The Post Schmo: Episode 10 (3:05)

This is it, people. On the final Post Schmo, we get a behind the scenes look at the epic finale of The Joe Schmo Show and Chase's reaction to the big reveal. Chase Rogan FTW.

Posted 03/5/2013

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Full Bounty Finalists (3:05)

Chase and Lorenzo are the only two bounty hunters left standing and the rest of the cast votes on who will finally take home 100k prize.

Posted 03/5/2013

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Lamas & Chase Say Goodbye To Allen (2:43)

After a few crazy questions from the losers, Chase and Lamas find themselves all alone after Jake boots Allen off of The Full Bounty.

Posted 03/5/2013

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Chase's Wife Gets In On The Game (2:58)

Chase's wife Taylor finally finds out the truth about The Joe Schmo Show and the producers try to get her in on the game by possibly dressing her up as Lady Justice for the final eviction.

Posted 03/5/2013

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