It's A Beautiful Day In Boston (2:15)

Before the Ric Savage leaves Boston, he meets with Laura, a buyer who's willing to take the antique boxing collectibles he's dug up off his hands - but not before a feisty negotiation goes down.

Posted 02/7/2013

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No Captain, No Dig (1:19)

The Savages have big plans for Beaufort Port. Unfortunately, the Captain they were going to strike a deal with to dig for some great artifacts has a few issues with the master plan.

Posted 02/7/2013

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Scales And Bells (1:31)

While digging through a bar's basement, the Savages uncover an old scale used to weigh in boxers back in the day as well as a ring bell.

Posted 02/7/2013

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You're About To Get "Savaged" (1:21)

The Savages take a trip to Beaufort Harbor to hunt for pirate treasure. Which pirate? No one but the legendary Edward Teach – also known as Blackbeard.

Posted 02/7/2013

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