's timefor me to do my job.

We trainall day tomorrow, guys.

This is his moment.Let him have it, okay?

We're all proudof you, Jerry.

- That was brutal, guys.- No words.

- Jon, we got our hands full.- But there's good news.

It's a good location,and, guys, we gota good market here.

That's the goal.Offutt Air Force Base.

- 22,000 guys on that base.- Wow.

12,000 employeesgo there to work every day,

so the common bondof this communityis the base.

I want to create a great barthat's gonna capture the base

and pay tribute to Jerry's dad,who was in the Air Force.

So, Chef, we're in Nebraska.Beef and potatoes country.

- Yeah, all right.- Comfort foods, what do you think?

I'm thinking something hearty,something all-American,

but very versatile,easy to execute.

Because if it's not,

I don't want these guysselling their kitchen again.

No, that's exactlywhat'll happen.

- They will abandon it in a minute.- Nick: Yeah.

Cocktails, whatare you thinking?

The first thing,right off the bat-- whiskey.

Whiskey's embeddedin the history of the country

as well as somethingthat's mass appealingto both men and women.

- Nostalgic...- I think we're getting somewhere.

- Yeah.- We know about our marketplace.

- Let's detail this out.- Okay.

Let's get back to the hotel,get a pot of coffee.

Okay, let's do it, guys.

Hi, y'all, how we doing?

- Good, how are you?- Fine.

Jon and I came upwith some cocktails

that we think allthe airmen are gonna love

and you guysare gonna love as well.

- Great.- The first drink is gonna be the 55th Wing Mule.

So, do you guys knowwhat the 55th Wing is?

It's the command centerat the Offutt Air Force Base.

All right, that's right.

We put a little spinon a Moscow Mule for you guys.

We're gonna do itwith Bulleit Bourbon

instead ofthe traditional vodka.


We're gonna startwith the Bulleit Bourbon.

Fresh-squeezed half lime.

And we're gonna top it offwith some nice, fresh gingerbeer.

Gonna use a lime wedgeto garnish.

55th Wing Mule.

- It's really good.- Trevor: Awesome.

The next drinkthat we're going on tois gonna be the Touch and Go.

We're gonna startwith an ounce and a half

of our Bushmills Irish Honey.

Ounce and a halffresh apple juice,

quarter ouncecinnamon syrup,

quarter ouncelemon juice.

We're gonna give thata good shake.

That's gonna goright in here.

It's beautiful.Garnish this witha cinnamon stick.

This is a Touch and Go. Why don't you give that a taste?

Oh, that's very good.

( all laugh )

Nick: We wanted to make something that appealed to everyone,

and what is more versatilethan a potato?

My hope for Jerry todayis to feel a little bit morecomfortable in the kitchen.

All I expect from him is to have an open mind

and to appreciatethat we simplified thingsfor him.

Anything can gowith this, all right?

We're gonna doa Wild Buffalo Potato.

A nice hot sauce,some blue cheese,

and we're gonna have some crispy chicken

that's gonna come out of the deep fryer.

It's like you'rehaving buffalo wings.

Just open this up...

Jon and I chose spuds for this particular menu

because they'reso easy to use,

allowing a lot of versatility on our menu.

Now what we're gonna dois we're gonna get someof that sauce

and we're gonnadrop it right intothat chicken right there.

Get 'em going.One, two.

Toss it,get 'em going.

Do not stop untilthey're all coated.

- How we doing?- Nick: Take your time.

Doing good, we're doing good.I like what I'm seeing.

All right, blue cheese.

How's that look at midnightafter a few drinks, huh?

Oh, lookin' good,lookin' good.

That'll fillsomeone's belly.

Now you can allwork this kitchen.

Now celery.

This is our Wild Buffalo Potato.

I gotta get readyin two days, guys,

so it's training time.

- You guys ready to really learn?- Oh, yeah.

Let's get you guysbehind the bar.

- Here's B.C., hi.- Hi, hi.

Good timing.We're about to startsome training here.

- All right.- We got about three hours of training.

- You good?- No.


I cannot be herefor the next three hours.

- How come?- I have not been getting any sleep.

I am exhausted.

What you're saying to me isthis isn't important enoughto you right now.

Right now, no, this is notmy main priority.

- Is it your main priority?- Yes, that's why I'm here.

- Is it your main priority?- This is my life.

It's your life,thank you.

I just can't be herelate like this.

She doesn'thave the commitment.

I'm not doing this, sorry.

Seriously, -- everybody.This is bull--.


What the hellwas that, Dave?

She had agreedthat she was gonna

put in the timenecessary for this.

She didn't come through,so she can't be partof the team.

Yeah, that's unbelievable.

B.C.: That's bull--.

He made me feel like a terrible person.

I'm sorry my part-time jobI make no -- money at

is not my main priority in my -- life right now.

Screw them all,is how I feel.

( shatters )

What you're saying to me isthis isn't important enoughto you right now.

No, this is notmy main priority.

She doesn'thave the commitment.

Seriously, -- everybody.This is bull--.

Well, maybe shelearns from it,

but she's not gonnalearn here.

All right, guys.Let's go to it, come on.

Now I'm putting the staffthrough a real-time challenge

with the new menu.

I want two Wing Mules,one Touch and Go.

I wanna see if they can multitask drink production.

Trevor: Right on the gap. There we go.

Food!I want two buffalo potatoes.

