Galveston History In A Snapshot (2:23)

After discovering a boatload of worthy gambling artifacts in Galveston, Texas, Ric takes his loot to Julio in New Orleans to see what he's got to say – and has got to pay – for it.

Posted 04/14/2013

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Texas Militia Belt Buckle (1:17)

G and Nick stumble upon something that gets Ric super excited: a Texas Militia belt buckle. This badboy could be worth around $2,000!

Posted 04/14/2013

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Texas Militia Belt Buckle (1:22)

Posted 04/14/2013

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Chuck-A-Luck (0:47)

No, it’s not a lobster trap. It’s one the oldest games you’d find in casino in the 1920s: a Chuck-A-Luck. This would make a nice parrot cage, actually.

Posted 04/14/2013

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