In Love With LV (3:08)

Sklyar corners Chase one on one and lets him know how she really feels about Lavernius. Poor Chase won't know what hit him.

Posted 01/9/2013

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The Crazy Cop (0:51)

Why go for the good cop, bad copy routine when you can come in swinging a bat with the crazy cop routine? Works like a charm every time.

Posted 01/9/2013

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The Post Schmo: Episode 2 (2:43)

In the 2nd Post Schmo, Karlee hears a Champagne miracle, Chase gets blown up and Mr. Lamas says goodbye to his casual pouches.

Posted 01/9/2013

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A Deaf Ventriloquist? (1:05)

Everyone has their own little "comfort item" on the The Joe Schmo Show and Karlee is no different - well...maybe just a little bit different.

Posted 01/9/2013

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You Never Stun A Woman (0:50)

When Chase is pitted against Skylar in the "Shocktagon" he's faced between accepting her pleas for mercy or stunning her to win the challenge. Tune in to the Joe Schmo Show airing Tuesdays at 10/9c on SPIKE.

Posted 01/9/2013

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