In Love With LV (3:08)

Sklyar corners Chase one on one and lets him know how she really feels about Lavernius. Poor Chase won't know what hit him.

Posted 01/9/2013

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The Crazy Cop (0:51)

Why go for the good cop, bad copy routine when you can come in swinging a bat with the crazy cop routine? Works like a charm every time.

Posted 01/9/2013

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LV's Big Secret (1:20)

As if Chase isn't under enough pressure from the competition, LV tells him his biggest secret yet to test his loyalty. Tune in to the Joe Schmo Show airing Tuesdays at 10/9c on SPIKE.

Posted 01/9/2013

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The Post Schmo: Episode 2 (2:43)

In the 2nd Post Schmo, Karlee hears a Champagne miracle, Chase gets blown up and Mr. Lamas says goodbye to his casual pouches.

Posted 01/9/2013

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A Deaf Ventriloquist? (1:05)

Everyone has their own little "comfort item" on the The Joe Schmo Show and Karlee is no different - well...maybe just a little bit different.

Posted 01/9/2013

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