Envious About HP's New ENVY 14 Spectre Laptop (1:59)

When you have a laptop that's got Gorilla Glass inside and out, 'Beats Audio,' and separate LED lights for every key on the keyboard, you have to show it off. Page Murray from Hewlett-Packard does just that at SPIKE'S All Access CES, and reveals this laptop's coolest feature: an accelerometer. This badboy knows when it's on your lap and when it's on a table, so it will cool down accordingly.

Posted 01/11/2012

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Wii U Opens A New Window Into The Gaming World (3:28)

The Wii U is one of the most talked about items at SPIKE's All Access CES, and rightfully so: not only is the system packed with enough gaming horsepower to deliver beautiful HD graphics, but the Wii U controllers themselves have touchscreens and built-in motion-sensing capabilities.

Posted 01/11/2012

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MySpace Makes A Comeback With Social TV Service (2:19)

MySpace was at SPIKE's All Access CES to annouce that it's partnered up with Panasonic. What surprises do these two companies have in store for us this year? Watch the clip to see Chris Vanderhook, C.O.O., MySpace, spill the beans.

Posted 01/11/2012

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Panasonic Unveils Smart VIERA TV (1:27)

Greg Lee from Panasonic shows us the awesome new Panasonic Smart VIERA TV at SPIKE's All Access CES. Not only does the TV have a big, vibrant screen, but it also comes with a Panasonic VIERA Touchpad Controller, which you can use to browse the web, watch movies, and use cool new apps.

Posted 01/11/2012

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Intel's Keynote Reveals "Ultrabook Project" With Will.I.Am (8:20)

During the Intel keynote at CES, will.i.am stopped by to talk about the "Ultrabook™ Project", how technology is amplifying the creative community, and what's in store for the music industry in the future.

Posted 01/11/2012

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