I want them to properly execute the new menu

and keep ticket timesunder 20 minutes.

You guysare doing a great job.Keep it going.

Two wild buffaloes.

Look at our cocktailsand the garnishes.

Now we got a bar, guys!It's working!

Look at this.

- Under 15 minutes.- Michelle: Good job.

- Smell good?- Michelle: It smells amazing.

Jon: Unbelievable what we've accomplished

- in a short period of time.- Yes.

- How do you feel?- Very thankful.

You're a real man.

One of the greatest personaltransformations I've ever seen.

I can fix any bar. When I fix people,

that's the greatestmoment of all.

So, here's where we're at, guys.

I gotta get you outta here.I gotta rebuild this bar.

Okay, guys?All right, good night.

- Jerry: Good night. Thank you, sir.- All: Good night.

You're gonna come throughfor your family,

you're gonna come throughfor yourself,

and you're gonnamake this freakin' work.

- You hear me?- ( sobs ) Thank you, man.

I know it, I know it,I know it.

Jerry: I just never had anybody believe in me like that.

I'm gettinga little embarrassed.

This isn't me.I don't cry.

( chuckles )

When I got here, guys,this started with a hostiletakeover.

Jerry, you started as big an --hole as I've ever seen

and ended up as good a guyas I've ever met.

How many years did your dadserve the Air Force, Jerry?

21 years.

I wanna honor his 21 years,

but I wanna make surefor the next 21 years,your boss survives.

So, from hostile takeoverto partnership makeover.

On a count of three--




( laughing, cheering )

Brittany: Look at all the benches!

Jon: I always put a lot of effort

into creating an exterior treatment

with eye-catching light and graphics

that are a call to action,

telling a person on the street why they should come inside.

Remember that useless sign on the side of the building?

Now it's lit, and thousands of cars will see it every day.

What does"sortie" mean, Jerry?

It's missionsfor all types of military,

from bombing missions to ground missions.

It's a mission.

We're on a missionto have a good time.

- Yeah.- Let's do it, guys.

- Ready to see the inside?- All: Yes!

I bet you are.Go ahead!


Come on in, ladies.

Oh, my God!

( overlapping laughter, chatter )

Holy --.

Brittany: Are you sure this is really ours and we can stay?

That's coolerthan hell, man.

It does feel like home.


( chuckles )

Oh.( sobbing )

Oh, that is great.

I can't wait to bring those heroes in here

and serve them a beer and tell them thank you

and give them this.This is just awesome.

So, welcometo Sorties Tavern.

Yes, great.It's beautiful.

Jon: Look at our beautiful tabletops.

Light tabletopsgo to fast-food restaurants'cause you leave quickly.

Dark tabletops are warm, intimate, cozier.

You hit the nailright on the head.

You were a drunken foolin here five days ago.

With him on that wall,you can't be.

I'll neverdisrespect that, no way.

- Let me show you the bar.- Okay.

So, it starts, obviously,with the new bar top,

the new bar front.

I put in a second stationwith two speed wells here.

I want it to double your production, to double your revenue potential.

Look at the planefrom here.

Jason Hulfish Design Studio came and did that for me.

If I took a picture of you guys from here,

it looks like you're floating in air.

No bar in the worldhas that.

And you guysran out of glasses.

Look at that-- you'll never run out of glasses again.

I put in 14 real TurboTaps from TurboTap USA.

It's made out of surgical stainless steel.

- Nice.- You guys are in the kitchen tonight, okay?

- Yep.- Jerry, this is your show.

- Up front, on your own.- Yes, sir.

Let's get our bar ready,let's get the room ready.

- Let's do it.- Yeah, all right.

All right, guys.

I look forwardto eight good years

instead of the eightcrappy years that we've had.

( chatter )

I love the new name.I think it's great that theyincorporated the Air Force.

- Nick: We need to chop that more.- 10 minutes, guys!

Super excited,really anxious for the heroes

to come in hereand check this place out.

Now we just gottahave some fun and makesome money.

( cheering )

Come on in and getyour drink on!

( cheering )

- Oh, my God.- Here we go.

Dave: We're on!

What can I getfor you guys?

Welcome--what's going on?

Good, welcome to Sorties.

- First ticket.- One taco, one PBLT.

You guys are the first onesthat get to sit on the wing.

( all cheer )

The drink namesare historical.

The 55th Wing is what the name of the base is.

I love it.

- There we go.- Order up, guys, table one. Here we go.

Order up.

Guys, you're pulling it off.Way to go!

The bourbontastes good.

Hey, folks,what do you think?You like it?

( all cheer )

Who woulda thought to putall this on a potato?

It's incredible.

We pulled it off in the end.They never crossed 20-minuteticket times.

Jerry was a sober, likeable owner tonight.

There you go, enjoy.

Jon: Dave cooked his butt off,

and Steve showed he could do more than just talk.

And this baris a gold mine.

Look at this crowd, guys.

Do you realize you mademore money tonight

than you probably madelast week?

- Yeah.- Remember how this started?

Dave: This is a hostile takeover.

- You're not running things anymore.- What the --?

Now it's a partnershipmakeover, isn't it, guys?

Yes, it is.

I'm done.Now it's up to you guys.

Just give me a hug, guys.Well done. Well done.

( music playing )

Announcer: Promotional consideration provided by..., Omaha Neon Sign Company,

KB Restaurant Cleaning, Thunder Group, Roto-Rooter,

2Touch POS, and Esri.