Hooters Swimsuit Pageant - Alison Clay (00:00:41.000)

Ohio Hooters superstar Alison Clay chats about her perfect man.

Posted 03/24/2008

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Hooters Swimsuit Pageant - Vivian Leiva (00:00:41.000)

Nervous Guatemalan gal Vivian Leiva shows off the goods that got her a gig at Hooters.

Posted 03/24/2008

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Hooters Swimsuit Pageant - Tracy DeLoach (00:00:41.000)

The Kentucky Hooters hottie takes in some sun at a swanky Las Vegas pool.

Posted 03/24/2008

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Hooters Swimsuit Pageant - Terese Trijillo (00:00:41.000)

The Hooters 'Rookie of the Year' struts her sexy stuff under a Las Vegas waterfall.

Posted 03/24/2008

Views: 4,735

Hooters Swimsuit Pageant - Serena Snelling (00:00:53.000)

Hot Hooters girl Serena Snelling explains why she wants to be dominated.

Posted 03/24/2008

Views: 3,855