Dissecting The Superfights (0:55)

The gang breaks down the two biggest possible superfights in the world of mixed martial arts: Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva and Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brock Lesnar. Find out which is more likely to go down in the near future.

Posted 09/7/2012

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Craig Carton Hits King Mo With a Chair (2:04)

King Mo makes his IMPACT WRESTLING debut shortly, and host Craig Carton thought it would be appropriate for Bautista to give Mo a proper welcome to the squared circle with a chair. Bautista declined, but Carton couldn't resist.

Posted 09/7/2012

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Bautista and King Mo Talk MMA vs. Pro Wrestling (1:46)

Both Bautista and King Mo know a thing or two about mixed martial arts and pro wrestling, get their take on what each sport takes.

Posted 09/7/2012

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